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No they wont, in fact this will get them 6 figure jobs. Just look at Geohot. Until our society stops rewarding these types of criminals nothing will change.

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That same statement is true of the Xbox One as Microsoft is paying them to make Scalebound for the company. That is how the industry has always worked and it's not a bad thing when we get true 3rd party exclusives that would not have otherwise seen the light of day.

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Obviously satire, but it's not very good. Too long and bitter towards Nintendo. Was hoping for a laugh and just got bored with the read instead.

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Exactly, how about we get some articles on the controversy surrounding the actions of the state of gaming journalist. I find it too convenient how the hold Zoe Quinn situation is being swept under the carpet and instead Phil Fish is the big news topic.

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Too easy. When something is so easy you should always stop and ask why things are so easy. Most of the time you will find that events are being manipulated in some way, I believe this o be the case here also.

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The problem is that while people are so busy talking about Phil Fish, Zoe Quinn is flying under the radar and the controversy surrounding her is being overlooked. Instead people are discussing some pompous ass that is just a one hit wonder.

The real issue is Zoe Quinn, Kotaku, and the serious allegations being brought against game journalist. Dont get caught up in this Phil Fish nonsense. This guy could careless what people think, despite pretending like he cares so much.

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The real problem with this deal is that Square Enix is going to release some sort of definitive edition of the game 6 months to a year later. That version will be $60 on all platforms including the Xbox One. So essentially, the 2015 version will just be the beta version of the game and Square Enix will take all of the feedback and additional content and release the game again to the Xbox One people and everyone else.

That's a really sleazy move and sets a terrible presid...

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I saw that video, really opened my eyes to just how bad things have gotten. Everyone should watch it. It's all factual with actual evidence to back up everything.

That video highlights a lot of reasons that sensationalist stories like this one get posted.

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All players are but this story is obviously click bait. Surprise it's not coming from Kotaku.

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The problem with what Microsoft did is that they didn't steal Tomb Raider from the PS4 they just made it a timed exclusive. Which is pointless because ultimately a better version of the game will release on the PS4/PC.

If this was a fully exclusive game than yes Microsoft would have done something good for their consumers. Instead, they just paid a ton of money to delay the game on the PS4/PC because they couldn't compete against them directly. The biggest problem is...

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Really glad I read this and watched the video posted. It is disgusting what people like Zoe Quinn and Kotaku is doing to the gaming industry. Worse yet, they are hurting actual feminist that care about real issues. I hope the public outcry over this is on the same level as the Xbox One controversy.

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I was as freaked out as these women where at certain parts in the game and I knew some of the stuff was coming. If you have a PS4 you should try out P.T. for yourself.

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Too good. I am not ashamed to say that I screamed just like that at parts of P.T. Really is something everyone should experience.

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You are kidding yourself if you think there aren't just a bunch of preset abilities dealing with time manipulation in QB. I love remedy, but lets not deceive ourselves.

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I am really happy that they understand that you can't repeat what happened in ME3. Between the fallout from DA2 and ME3 ending I am really looking forward to seeing a Bioware game after that controversy hit them. I really think there worth as a company is on the line now and if they want to keep their high status with EA and Gamers they absolutely have to deliver on all levels.

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It would be a smart move if this was exclusive for the lifetime of the console. All this is, is a timed exclusive game. Yet to get this timed exclusive they dumped a boatload of cash on Square Enix. Cash that could have been put towards a new fully exclusive game for gamers. Instead they overpaid for Tomb Raider of all things.

I am sorry but Tomb Raider is not a system seller. Tomb Raider was a great return to form for the series, but who goes out and buy a console to play th...

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From what I gather it seems that random people are being chosen to wield powers of some kind. There seems to be a action based vibe going on, more than just a military shooter, maybe something 3rd person based. So maybe a action rpg using cyberpunk mentalities. I think when this is actually revealed their is going to be a lot of comparisons to Cyberpunk 2077. Looking forward to seeing more on this and some actual gameplay.

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They where thinking that they didn't have enough faith in the IP to sale well initially so they are trying to play it safe. Instead, they are just pissing off potential customers. It will be interesting to see how well this game sales.

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Whenever something is vague like that is just confirmation of another sort. If Microsoft had this game as a permanent exclusive they would say so. If they don't clarify it then that means it will come to other platforms.

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Yeah if this was 100% exclusive that might be something to get excited over, but all this means is that the ps4 will release in February 2016 and be the definitive version. If Microsoft is going to go all out like this they need to make these permanent exclusives. While Tomb Raider was a great game, I am fine without playing the exclusive on PS4. Honestly, I can just watch someone else play it on Twitch or Youtube and get the same experience because of how cinematic the game is in detail.

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