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I wonder or u can also check your achievements on xbl? Lol u never know but this is hilarious haha.

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I submitted this 5 hours ago lol.

Its cool though, ill let u get this one bro. =]

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I think it has a good chance aswell but even if it doesnt, I know it will definitely be my goty of the year. After the disappointment of RE6 i been dying for a game like the last of us & with naughty dog creating it just makes me know the game will live up to expectations.

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I think they will both be pretty close in specs. I dont see the difference being much in specs but the differences will show from 1st party devs.

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2 months seems so long but I cant wait to finally play the whole game. I have a feeling the multiplayer is going to be awesome aswell.

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I would say it is also horror aswell because of the infected. They are just like zombies but worse because they are actually dead but are alive in a way that they are being possessed by the fungus. Plus having runners who are basically like zombies but they can think & then you have clickers who are blind but got very sensitive ears & they can kill you with one bite. That alone is horrifying.

Shinra Tensei

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I cant wait, the graphics are already beautiful. Should be awesome.

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Not sure or it works with ps plus but I know u can create an account for other regions. It worked for grabbing demoes & games that werent in the US PS Store but not sure or it'll work with plus.

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You never know. Maybe we will find out more at e3.

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Definitely why I want it on next gen systems. Hopefully they take advantage of the hardware.

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I think it will happen. =]

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It does seem long but I think the game will be good all across the board with all systems.

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I honestly think that is why they delayed it.

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Thats not the problem. The real problem is NOT EVERYONE has internet. MS will be leaving out alot of consumers with this do to having to be online just to play your game. Us gamers who have internet is a small percentage of potential buyers. MS should just come out & get rid of these rumours.

So your telling me that sum users dont have a 2nd account? Get real bruh. Also the user base is smaller then u think due to rrod. Same can be said bout the an...

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Wow I hope this aint true. Ms would be shooting themselves in the foot with this move. Can u imagine your casual consumer buying the nextbox & they get home & throw in a game only to see it say "Connect Online To Start Up Game" & the consumer doesnt even have online. That would suck.

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See this is why I hate reviewers. This game has an amazing single player. Great story, gameplay & graphics & an awesome multiplayer but yet it get low scores but a game like bioshock infinite which is also a great game but I felt the gameplay was lacking but yet it still got perfect scores. It doesnt make any sense when god of war ascension does everything great but yet it gets an 8 average score. Its bs if u ask me. Thats why i dont trust reviews anymore, rather hear it from gamers w...

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I can see them doing the haka around their ps3. Kamate Kamate lol.

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I cannot wait to see some more info or gameplay. Hope it shows up at e3 if true.

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Definitely going to grab this. Love the difficulty in all ninja gaiden games. Gives u a challenge which i use as replay value like playing uncharted games on crushing.

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Wow what freakin sicko's would do this kind of crap. These guys need life in prison so they can be an inmates b1tch.

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