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Looks more like a thief to me, you know, with 2 daggers. Still fine though!

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Me too. =)
Except the F1 and the two soccer games.

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If the first thing you ever hear about a game is that it's gonna be AAA, you pretty much know.. it won't be.

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I might add to that..
Screenshots or it didn't happen.

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I re-installed it 2 weeks ago. Just couldn't stand it anymore.
Not trolling.
Can't f*in wait for this.

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I'm gonna rent it.

Where's your God now?!

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True... sadly.
If only it was. =(

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Great idea, I would join you with that, my mom enojyed the f*ck out of Vice City & San Andreas and is currently doing their third (I think) playthrough in GTA IV. She also has a maxed-out character in Oblivion.

Except.. that this is not how mainstream media works.

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Then chances are pretty high your settings are somehow wrong.. in like 95% of all cases lower-priced technology equals lower quality.
Sometimes that's ok, but that's the customer's choice.

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Hey! I loved Kane & Lynch. If you haven't tried it, you should seriously consider to do so.
It was a letdown when it was released because 'too linear, meh' or 'nothing too new about it', but I tried it out a few months ago and was pretty much blown away.
Have already ordered the 2nd game, should be arriving in a few days!!

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I pray to God that not.

If they *HAVE* to include things like knowing where an enemy will go, OK, then do it, but BY GOD include the option to turn that stuff off.
Like the runner vision in Mirror's Edge. I was SO annoyed, switched it off, awesome now.
Or this orange vision thingy in Deus Ex 3.

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What reasons do you need??
Popcap are pretty damn successful with what they do.
EA buys successful companies and makes them their b*tches.
That is, if a) they are successful enough and b) they somehow fit into EA's vision of a rape-worthy company.

Happened before in the past, will likely happen again in the future.

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check out this! ^^

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Oh dear God please not.

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OH YES please one of these 2. Or both, in one package. That would be WAY awesome.

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There you go. Technologically Impaired Duck.

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dude you should try out far cry 2.

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"Why stupid f*ing articles are always better than decent ones."
- The number of clicks they get.

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Yep! And that's an awesome piece of news right there.
I hope they aren't shorter then, lol.

After Blood Money I kept hoping and hoping they would release maybe 3-4 new levels via DLC or something, but it never happened. So instead I played through those levels like a million times.

This is awesome!

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