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For the sake of my own curiosity, I want Naughty Dog to develop The Order 1886 sequel, seriously...

Can even a developer, as big as them, salvage & fix the name of The Order into a big series as Uncharted?

This I want to see.

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Hoping for Berseria's new gameplay trailer.

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I always play it with feeling that game would be the last Yakuza game ever released in English.


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After the Love Plus creator gone, then Kojima after that...

Are Konami gonna axed Pro Evolution Soccer guys too?

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25 days late for April's Fool.

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This series battle system is addicting.

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I wont say goodbye until I played Yakuza 5 & Tales of Zesteria English.

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Will the English Asia version still have "penetrations?"

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English localization confirmed.

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Gravity Rush 1 HD port by Bluepoint studios maybe.

1080p, 60fps or stable 30fps, etc.

Convert save data from 1 to 2.

Also a Gravity Rush 2 for PS4 & Vita.


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I'm not letting it go until English Yakuza 5 & Tales of Zestiria hits.

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I want to see Yakuza games localization announcements at this event hahaha....

: (

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It's just, you know, if Adam, Gio, and all the Third Party Production ever did talk to SEGA, I wish they would let us know that they've been doing that.

Showing that they actually make the effort for this series.

Rather than keep silent and no updates.

If Adam and the team said honestly that they can't bring Yakuza in English and it's up completely at the mercy of SEGA...

Then as might as well I gave up and bu...

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First: I NEVER said / wrote / act it was "simple, cheap, easy, or quick."

The Yakuza series being most wanted games to localized is actually to show and prove how much this Third Party Production efforts worth and their ability to bring "hard to localized" games.

So far, it's (almost) worthless when they're JUST porting 2 old games for now.

Because this series is one of the perfect PlayStation exclusives in my opin...

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Another new Yakuza game, another no localization... : (

Adam Boyes, Gio Corsi, what are you guys doing at SONY Third Party Production team???

Yakuza games came as one of the most wanted games to localized in #buildingthelist and yet we only just have a late Borderlands 2 & Grim Fandango ports???

This so-called Third Party Production team & #buildingthelist is (almost) a fraud, that I have suspicion that little to no-one (?) never want...

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Thanks for the link.

It's probably from my computer.

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"An error occurred."


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I'm all in for localizations of Yakuza 5, Ishin, and the HD Collections.

It's unfortunate that Adam Boyes & Gio Corsi's Third Party Relations for bringing up MOST WANTED games to PlayStation console didn't realized (yet)...

I mean, Yakuza series and a Shenmue came as one of the most wanted games to localized/come from #buildingthelist Twitter poll and yet, a Grim Fandango remaster announced before it...?

Did Adam...

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