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Fully agreed.

The problem here seems to be: If you are a PS3 supporter, you clearly see your console has like 4 or 5 times the exclusives that the 360 has.
As a 360 fan, you say you have a lot of games that are *console exclusive*.

So if you exclude *console exclusives* from your comparison, fanboyism aside, you are automatically leaning towards PS3, because the PS3's results will be way better.
If you include those, you are automatically ...

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Why do you complain?? This is a step forward from PS3 vs 360 fanboy rants if you ask me.
Although I must of course agree, comparing U3 vs TLG is as useful to humankind as .. rofl I can't think of anything. That's how useful it is.

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Then I guess it's not my type of game ...
You can of course disagree with my opinion, go ahead.

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You're such a douche, even douches feel vicarious embarrassment for you.

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Crysis 2 can only catch my attention if it supports splitscreen coop Campaign gameplay.
Like R3 and KZ3 did. I'm hyped for these games.

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lol those are pretty much all of the available possibilities. ;D
But yeah I agree. Vice City would be the BEST that could happen.
But I would also LOVE a full new state with maybe 3 big cities again, but not San Andreas, I don't think they can reinvent it fresh enough.

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Yeah, I would say early 2013 is way more likely.
Good games take TIME, and the dudes at R* always take their time.
I would expect the full next year without any word from it, and then maybe around Sept/Oct 2012 like three trailers, previews late 2012, and release early 2013.

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OMG Agent is R* North??
Thank you Sir for making my day.

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Just an obvious troll who's being way obvious.
Add one disagree, move on, and never think about that fool again.
You and me know his life is a failure, he never will. You can't help him.

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Uncharted 2?

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Thx a lot man. I was beginning to think I'm the only one who thinks this way.
This business is SO much about chatter, rumors and bullshit.. it's unbelievable.
Luckily, quality will always be able to set itself apart from the crap. This is one thing you can always rely on.

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Because sometimes your instinct tells you things.
BTW you didn't really void my arguments.

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Haha, at the danger of being off-topic, I have to agree.

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... I am trying to be as unbiased as I can get.
The only games I EVER HEARD ABOUT from this list are GeOW and Halo, but only because there exist prequels.
The ONLY OTHER GAME I EVER heard about is Star Wars Kinect, and as far as I recall, it was a 2/10 game.

So.. yeah.

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thx a lot! =D
I was crying tears thinking Eight Days was cancelled. This kinda saves my day! ^^

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How the hell does this stuff get approved???

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I think not. I have to agree with #14 and #15.
It was cancelled some time around summer 2008.

By the way along with Getaway.


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God that would be awesome.
If this is true, I will visit you wherever you live and kiss your feet.

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GeOW characters are not iconic at all. They're placeholders for brutal things you can do, placeholders for a big guy with a big gun and a big chainsaw. They're an avatar, completely exchangeable - exchanging them wouldn't change anything at all, noone would even notice a difference.

Kratos is a LEGEND, he stands for something, he has character, his face stands for countless painful things he has not only done but also experienced himself.
He is like 100 ti...

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The 2nd one was kind of a disappointment. No splitscreen-mode for the story.
Major freaking letdown for my brother and me.
But it's already confirmed for this one! =D Which is aweeeeesome!!!! =DD

(What a major fucking shame how little games support splitscreen this gen...)

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