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Yeah the first one was sooo good. Maybe a little linear.. but who cares?? It was gory, had *amazing* graphics.. I loved it a lot.
Great to see a sequel is coming. The trailer caputres the mood of the first 5 minutes of the first game really well. Seems like in this game we will play through the same Earth-enslaving events from a different perspective.
Wonder how they will implement the spiritual aspects then, when there's a different protagonist.
Can't wait to ...

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Sorry but this is almost completely wrong. Whole Europe was always, along with Japan, Sony's territory.
The only exception was when smart MS released their console as early as possible.
You said it yourself, the UK charts are full of PS3 games.

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You know you could mute the phone? ^^

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I don't really know what evidence you are talking about, almost all the 'evidence' prior to GTA V was BS.
Except if you are talking about the evidence that they have no plans to bury the franchise. Then, I would have to agree.

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I have to disagree with both of you, GTA IV was still pretty damn awesome, it was groundbraking in a LOT of ways, most of all the overall feel of the city, the detail in every brick you could easily oversee walking down the street.

Wow just gotta LOVE when people complain over overhyped games.
I was hyped because I *knew* they would do their best with the game, I have lived through the Vice City and San Andreas launch phase, some of the hardest months of m...

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Couldn't agree more on this one, too, lol.

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Couldn't agree more!

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Obvious troll is *extremely* obvious.

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WOW, 16 disagrees and ZERO agrees.
Gotta be a new record, lol.

Needless to say.. there is so much wrong with your comment, it isn't even useful to *try* to get into it.

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Yeah! You found one! Stone him!!!

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No. Sorry, but no.
Peter is a f*in douche.
If there is any person on this planet who full-heartedly deserves the term 'douche', it's Peter.

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"Sebastian Stange: You dont think that there are a lot of players out there wanting to see something?

Patrick Bach: In general people used to have trust because we at Dice have been building Battlefield for so many years. We are using the same team and the same designers. It's the same people building it. We won't screw up completely. We know this shit."

Hehe this has, indeed, raised my anticipation right there to new heights.

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Obvious troll being obvious ... *sigh*

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Shut up, Meg.

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Yea that's what also baffles me.. the long time they kept this 'secret'.. must be really damn good, intuitive, .. simply awesome.

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lol I had that UT announcer voice in my head reading "legendary".

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Oh God yes finally.. sometimes there are some sparkles of truth on this website, sometimes.

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THANK YOU very much. I usually don't click on those links, but... Elder Scrolls.. I mean.. that's a different thing.

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Agreed!!! =)
This year *has* to be one of the best years of gaming, simply because the Next-Gen Elder Scrolls is hitting the earth. That's pretty much enough for me to lighten up the whole year.

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^^ Rofl. 5 people didn't like puppies. Asses.

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