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There are so much real/fake spoilers that you can actually make a Top 10 list of them???
Damn, CoD has gotten SO f*in mainstream .. unbelievable.

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WOW, disagree with my comment 1.1.1?? Unbelievable.
Stating truth and drawing a conclusion that NO real gamer would deny.
Some of you guys are such tools. Get a f*in life.

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Well anything else would be kinda sad.
Infamous 1 is two years old.. the last two years were AMAZING, graphics wise. Anything besides a leap forward would be disappointing as hell.

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God how old are you?? 12?

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My first thought too!!
What the f* is so shocking about a destroyed NYC?? Crysis did it first, lol.

But looking at all those "German soil" and "US soil" teasers (and another one.. I forgot) I can't really help but feel this is marketing, nothing else.

How could Modern Warfare 3 be EVEN MORE revolutionizing and new than MW2 and MW1??
Answer: Do something controverse, about which every US mother is upset.

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Took quite some time to load.. seems a lot of people are trying to have a look at them.

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Rofl... Anonymous is a tough guy and doesn't afraid of anything.

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You have NO idea how a proxy works, do you?
Or for example the Tor network.

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Just a suggestion out of the dark.. they were probably behind some proxies when posting on that site.

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And 2.
I liked it.
F* you all haters.

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I am not too amazed.

I mean, it's true, Crash Bandicoot was AWEEEESOMEEE. I loved it. In fact, CB1 was the FIRST GAME ON PSONE I EVER played. I only had an Amiga500 before, and this game I played at a friend of my parents' made me just WANT a PS1. Awesome. Didin't ever regret playing it. ^^

And also, the CryEngine2 is awesome as F*, no doubt about it. But except for Crash, who looks nice, the trees and waterfalls and blah blah are just too realist...

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Maybe you should turn up the contrast of your monitor. No problem here.

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don't forget mods. ;)
even if they don't put them in, there'll be mods.

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WHAT AN UNBELIEVABLE UNRIVALED RIDICULOUSLY F*IN STUPID IDEA to use screenshots for a comparison from a game that is gonna release in 6-8 months.
Can't wait to see the first 360/PS3/PC comparison in 2 weeks.
F*in retards.

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Well some people do, definitely.

I don't, lol.
Bought a new awesome laptop, invested money into that, now I can pretty much play everything I want. ^^

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Yep, lol, either HL3 or HL2-Ep.3.
They can't aviod the 3 much longer! =D

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OMG, /signed!!

Seriously though, I'm currently playing ME2 and I love the hell out of every f*in minute ...
But why does it always have to be war???

Yeah, yeah, the debut trailer was epic as f*, I will most certainly play and love it, but I am getting kinda tired of the same old bullshit cliches in every damn video game.

If I hear one more announcement of a Modern War-Shooter, I'm gonna puke.
(... After I played Battle...

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Personally, I love to call Video Games art, when it is appropriate.
But a shooter like we had 23943 before with a story we have somehow played through 3289 times before, in one way or another (that ONE 'fresh' idea doesn't rescue it), with maybe good multiplayer ... is definitely pretty far away from being 'art'.

There are WAY more high-quality games that pop up in my head.
SotC, MGS1, FFVII .. just 3 spontaneous thoughts.

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True Crime 4? o_O lol ...
Didn't know there was third.. I played the first when I thought it was as cool as GTA, and had totally lost interest the time I recall having heard of the announcement of the sequel.
Rofl, I HONESTLY didn't know there was a third ...

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