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I can't believe you can now get Lumines 2 for $1.95. There is no excuse not to own that one.

Also, how many people here have played original games like Coded Arms or Kingdom of Paradise? Show of hands. #1
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There's nothing worse than being set upon by a creeper in the complete darkness... *shudders* #1
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People are unlikely to bite even at this lower price, when everyone knows that a new PSP will be announced in the next year. I'm sure my trusty old PSP-2000 can hold out until then. #1
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I think the article is correct when it says that the PC reviewers are a bunch of WoW addicts. This is a console JRPG and is going to be different from their usual western crack-like MMOs. That said, Square Enix obviously needs to put in SOME effort to improve the PS3 version by the time it ships. #1
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This is an interesting article. I think that because commercially successful video games need to appeal to younger adolescent males and their parents, we are unlikely to see gaming push as many cultural taboos, particularly the gay issue. I think we are far more likely to see gay characters in independent games on PC platforms like Steam, before it is common in mainstream games.

but then again, in Bully you could kiss boys. #1
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I think it's more a case of bands not even really caring where their music is used, as long as it generates money.

There are lots of cases of music being used in films / advertisements where the message is totally opposite to what the song was saying, but it gets used anyway. Never underestimate the stupidity of consumers and the cynicism of advertisers. #1
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Despite all of the hatred it generates from fanboys, the arcade SKU seems to be a key part of Microsoft's strategy. Giving consumers a low entry point and then billing them later for extra storage, controllers, wifi, etc. seems to have worked for them. Personally it would annoy me. #1
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I think two factors help to explain the discrepancy in North America: The gaming culture here is much more focused on shooters, Microsoft has spent a lot of money targeting NA, and the Arcade SKU has inexplicably sold really well here. #2
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I suspect that Invizimals could be massive this Christmas season. It already sold about 500,000 copies in Europe, which is impressive for a PSP title. #1
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I agree that it doesn't make sense to complain about video games when the industry employs so many Americans! That's like dissing McDonalds, WalMart, or Phillip Morris. Oh wait... #1
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not a big deal to me
I don't see why people were freaking out so much that 3D games would have to be downgraded in terms of graphics a little bit in order to work. It's like asking hardware designed for 1080p to suddenly start pumping out games at 2160p. #1
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Yeah, this game will be an awesome addition to the PS3 library. I predict we will hear about it soon, maybe even at this year's E3! #4
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The thing is, that without hackers constantly pushing the boundaries on technology and hardware, we wouldn't have great games to begin with. #4
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Are there people who actually game so hard that they need to take dodgy energy supplements to keep themselves going? That's dedication. #1
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But how many times can you watch Avatar before you get bored? I estimate that only around 4 movies per year will make full use of the 3D format. That's not necessarily enough to entice me to go buy a new TV.

But Uncharted 2 in full 3D? Hells yeah #2
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Interesting that an Xbox site is recommending that people buy the PS3 version if they can... finally some honesty in games reporting. #1
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Without seeing any screenshots, its hard to judge gameplay. But this title does seem like it would be better suited to Xbox Live or PSN. #1
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Some people have way too much extra money, apparently. #1
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Dude, Trine is actually pretty amazing, especially if you like platforming. #1.1
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An interesting look at both games, but I think they are wrong about Heavy Rain's limited commercial appeal.

The game has been hypd for so long that I think many will pick it up just to see what the fuss is about, even if they don't like QTE style gameplay. #3
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