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I would also like to point out the stock theme on ps4 is dynamic, so the point is invalid for a PS4 and like what other people have said dynamic themes don't run during a game on ps3. So no you are completely wrong.

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512mb was not available to the developer, not sure what the exact amount was but 512mb was for the game and the ui.

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I Travel a lot so this console is perfect for me. When i go up i can take this with me and play some games on a tv while I'm not at home.

Plus it has some decent vita games i have never played and everyone loves classics. The console is not for everyone, if you don't travel and have a next gen console it's almost pointless but for me it's a great buy.

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This guy is a pro gamer? yet he doesn't understand what a break does.

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I cant give you a link but im pretty sure @yosp said early 2014 on his twitter.

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the controller is amazing for racing games also, i cant wait to use those triggers with driveclub and future racing games.

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Good video, looks decent in white also, i have the wave blue pre-ordered.

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Come on really, people need to stop comparing Xbox one's and PS4's to PC Specs, the RRP of an R9 270x is $550 which is more than an entire ps4 and xbox one lol, for $400 you get 1.8TF plus a full gaming machine.

A PS4 could be as powerful as a PC but they dont want a $1000 price tag.

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Nice i have ordered the wave blue DS4.

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Im a Playstation fan but i think the Kinect has potential, my problem with the Kinect and Xbox one is the fact you have to have it, i will probably pick up the Ps4 Camera but ill do it later down the line.

I dont wanna be forced to have a device i don't really need, the voice navigation on both devices, 2 way video etc are good features but i dont wanna have to spend £80 more for the console because of it, i wanna enjoy the console and if a few months down the line ...

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@Mystogan You forget PS4 has Infamous, DriveClub, The Order 1866 plus maybe Naughty Dogs new game at the end of the year.

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Just pointing it out but you cant play the xbox one version on a pc lol, you played the pc version with an xbox controller.

I also played the same but at gamescom, they told me it was on xbox one but i looked under the table and it was connected to a pc which would have completely different and probably better specs.

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Its pretty much guaranteed this wont work with standard applications. Different apps use different ways to interact with it, touchscreen games wont work, apps that use the keyboard wont work etc.

Will they add an SDK to allow devs to make apps work on Xbox One? hopefully.

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Thanks for the share, Access do great content. But it basically says the same thing as in this review, if you liked heavy rain you'll loved beyond, if you didn't you wont, simple.

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I would defiantly buy it if you can afford it :).

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Beyond: Two Souls Walkthrough part 1/2 are out now -

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Completely agree, If you love great story in a game, you must pick this up.

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I think he's mostly going for new IP's etc because you pretty much know what your going to get with Infamous and MGS,

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If you guys go the full story, the top image in the post is the original and the bottom is the edited, fits perfect.

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Defiantly, some uncharted would be great. Or just anything from Naughty Dog.

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