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If you can't beat them join them...

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It will be included with every 720, thats pretty obvious

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I brought mine for kingdom hearts, metal gear, mario, zelda and pokemon

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Wow Kinect 2 seems like a massive upgrade, from VGA to 1080p and it can track 6 people at once.

Multitasking games sounds awesome too, the 720 will be a beast.

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The same was said at the start of this gen and the 360 came out on top between the two. People should remember early specs get cut, what happened to the boomerang controller, 4 hdmi ports every game in 1080p etc...

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If Sony/MS wanted to go all digital in the future they would add $10 to the disk versions and make the digital version around $15/$20 cheaper to encourage DD adoption.

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Two reasons:

1. They couldn't afford it (has no one seen their financials).

2. It would be a waste of money, NA is Xbox country, when MS starts it 720 ad campaign most won't even be aware the PS4 exists.

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The 360 will have the most innovation in immersion with the Illumiroom and Fortaleza Glasses. And the best multiplatform games due to double the ram.

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Lol you PS3 fanboys are so two faced.

Now PSEye/Kinect is good, just because Sony does it, pathetic.

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"We Must Pay Third Parties To Make More Attractive Vita Games" Fixed

Since that the only way its going to happen.

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And the damage control begins...

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Sonys a little late to the media hub game, MS are miles ahead in that area.

At least Sony is being smart by copying MS, that way that may be able to make some money this time around.

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They took NA and the UK this gen, next gen they will take EU. They didnt stop Sony they just took all their marketshare.

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They are going to need more than dual cameras to compete with kinect 2

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Sounds like they will have their own Kinect and be more media serivce focused. It will be intersting to see how the fanboys react to this considering they attacked MS for it.

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Lol i knew you would make that mistake. That 70ml announcement was made in November by Sony it WAS NOT what they where at when they announced their quarterly results (in Oct ) so they sold an additional 2ml during Oct to get to that.

Do better research next time, the is ps3 behind the 360 by over 1.5ml just accept that and move on ;)

That report was just an estimate, do you really think Sony would give their finacial data out to a reaserch fir...

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The PS3 was at 68ml at the end of the last quater. If you add 6.8ml to that its at 74.8ml. Thats the max the PS3 could be at but that would also mean that the PS2 sold nothing and we all know thats not true so thats why the gap is over 1.5ml :)

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No surprise the company as a whole is still in the red. Kaz said that the playsttion division whould save them but PS3 and Vita sales where lower than expected. Showing the ps3 still trailing the 360 by over 1.5ml and vita having its sales forcast cut again by 3ml.

If the PS4 doesnt take off it could be even worse news for Sony

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Looks like the 360 is still ahead of the PS3, at least by what Sony is saying. Will be interesting to see who the fanboys believe...

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3DS since it actually has more than 1 good game

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