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I had to log in to comment on this. You will be missed greatly! You were the reason I stuck around here so long. You were always fair, wise, and caring, more than I ever could be. It was great to meet you and Adam at 2 PAXs, and good luck to you and your family! Keep in touch (although you deleted me from your Facebook friends, lol)!

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I like cake

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I just watched the whole video linked in the post and couldn't find the quote in question. Someone please tell me what time in the video it is at so I don't have to read that site's worthless dribble ("But you already know that, unless of course you’re a fanboy which brings the question – is Pachter a Sony fanboy?"). Provide some context next time instead of pulling a quote out of thin air.

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Dark Souls was one of my most favorite games of the current generation. Reading reviews like this makes me want to get back into it and start playing NG+. I'll need to get back through the first half of the game so I can play the DLC when it is released soon too!

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Lol, that wasn't what your comment was. You said one was exclusive and one wasn't. And technically Gears is not exclusive to 360 since it is on PC.

So, install base is greater on PC/360 vs. iPhone/iPad. Just saying.

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Infinity Blade is exclusive to iOS...

Self derp?

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My most favorite and memorable Sessler rant was his one about G4TV's Killzone 2 review:

Too funny

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From the GameInformer article:
"Robotoki’s first project, which will be revealed later this year, is slated for release on next-gen consoles, PC, and mobile devices (iOS, Tablet, Android)."

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How is the experience of using @Gamer coupons for games that are already on sale? Rage is on sale this week, and has an @Gamer coupon (you can get the total game for $5). Do they stack? Last November, the Ico/SotC collection was on sale and had an @Gamer coupon, and Best Buy's forums were on fire with customers angry that none of the discounts stacked and the customer service never helped. This makes me want to steer clear of these types of offers. Have those issues been fixed?

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I totally agree, Dragon Age 2 was one of my favorite games of 2011. It absolutely had some flaws like recycled environments, fragmented non-epic story, and stripped down character customization, but it was a great action adventure game with tons of replayability. I appreciated the responsive combat controls that did make me feel like a bad-ass at the touch of a button, kind of like Too Human.

I haven't played the newest DLC since it game out during a busy release time p...

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With a comment like that, it shows how little you know about me. I'm stuck in the forums? My submission and managing history say otherwise. So instead of trying to counter a comment with facts or evidence, you instead project your personal opinion and deem it fact.

@ LostDjinn - Go for it. I just hit the erase button. Sorry, but oranges are better.

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I like how everyone says that there are 7+ bubble trolls running around flaming everyone and never get marked for trolling, yet I can only think of 2 users that have 6 or more bubbles who are not staff members.

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384 pages.

I highly recommend buying this if you like hardcover guides.

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Well everyone has their preference, but I like the way it is laid out. It's not supposed to be a hand-holding guide like "turn left here, and then talk to this guy, and then fight the boss, and then go to this area." For each area there is a quick 2 page summary and it lists the valuable items, enemies, boss, and NPCs. If you want to get more information on the enemies, you can dive into the enemies section and read 5 pages on in-depth stats and loot that each enemy in the ar...

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This guide is awesome! Definitely a must-own for any collector or fan of the series. I like the tables for the different weapons and their upgrades. It's really helpful when I'm trying to decide how I want to ascend my upgraded weapons. And the hardcover is really slick too.

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And by "privately resolving the issue", I think you mean abusive PMs, stalking, and death threats. This is not the United Nations with (theoretically) diplomatic agreements and peaceful discussions. We already get enough user reports for people that create multiple accounts just to stalk other users based on reports on their submissions or comment replies. Add bubble votes and/or agree/disagree information to that and you are asking for more trouble.

Mods & A...

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I pledge to Go Commando, just like everyday!

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It'll be interesting to see how they deal with the upcoming next-generation consoles. I agree that they are probably building their own engine, but will they have to rebuild it when the next Xbox comes out for Halo 5? Being the prime developer for Microsoft, I'm sure they are privy to the next-gen details and are actively building this into their engine to reduce the recycling they will have to do in a few years.

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Blah, how could you not be a fan of the multiplayer? Nothing beats hooking 4 Xboxes up and holding 16 player LAN matches in Combat Evolved. Good times.

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Yes! One of the best games I played on my 360 during the first year after launch. It's a shame that the sequel was cancelled.

I think this was one of the first games on 360 to get (free) DLC, as well as the first to get additional achievements, although they were all worth 0 gamerscore.

Such a great game.

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