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I will hold my judgment until the game is out and the game is being released in parts so there is no need to make a full commitment. I think that the response, critically and financially, to RE6 versus Revelations was enough to make them rethink a lot of things. I don't see them making a full blown survival horror game, but there will definitely be a lot more of those elements mixed in with an action game.

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Microsoft has enough money to get Halo 5 out by console launch and Sony could muster up enough money to finish The Last Guardian. It's not about money, it's about taking the necessary time to polish a game and make it great. Once the game comes out no one will care about how long it took for the game to come out, so long as the game is amazing. Everyone will care if the game doesn't live up to the hype.

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I love these articles because it tells me exactly which sites to never trust again.

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Yeah I am not really a fan of this guy either and I don't like the call for objective reviews being belittle in this fashion. There actually did use to be objective reviews before reviewers started taking money from every other influencing source like it was no big deal and turning their reviews into a place for their political agendas. I didn't mind FF13, but I get why people don't like it. However, there where a lot lies told about FF13 because reviewers never bothered to comple...

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Sounds like a good way to get alcohol poisoning lol.

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They have Trip and that is basically an updated Nariko.

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That would be surprising as ND is known for recruiting people with proven talent. I am not saying she isn't talented, but she has yet to prove it from what I can tell. The AC series was someone else creation, Splinter Cell was already on it's path before she had anything to do with it and Watch Dogs was a disappointment. Is there any work that she was directly involved in as the lead director that has been a huge success?

Not to disparage her, but I only know who she ...

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I agree, the reason these attacks against #GamerGate continue is because it is successful and that success increases everyday. #GamerGate is being fueled by the truth and all the shady comments by outsiders want cover up the truth. Those who have been getting away with far too much are afraid of having their affairs looked into to closely so they attempt to smear #GamerGate. All this gets is them being scrutinized and most of those against #GamerGate aren't credible.

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Gotta love these attempts at a smear campaign for GamerGate. The thing is that it's not going to work. Gamers aren't going to feel a shame for wanting the gaming media to be more transparent and credible. As things stand now the gaming media has lost a lot of their credibility and now they are being exposed. This will not stop because some people attempt to portray GamerGate in the same fashion as a hate group.

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The fact that you have to go to an outside source to find a raid group is problematic. At the very least Bungie should have a chat options within the game to allow you to do what you just described without having to go to a third party.

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I love playing the Raid and only getting shards and energy.

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The problem with that logic is when does later happen? For example, if a new tv show doesn't premiere against something like Game of Thrones premiere that might seem smart, but every week there is a new Game of Thrones episode. Once that episode is released, doing the week, there is a ton of hype that builds around it and it becomes the talk of the week leaving no room for anything to come in at a later point.

So what is the smart move then? To wait until Game of Throne ...

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Yeah, Project Cars seems like a game that the developers lack confidence in. First they delay it on WiiU and now everything else. I can understand not wanting to compete against the heavy hitters, but at a certain point you either have confidence in your game or you don't. If they don't have confidence in their game, why should anyone else?

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Same here and its not just PS4 gamers that should be pissed off either. The Xbox One is capable of 1080p games, look at all the crazy things happening in the new Quantum Break trailer. Ubisoft is just being lazy and screwing over ps4 and xbox one gamers. I am not going to support a company that does that so I will not buy this game.

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It shouldn't be necessary to trade one for the other. Sony just needs to get their psn service on par with ps+. With that said, I believe Sony is doing that now but it's not going to happen overnight. I am sure all the great ps+ games will holds us until psn is on par with it.

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Great news, I will buy this game new now. Before this game was going to be brought used by me.

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Always online games, such a great idea. Thankfully you can play parts of DriveClub offline, but it is clear that the meat of the game is online.

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I have the full game and it isnt online either, all of the online features arent up.

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Sadly most game journalist lack one, if not all of those qualities. Which is why they are losing their influence.

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If game journalist weren't so corrupt they would have the gaming community on their side and this would stop companies like Nintendo and others from dismissing them. But instead, game journalists have decided to turn their back on gamers by allowing publishers to corrupt them. So gamers aren't standing with them like they use to do. In short, game journalist shouldn't underestimate the power of the core gaming community.

We may not be as large as the masses, but ...

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