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i love those comparisons. keep em comin!!

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the ninja gaiden sigma i can only play in black/white because it is ntsc because sony couldn't manage to release it in my DAMN country germany.
the age restrictions are the hardest anywhere on the world, and if i won't be playing the hs demo...

GERMANY makes me angry!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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my no 1 most wanted game until the day it releases.


r* are the gods of video gaming.

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the f*in world will change its f*in mind, or i'll never again respect it.

99% of the humon race are notorious, retarded dumb fu*ks.

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in the 1st sentence i thought this was written by an xbox fanboy.

and i'm still 99% sure he is one.

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sh*t your right. i change it.

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and i'm PROUD to be one of the 70,500 since march.

360: 262,000 in 1 1/2 years
ps3: 70,500 in 2 months

guess who's going to win here ...

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forza = mediocre next-gen graphics.
gt:hd = almost photorealistic.

gorza hasn't got a CHANCE. the cars look like bad plastic models. in gt:hd the cars look (in one word) REAL.
and gt5 will look twice as good. ;D

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yeah this is totally true.
i also remember him longing for double-layered bluray discs, so that he can fill up to 50 gb.

OF COURSE after that he will port it to the 360!!! [/irony]

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i have NO doubt at all that sony has more than enough great games in the pipe to take control in the next-gen area.
also note that overall, sony still has by far the biggest market share. and A LOT of consumers are loyal. that's where fanboyism comes from.

there are a lot of factors that make me think: sony will have a GREAT christmas. and by 1/1/2008, 360 will be the 2nd.

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this is awesome, i loved deus ex on the pc.
now it's time to wait for specifications..

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they really want some MONEY from me for that one reversed track????????

i waited 4 f*ckin months to finally get my ps3, i paid 200€ more than a japanese consumer, i have to f*ckin wait for everything to finnaly arrive (here in europe), and now they want me to funckin pay for a reversed track???

sry, no.

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heavenly sword title screen, control explanation screen ..
gameplay screenshots..

quote me ;)


it's GOOD!!! to be a sony.


i think this too.
if they say their goal is to have no difference between the versions.. hell, how many damn textures and everything could they pack on a bluray??
this is annoying.. i hope we hear some concrete information about this in the next months...

EDIT: hm power of Green is probably going to ignore me ...

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very interesting indeed.
i'm sure sony will get out of this by christmas. then we have our nr1 console. the thing is, there ARE a lot of great games in the pipe until christmas, and there are MANY MANY people who won't be willing to miss them.
sony will rise again, only a matter of time.

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i'm sooo looking forward to their first next-gen-ps3 project.. this will rock soo damn hard...

i hope they announce something at e3.. and i hope e3 will be as big as it was before.. with 80% new ips and stunning new trailers. and hopefully the next team ico project. :)

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lol you're a retarded fanboy.

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how often did i hear this.. "not enough games whine!"
wait 3-4 months dumbass.

this whole not-enough-of-this-or-that-whi ne will continue to get lower and lower, until lair+warhawk come out, and then you suddenly have a pretty wide range of available games, and suddenly "not enough games whine" just isn't fact anymore..

just wait and shut up.

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