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Already pre-ordered both on steam :) Just have to wait now!

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While I don't necessarily agree with the whole article, I do thank the writer for letting me know the game is only $5 now :) I've heard good things about it and I had no idea they were a small studio until I read the article. Supported them with my $5.

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I think what he's trying to say is that even though the game is his GotY he would've preferred it to stay in the same style. For what reason, he didn't list. I would assume he would just like more action RPG's instead of another third person shooter.

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I wouldn't say Earth Defense Force is a "Best, Worst Game". It's just a pretty good game period. If you like co-op and just mindlessly blasting bad guys, then you'll have plenty of fun. Just because it doesn't have good graphics would I consider it bad. I would put it under the category of "Best Low-Budget Games".

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I'm surprised so many people can give it a score without playing it...that's a very strange concept. It shouldn't matter what it gets for ratings to everyone personally anyways. If you know you like Mario games and you own a Wii, then I'm sure you'll buy it. If you don't have a Wii, you won't buy it. If you're on the edge of wanting to buy it, then you will typically look at the reviews. In that case, most people would buy it based on the scores it's recei...

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Good thing they are fixing the load times. Unfortunately where I'm at I can't download the patch, so I'll have to wait two months :( Maybe I'll just wait to play it until then.

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I am in Iraq right now and I can say that I honestly think it influences very few people. Everyone knows that a real war would be nothing like in a video game. I'm not a violent person either (never been in a fight in my life). From asking all my friends that I have met in the military since I joined, there are four main reasons why a person may join:
1.) Economic - The reason I joined. I was poor and in debt and now I am debt free and have a lot of money saved up and I am going t...

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The installs are a bit ridiculous at times. I wasn't used to it since I had a Xbox 360. I got the small ass 40 GB hard drive which didn't last too long since I bought so many games. I should have looked up online how to install the 500 GB hard drives before I bought a new 120 GB HD PS3 Slim, but I guess for now on I can use my old system for deployments, and keep the nicer PS3 slim at home. I don't really notice load times in most games and the graphical difference between PS3 and...

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