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I think you're absolutely right about a Minecraft Vita bundle. I'm surprised it's taken them this long to do it. That's got "system seller" written all over it. #1.1
Looking really good, hopefully it's at a nice price point and can really get a good foothold on the ever-growing PSN #3
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I always found it slightly odd that D&D titles never really took off in a big way on home consoles, maybe this is the start of a new push! #1
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they seem to be using the same model as with Zen Pinball - release the core product and update it with DLC tables down the line. Their physics are always spot on and the tables are nice and varied though so definitely interested in this comics themed iteration :) #1
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Great job on a very thorough review :) #1
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hopefully so, it looks like another really strong (and busy) six months for Sony, let's hope they keep that momentum through the second half of the year too. #1.1
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haha, great answer! #1.1
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I wrote that article with a guy who has owned an Xbox 360 for two years. I bought mine last week and got Fable 2, Mass Effect and Halo 3 for it. The idea for the article came up because I genuinely wanted to know what exclusives I could get for the 360 and how they were comparable with the PS3 titles I am familiar with.

I don't need you to believe me or agree with me. If it helps your personal agendas to believe that I want the console I've just invested in to fail then so be it.... #40
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