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More shocking than this scene shoehorned in to make .....a point ? the number of persons saying its just fine ....its only a game ... or get over it .... misses the point entirely . This acceptance is as dangerous as torture itself.

Notice how Stephen Ogg never comments on this scene in any interview ....he simply says he was doing his job . The public will never know what he thinks . He is smart to keep out of it .

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I have purchased all of Rockstar games and been their greatest support up to this point , call it a love affair , utmost respect . But I suppose love affairs were meant to go wrong . ............. And before you read the next bit understand I am not against good story telling and should it include an unsettling sequence I am very open to it.

But this .........

Single handedly is the very worst . Totally / Utterly out of context . I will never buy the "...

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I am so disappointed to see a very smart swashbuckling adventure game watered down with this back and forth nonsense . It will not be a day one purchase as I had dreamed .

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Well said .

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I am playing my way through and not for a second yet have I wondered if it was a good game . I am too lost in this world to do anything but thrill .

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Stunning !!!!!

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This Game is my Greatest disappointment of all time .
Such beauty and subtly of character, so smart , too smart ... everywhere you look .

I play .... I am pushing my nose against the glass wanting , wishing , dreaming , longing to fall in love ... to connect ... with anyone here ....... BUT .... it never happens .

I am bewildered ... disbelieving ... it now sits on my shelf in the middle of a second play-though collecting dust .


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Great interview , smart , thoughtful....... But ( Levine is kindly and does stand up )

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This reveal was Brilliant ..... Great Tease . First the shirt ...... then the rest comes off . E3

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Such is the pover of anticipation ....... Two more FAN made designs . !~!

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OH Ya...... Well........ I am angry the earth is round ...

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As long as my hands keep up I plan to use them for all sorts of things ....
Especially Games !!!! ..... You go girl !~!!

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Stunning !!!

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Not this again ........

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The basic requirement for any game designed is playability , It must PLAY !

It makes no difference how fabulous a car is ............
If it aint got tires all one can do is look at it .

I have finally come to the end of my rope with Bethesda products .

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It is a beautiful Game ........ Stunning .
I wish I could play it on my PS3 , ......sadly its dead . ( not the PS3 )

Hope bethesda fixes it for us before my enthusiasm sails across the ocean .
No more day one purchases from Bethesda . I love you but ..............................

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Did I just read this .... ???

Did someone write this ???

This person is waiting for the entire world to hold his hand and tell him precisely how much
sugar he wants in his coffee .

Come on ...... a publisher makes a game so good you play it to death this is as good as it will ever get .

Did I comment on this ???

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Wow info blow out .............

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Like I would not be trying the demos the moment they land , with or without incentives ,

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This thing is about as antiseptic as a thing can look .......they might demonstrate it with a nurse and doctor Near by .

Sorry to lovers of the look . Personal Opinion . ..........

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