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Anyone notice if your player casts a shadow?

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They are apps and are not using a browser. Are they installed as part of the firmware or on a memory card?

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Ok, try putting the Vita into your pocket and using it to listen to music with wired headphones. You know the joysticks will snag as you put it in.

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In 2 years time we'll still be 4-6 years away from a Vita successor and smartphones will feature standard specs that will make the Vita look old.

Look how smartphones have changed since 2005 compared to the PSP.

I know one thing for sure, iPhone 5 sales will eclipse Vita sales.

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"Sony know what they're doing".

You sure about that? I'm not convinced about the Vita yet. Large form factor and no built in storage make me wonder if this will appeal to the masses like it needs to.

More people want smartphones that play games than a dedicated gaming device.

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Oh my god, run for the hills as you have to install a game before you play! 360 owners are clutching at the hairs on their a$$ (assuming they're old enough) if they think having to do a mandatory install is a bad thing.

You'd probably have mandatory installs on the 360 if they had not created two classes of owner.

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Let me see. The difference between casual and hardcore gamers is the time they spend playing? So, if I only get 30 mins a day to play bad company 2 that makes me a casual gamer?

You know, some might say that commenting on forums could be seen as the casual version of using your brain.

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Where do you think gaming all started? The first game wasnt some generic fps. Without casual gaming the industry would not be what it is today.

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Yeah, gaming shouldnt be accessible to more people and it should also be all about point and shoot fps games.

2 things:
- casual gaming is where it all started, Pong anyone?
- do your knuckles bleed when you walk?

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Agreed. A true gamer will find the fun wherever its to be found. I love the fact I can be playing some Bad Company 2 in the evening and then playing 4 way scrabble during my downtime at work during the day.

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The lighting model could do with some work as well. As for the gameplay it looked fairly generic for an fps although better than the likes of Nova2.

Obviously lots of time before its released so no doubt lots more polishing to go.

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Because they announced server searching for console versions this is now my most wanted game for PS3.

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The PSP only really provides basic media capabilities when compared to today's devices:

- proprietary video format
- no crossfade
- only a handful or preset sound settings

Use to use my PSP heaps for movies and music but then I got a smartphone running Android. It leaves the PSP's media capabilities wanting. I didn't realise how far the PSP was left behind until I got my phone.

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Funny that most the games listed in the posting have great wi-fi multiplayer. Monster Hunter and Peace Walker especially.

This new model shows that Sony's ability to make dumb decisions is still on going.

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Lumines heading to Vita....why didn't they release it on psn for Go owners!?!

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To be honest, I can't see the Vita getting the mass market appeal it will need to go the distance unless its smaller. My prediction is that within 18 months of Vita being released Sony will announce a Vita form factor that will have wider appeal.

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@vglulz: the psp didnt need dual analogs its just everyone thought the psp should have been about fps games.

Didnt hear anyone moan about the ps1 not having analogs at all.

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Home is boooooooorrrrriiiiiiinnnnng. Honestly, it only marginally succeeded when Sony had a lul in between the release of some quality games.

Honestly, give me a system to manage my clans via the XMB and Home becomes absolutely pointless.

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Well, if they dont fix the mp lobby then I'm not interested in the game at all.

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Psp go you could plug into the tv whilst using a sixaxis controller.

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