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Yeah having a game be a No Mans Sky killer isn't really a monumental task at this point.

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Gran Turismo isn't for everyone. It's a simulation. Speed is supposed to be simulated and not exaggerated. The look has to be in line with what's is considered real. Although, graphically I think the PS2 GT4 was the best looking in the series. The PS3 games looked more like HD remasters. PS4 so far looks great. Here's hoping that the fps fidelity holds up and no more old assets and textures will be used.

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I was just talking about a general trend I see with DLC. Destiny seems to give more to players who buy the latest version. Sure it's a way to entice newcomers. Sure "the reward" is to play the game 3 years earlier. But something that says thanks for sticking with us since the beginning would be nice.

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How come the early adopters and players who pay for DLC always get the short end of the stick. No reward for supporting a game from the get go.

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Once I get a 4K tv maybe

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Weren't the PS3 cutscenes FMV using high res assets

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Has anyone calculated the total cost of DOA5 with all the dlcs purchased?

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Mine not on the list are:
Meryl MGS5
Lightning FFXIII
Liara Mass Effect

And I dunno about that soccer team.

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The only person I didn't know was in CoD was that blond chick. And it's prolly because I still don't know who she is or what she's been in.

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Upside down controllers look stupid

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Damn. In a world of Turismos, Forzas, and NFSs, I was hoping to play a return to pure arcade racing the likes of Daytona or Ridge Racer

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They better not have Lesnar's weaksauce F5 animation from the previous 2k games.

And I hope they bring back the Road Warriors

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I love the art style and environments FF8 has.

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Forget 3rd party support, Nintendo needs to become a 3rd party. They can let go of the costs of console production and focus entirely on software. Look at the success of Pokemon Go. People want Nintendo games, and giving them the option to play on ps4 or Xbox One will give gamers greater accessibility to them

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Me too. That's a great deal

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Shots can't really be fired if the system has been out already. I got mine from toys r us. Cheaply made and the controls don't seem as responsive

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Awesome. Nice to know this isn't download only.

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With Konami's new business model, odds are its Metal Gear Go.

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Awesome. And it's Nintendo so the quality of the hardware will be sturdy. I got that cheap genesis at toys r us and it broke the same day

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