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Yeah total clickbait. It just improves stability/performance don’t bother clicking for more

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I know it can be a disappointment that Namco is no longer using their own proprietary engine, but damn, those guys can make UE4 sing!!!

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Looks like they got their laurels set for the year. Time to rest.

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Not too shabby. I still think it looks good

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I loved Titanfall 2. The campaign was inventive and fresh, but I don’t love it enough to support EA moving forward. Actually I don’t think there is a property EA has that I NEED to have.

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Funny, I never actually realized that the ps2 had a built in dynamic theme.

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Impressive. Most impressive

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Are these prerendered?

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Godspeed Activision. Keep on fighting.

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This is the way to have Publishers listen to gamers, by hurting the wallets they tried so desperately to stay full. Games as a service EA? Yeah right.

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Not gonna be paying another $500 for another Xbox One just to play what used to be 720-900p games in 4K. I’m good with my standard PS4

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I think I’m the only one that thoroughly enjoyed the wholly unfaithful Super Mario Bros Movie. I loved the “Mario Kart” scene with the cop car and wish it will, some day, appear in the next Mario Kart game.

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What?!?! 2011?!! Geeze where did the time go? Now I definitely need to get to finishing this game.

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Yes!!!! Lair was awesome!!!

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Tasing people until they burst into flames never gets old.

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Another developer to kill.

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My thoughts exactly. Unfortunately when a system gets released, it’s already outdated.

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I can definitely keep with 1080p for another 2 years. It’s more than welcome.

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I’m one of those that couldn’t justify the purchase. I already paid $500 for the initial Xbox One and found the system lacking, I’m not gonna spend another $500 on a 4K version of the same system.

As with the Pro, I would much rather save my cash for a true Next Generation system and not a Mid-Generation upgrade.

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