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There's no question about it: you're SOL on both of those.

Nomura's already confirmed changes to gameplay and the story, so I'm SOL, too. He did say to expect the Wall Market sequence to stay, though, so that's something.

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I feel like a Magneto quote from Ian McKellan is appropriate here.

The lack of mentioning gameplay is precisely because I'm honestly fine with them changing absolutely nothing gameplay-wise or revamping the entire combat system. As long as it's fun, I don't mind much what they do. I just don't want to see something too similar to Kingdom Hearts. Not my preferred combat. I at least want it to be somewhat strategic, a la turn-based combat.

(I al...

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I almost put Sonic in there, but I've only ever played a little bit of Sonic on Genesis and a little bit on Dreamcast. If I included it, all I'd be able to do is echo what others have said, because I haven't played any recent Sonic games.

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I've barely played Halo, so from a personal point-of-view I didn't feel I could include it.

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Yep. Japanese developers saw how successful Western RPGs were and wanted to capitalize on that success. I also think MMOs had an impact, especially on the Final Fantasy series. Xenoblade Chronicles also has a notably MMO feel, but it was the western-style filler quests that ruined that game for me.

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Not necessarily. The Active Turn-Based (ATB) battle system was a staple in the franchise from IV up until X, when the Conditional Turn-Based (CTB) battle system replaced it. Sure, there were tweaks here and there, but the ATB was ubiquitous for a decade.

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I actually haven't ever played Resident Evil, so I didn't include them. I'll take you at your word, though!

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When I tried to play Donkey Kong 64 on my HDTV, it looked AWFUL. Not sure if it's as bad if you play them from the Nintendo eShop or PSN.

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I put a lot of stock into how the games control now, too. If I were going strictly off of graphics, pretty much everything from the fifth generation would be a contender. (Shadows of the Empire, in my mind, is a prime example of poor controls.)

I guess I did gravitate a little more toward the "bad graphics" angle than I should have. And I completely agree about the art style thing. I'd actually argue that's why a lot of current/last-gen games opted for a mor...

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My money is on Square Enix not adjusting well. Not trying to hate on XIII, but Toriyama cited its linear gameplay as a product of trying to finish the game in a reasonable amount of time but not knowing how else to do so at the graphic level the game operated on. (I'm paraphrasing, obviously.)

It seems that, in both the case of that game as well as XV, they just don't know how to keep up with current-gen technology, and employed two vastly different approaches (rushin...

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I'm calling it for 2016, as well. If they have absolutely nothing to show at E3, I don't anticipate it making a 2015 release. They may have promised to show something after E3, but that doesn't inspire much confidence for a release in the near future.

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I was judging by how the PS3 went, with remakes continuing throughout its life cycle. That's why I'm worried. It may not happen the same way, though.

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It does almost make me regret buying the game for the less powerful system...just not enough to buy it again.

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I think the entire tone of the game looks great. The setting, characters, all of it. At this point, though, I can't help but hold some reservations. I seriously hope they're laid to rest when XV releases.

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On a much older article I had written about a VII remake, I purported making the battle system more action-oriented wouldn't be the worst thing. The response was quite rabid, to say the least. Maybe they don't like action-oriented RPG combat, but it seemed more like they didn't want something "sacred" to be touched. There are some hardcore VII purists out there!

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Not trying to toot my own horn here, but that was a focal point of Part I of this series. If you missed it and care to read it, here's a link:

As far as XIV, I haven't played it (or XI). Not a big MMO guy, but I hear it's great.

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Thanks! Part III should be out toward the end of the week!

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They definitely don't seem to understand how to be productive in developing current-gen (or rather, last-gen) software. I think XV is evidence enough, as is the first XIII, where they blamed the linearity on the advancement of hardware technology.

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Too many cut-scenes and not enough gameplay for me, otherwise it may have ranked among my favorites. (I also didn't care for the post-credits reveal.)

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1 was definitely great, and a very close second to me. I had a lot of qualms with 2 and 4, and never actually made it through Portable Ops. I mean to revisit the entire series soon and tackle the games I've missed (the original Metal Gears, Portable Ops, Peace Walker).

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