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Did you actually read the article? Any of it at all? Or did you assume the article is saying Nintendo SHOULD publish third party? Because it doesn't #4.1
They'd have to make games worth publishing on other platforms first #2.1
It's a useful XBMC box, but that's about it #2
The review was based around whether or not is any use to someone outside Japan who was thinking of importing it, as outlined at the very start of the review, and again at the end.

We were asked if it was worth importing on several occasions so we opted to buy one and review it to answer the question #1.2
The whole "not wanting to remove them from existance" bit I think ruled those 2 out. Those two would happily destroy each other #1.1
Evidently so #1.1
I can think of a couple of Italian plumbers who'll be feeling pretty hard done by too! #1.1
I'd be happy enough with a well thought out, solid single player only game to be honest - but yeah, if they could bring in a multiplayer that made sense and didn't detract from the single player, that'd definitely be a bonus #3.1.1
It'd be great if we could get a new BK game for XBO in the new future... and none of this kart racing silliness #3
It's a catch 22 as you say. Delay a game and gamers will complain that they have to wait, but put out an unfinished game and you'll be faced with all kinds of nasty abuse on social media and message board.

I think everyone would rather a finished, polished game than a broken one that'll be patched up to speed. The issue is probably more the publishers than anything. Set a window of release, don't give us an exact date a year in the future - things change, peop... #1.1
Shenmue was a commercial flop #2
That's a pretty darn awful article :S #1
I think you missed my point a little. I want saying they're fine because I dont buy them, I was saying that if NOBODY bought them they'd stop existing. No point complaining, people need to act and boycott them wholesale #3.1
Microtransactions are not the problem, and problem is people who spend money on them. If nobody spent, they wouldn't exist #2
Hopefully! #2
The thing about Plus is that although they're technically rentals, I doubt anyone who's signed up for the service will ever let it run out, such is the value for money #7.1
If I were to make a copy of Jetpack Joyride, I'd probably leave Jet out of the title. That said, awesome that the community is still working on SNES stuff #1
Yeah it'll be all about the DS family as the article mentions, but hopefully a HDS hybrid system. That'd make a lot of sense #2
that's forza for me, but this isn't far behind #4
Can't remember a game splitting opinion so much in the last few years #2
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