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I'm good with a 10 hour play through. Only means I can play it over again. I like 60+hour games, but having a bunch of shorter games in between is a nice balance.

Plus, older RE games really were short. Getting the Samurai Edge in RE remake involved beating the game in under 3 hours.

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I like "strong sex scenes" and "violence". Count me in!!!!!!

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Same. It's similar to when Twilight Princess came out for the GameCube and Wii. I chose the 'Cube!

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Kinda reminds me of a 3D Darkstalkers

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Loving Mario in a "real" world

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Avengers and CARS would be cool

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Wow. This was the main Xbox exclusive I wanted the most. WTF?

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My 500gb was maxed out pretty much almost right away. I need 2tb in my life.

Although the author is wrong. I do in fact dread the lack of time I have to play games.

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Looks like a PS2 game.

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Ha no. I did not.

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Hell no. I never sell systems, regardless of how (un)successful it was. I still hold the Dreamcast and Saturn as favorites and the Wii U can sit snug next to them and along side every major console ever released.

The only system I regret buying was the original Wii.

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I'm hoping the Wii U version really isn't scrapped. This game is one of the games I bought the Wii U for.

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Funny. I clicked on the article thinking it's about Retro Games on the Switch. But it's about retro games on the Switch.
Honestly, if Retro Games made a new Metroid Prime for the Switch, it'd buy it without hesitation.

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But to say "You", speaks for everyone, as DigitalRaptor has already stated. I personally only bought one game on that list. So his 5 times I wished I hadn't parted with my cash is already inaccurate. He can only speak for himself. Bad journalism is writing stories based on assumptions. Plus, in reality, there are people out there that actually like No Man's Sky.

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I wanna see how PS360 games look on 4K tv. Games where the norm was sub 720p to native 720p.

I remember 480p ps2 and Xbox games looked like crap on a 720p screen.

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There sure are a lot of Lara Croft analyses these days.

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I agree and I applaud Kojima for taking a huge risk like making Raiden the main character

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CID is hot, no matter what resolution she's rendered in.

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Pro exclusive games were never intended. It was always an enhanced PlayStation 4, and not a true next gen console. If it did have exclusives, it would be cuz the game was a PlayStation 4 exclusive.

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Kotor 2 was sloppy and unrefined, plagued by bugs and low frame rates. No thanks for 3 if Obsidian is behind it.

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