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Getting this as a pre-order doesn't make it different at all.
a) They try to get more day-1-sales. Reason: Have a high number on that to show off. Reason: Compete with Activision. Reason: Raise the value of the BF brand. Reason: Money.
b) It's unfair for those undecided. Those who aren't really sure about whether or not they should purchase BF3 are maybe lured into it by this. Reason: Money.
Those who later decide to buy the game will maybe be disappointed.... #1.3.4
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OMG guys, really??
The game isn't even out yet and you are getting excited over something that, judging by standarts that seem to be really, really long gone, should have been in the retail version of the game in the first place.

How can you honestly say that EA is any different from Activision in the way they just SQUEEEEZE money out of their products?

I am disgusted by this, by Capitalism. #1.3
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AMAZING??? lol.
I seriously wonder if you even looked at the pictures. They look like an upscaled-to-hell piece of sh*t.
Seriously. BF2 on PC on max settings looked better than this. Even if you make the images smaller (like 720p) in the browser window, they look like ass.

I seriously hope they get their console graphics sh*t together till the release. #1.5
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Hahaha I lol'd hard.
It is clear that Skyrim was not built for PC. L2/R2 and respective 360 counterparts are left/right arm. I have no idea how they will do that on PC. Left/Right Click? Then what button will be "interact"? Maybe Space, like in Oblivion ...
But I changed the controls anyway so that space is jump, right click is interact (Deus Ex style, a game built for PC) and middle button is block.

Which reminds me of the fact that Skyrim will... #3.1.1
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Also, 2 weeks ago everybody was just hating CoD and praising BF3.
Bunch of hypocrites. #1.3.2
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Couldn't care less. #2
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Yeah, agreed, Resi4 was scary as shit, contrary to Resi5.
I still loved Resi5 though, I loved the Splitscreen-possibility on PS3. Best Coop game ever, probably.
But not scary. #3.1.1
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Crysis gameplay was nice. You could feel like Solid f*in Snake or Rambo, whatever you wanted. It was fun.
But .. changing the genre, not sure it did.

Also, when I saw "6 FPS games" mit Crysis picture, I initially thought it was "frames per seconds", lol. #2.4
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I can't believe that an article about day-night-cycle and controls gets to 280° in an hour. #12
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@edit: I lol'd.
@topic: yes, all of this keep-our-company's-image-c lean-BS really can get annoying.

EDIT: OMG it's true. *everyone* has at least 1 disagree, except the newest comments. #1.2.1
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lol they're kind of late aren't they. #1
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@1.1 NuclearDuke
The thing here is not "get more pay less", the problem is more like "why the f* do people actually f*in want this and are still willing to pay for it". #1.1.5
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What reasons do you need, really? It's made by the same people who made 4 of my all-time favourite games. (TES3, TES4, FO3, FO:NV).

I give you a reason not to click the site: It eagerly wants your clicks and therefore chooses Skyrim as a theme so as many people as possible are inveigled to click on it. #1.1.2
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Indeed. -.-
Come on, this is just dumb. #2.1
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Supposing you mean MGS3, I fully have to agree. I was stunned about the graphics. So damn awesome. #3.1
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Yes, I can agree with that, their statement to gay marriage was "We didn't think it was special, we just didn't want to make a big deal out of it". So nice. ^^
To the topic of killing them: One word: Mods. Of course, the stuff you described (parents coming after you) would be a little harder to pull off...
Anyway, I was one of the lucky ones at Gamescom (who accepted waiting 1.5 hours to see it - I really got kinda lucky there) who saw a 30 minutes presentati... #1.1.1
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Still, with this Origin-Software they're pulling worse privacy-breaching BS than Activision ever did.
That made them go down on my list a few damn places. #1.1.2
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you're the one to talk. #1.4.2
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Yes, indeed. Not thanks to all the casuals.
Hopefully some more Devs stand up and punch Capitalism in the face. #2.2
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Everything about your comment was more or less believable, except for the graphics part.
Seriously ...

So my guess would be troll. #11.2
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