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Too funny.

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How would you know? You have nothing but hear-say and internet quotes as your backing? Where's the factual info on sales?

Stop approving weak content.

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Deserves a decent answer. Go spam in the open zone kid.

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But there's some straight up bogus info in that blog.

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But it's not automated, therefore I find it kinda of useless. I don't have the time to manage such a list.

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They don't want to be derailed from current development...BUT Infinity Ward who is no doubt still working on DLC for consoles has little excuse. Hell, they didn't even patch their TOP SELLING game with rumble for the PS3. Talk about weak. I respect them for their game creation but those guys are beyond absurd when it comes to support.

I didn't purchase their DLC and I won't purchase any other. In fact I've dropped playing COD4 altogether.

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I don't get it.

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But I guess this could work.

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Missing icons, revert to the default theme wise guy.

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Sounds like a good place to live, in theory.

I believe Expy just responded to you.

You can chew on this too for deserts:

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It went under the radar? With who? My understanding was that it was amongst the top PSN game sellers. Don't write articles based on what think you know, write them based on factual info:

Will trophies add more to sales? Who knows? :|

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I'd feel stupid for owning an arcade sku in the first place.

Little unofficial survey
How many of you 20gb owners still have the default HDD in their PS3's?

I know I swapped mine for a 120gb a long time ago. Curious to see how many complaints are out there in regards to this since people without 20gb seem to be complaining more than actual owners of that SKU.

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After reading through some of your responses Bruce, it seems you're a little insensitive towards people's opinions. Also, calling anyone "fanboy" seems a bit far from professional.

After sifting through the history of your "articles", it's not difficult to see why people think that you have some sort of anti-Sony agenda. From this point on, I'll have no other choice to recommend others to not approve these type of baseless articles. It doesn't open any form of...

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I didn't bother reading through the article, simply because I find it somewhat of an absurd question to pose.

After looking at the PS1 and PS2 era, I'd go as far as saying that Sony helped to EVOLVE the industry. Nope, not single handedly but they played a major role into what gaming is today. Everyone of these competitors has played their part, even the failed consoles.

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I don't believe you're adept enough to even sit through putting the MGS4 disc into a PS3. It's hard to believe you're competent enough to compare Bioshock and Metal Gear Solid 4 in regards to cinematics.

Any logical person can tell you that both games have COMPLETELY different approaches to story telling.

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You have little place in these conversations with your fanatical attitude. You probably haven't even played Haze so why bother commenting on things you know NOTHING about?

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It's known that it's not "100%" B/C, so what's the surprise?

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:( I lost my saved game, so I have to earn everything all over again.

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Two different consoles with two different achievement/reward systems. How does it threaten it? It's not as if one will cancel the other one out.

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