Sigh Demon souls is no joke hard as hell need a break from it before I break my controller
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Sounds Good Can't wait ^_^

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The second one looks dope.

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And what if a whole team is using it then what ? Sorry but not even the best Players can last long against cheaters. The number games will always catch up especially if they are bloodthirsty skilled cheaters also.

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The only time I'm interested in Mickey Mouse is when he is in Kingdom Hearts. They made him look so badass.

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Lol this is getting out of hand.

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Ok ninja we will see when enslaved hits store shelves. I just hope that if it flops you have no excuses. Although I hope it do succeeds.

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This is N4G man they disagree sometimes just to do it with no reason. Don't pay attention to them all it does is show they are ignorant. I don't know why people feel the need to hide their opinion on a website about sharing news and opinions.

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Ahhh finally time to edit it on my ipod then. Hopefully they release a mp3 so I can a better quality of it. Sony release a god damn music store on the PSN -_-.

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The problem is you care about PS3 fanboys to much also you're a fanboy yourself so what are you talking about ?

You got double standards and you contradict yourself to much please do some self evaluation please before you go and judge other people.

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The last boss fight might be Killer bee for sasuke since it was confirmed that he will be in the game.

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Actually Konami reported a while back Metal Gear Sold over 5million copies. Vgchartz has that under tracked by a lot.

PSN+ plus just came out and Sony has not even revealed how many members they got so that statement failed.

How can Halo have 20M unique users when it only sold 11.1 mil ? lol Basically that means that almost everyone who plays halo must have another Xbox live account or something to be playing it because its impossible to have 20mil different ...

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shhhhhhhhhhhhhh watch the movie I'll get the popcorn tell me what happens when I get back.

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Best 16 seconds of today.

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Who approved this crap. Splinter Cell was a good game.

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You're comment is ignorant for the simple fact is there are some xbox users on this site and PC gamers that feel the same way.

But you got idiots like you who assume everything is about the PS3 exclusives. Please it has nothing to do with the PS3 or 360 for this matter. Take you're head out of you're ass this is way bigger then you and you're stupid crap with fanboys on the PS3.

This is about Activision and their lies to various gamers worldwi...

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So why isn't Call of duty Modern Warfare 2 or BFC2 or other various titles on the list then ?

Call of duty MW2 sold I believe over 10million and it is still 60 dollars retailers. I guess its up to the companies to decide what goes up there I guess.

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Can someone explain to me how the greatest hits thing work out please ? I have something to say about it but not until someone explains the concept to me.

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I agree with what you say. I also believe its the consumer right to do what they wish.

Activision praises themselves on the issue of protecting their source of profits but what if that gets in the way of consumers right ?

I know a lot of people who are not as fortunate of me who buys used games because they cannot afford New copies. Now people gotta worry about getting online codes and doing all that nonsense just to play online its absurd really.

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Honestly they have no right really..... people choose to buy and do what they want with the product they bought with their hard earned money. LOL if gamestop fails people still have other ways to sell games this really won't do anything.

Craiglist ?
Ebay ?

Yea activision you are funny.

Anyway on topic there is no point trading in games to Gamestop its a total ripoff. I stop selling games a long time ago to them I either keep them ...

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