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I expect a lot of last minutes cuts to specs espically if the 720 is 299/399

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So what else did Sony lie about....

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PS4 will be forgotten faster than first thought

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They obviously don't want to show the same tech demo at MS's press conference.

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Every console launch has a PGR game the 720 should be no different.

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The PS Eye doesn't track body movement it tracks the controller. So they are not that similar.

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I seriously don't understand why everyone is so hyped up on a powerful console. There has NEVER been a generation where the most popular console was the most powerful.

All MS need to do is so something that Sony DOESN'T have and I'm betting on the illumiroom, that alone will make the 720 hype surpass the ps4 especially with the mainstream media.

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Megatons incoming...

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Well thats the rumoured 720 price....

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If the 720 is $299 like the rumours say expect those specs to be downgraded.

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Now that the dust has settle we start to see the small print. I got a feeling you will have to rebuy all your ps3 games again if you want to play them on ps4

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Sony obviously wants a cut of MS's success.

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It must be due to the lack of excitment outside the playstation fans circle. The general media weren't very impressed.

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I want to see price, 8gb of ram, touch pad controller, two hd cameras with 3d tracking can't come cheap. I bet its cost is higher than the ps3 was. E3 will have a lot of worst.

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Thats not what the general public believe...

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Its either going to be too expensive or Sony will take a massive loss, likely making them go bankrupt. Either way no one wins,

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Why not Killzone 4, seems odd

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Casual gaming ftw

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Wait for the price before you get too excited.

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Gotta love 4 hdmi ports :p

I would take most features with a grain of salt until a few months from release.

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