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I was disappointed that Namco used UE4 for Tekken instead of their own proprietary engine, but man it looks fantastic. Namco made UE4 sing!

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I agree about the super move. If Robin was knocked into a giant Joker of present that happened to have an electric chair in it, then having a goon hand him a switch to trigger the chair, makes more sense than whimsically whisked away to an entire torture room out of nowhere.

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Optional hopefully. I spent the better part of my youth mastering that move on the SNES.

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What do they mean "goes Sesame Street"?

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That woulda been a fantastic addition to replicate the Mario Kart scene in Super Mario the Movie.

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I like how they say; "the fastest-selling console period, besides 2013’s PS4 debut during the holiday season".

You can't say; "fastest selling console period", if there is a console that sold faster.

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Following the Star Wars/Hollywood trend of having a strong female lead is fine, but does her name have to be so close to June Erso

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Ryder looks like a bug eyed freak in the original. I know in reality, there are bug eyed freaks, but Ryder looks like one of those stress relievers.

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Finally some Prequel Action

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In all fairness, they went to good use. 1 for the kids, cuz they need the exposure to classic games. 1 for the wife. And 1 for the man cave.

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I'm glad I scored 3😁

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How does 720p look on 4K? I'm assuming it will look like how 480p would look on a 1080p display

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XD. So true.

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Nice list of changes, but if you already own MK8, in my opinion, it's not worth buying it for the full price, unless you absolutely must have a portable version of the game.

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I can't see a storyline incorporating all the characters effectively since each has different talents, in this game. But what I can see are Individual games for each character or Tell Tale taking the Overwatch world and creating one of their adventure stories like Batman and Guardians.

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Same here. I have no issues. But then again who would want to read dozens of "I have no issues" articles for the Switch.

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Photo mode is cool too, but I like watching how well (or terribly) I did with cinematic camera angles. Just to relish in both the victory and the graphics.

Historically, Wipeout never had a proper replay mode. They would show the sleds driving around as the results were presented. At least I as far as I can remember.

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I always loved Wipeout's silky smooth gameplay. I still wish there was a replay mode so I can take in the sights I miss during the race.

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I never got the chance to play this one. Looks fantastic. And for whatever reason, I still love PS1/Saturn quality graphics. I may have to hunt down a copy

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