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Nintendo 1st party titles are unique in the sense that they will continue to steadily sale at full price or close to it for years.

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Thats a good point. I hope it does come to PS4 though.

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What is wrong with you...

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Triple please!!! If anyone can localize Yakuza 5 and make sure it sells well enough, Atlus can. If Sega actually allows this to happen than I will finally feel good about them acquiring Atlus.

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I think everyone does. Who wants to spend X amount of dollars and constantly have to be told that the version of the game they are playing is inferior to the competitor.

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FF15 does look great and it is definitely going to appeal to a lot of people. I find it disheartening how people feel the need to step all over the FF13 series. I am looking forward to 13-3 as well, already have my preorder in.

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The game isn't out yet, so lets not judge the game as being bad before it even comes out. A lot of people actually like the FF13 series and are looking forward too 13-3, myself included. On top of that, if 13-3 is terrible or whatever, FFXHD is coming out in March so that will wash away any bad memories of 13-3. Add to that the fact that all it takes is 1 amazing demo of the game at E3 to hype the hell out of people for FF15 and you will see that 13-3 will have no affect on FF15 at all.

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Just another lame click bait article. Because why write anything intelligent when you can come off like an idiot and get people to click on your site.

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The problem is the animation set looks identical to Assassins Creed. It's not as simple as saying this is just another 3rd person game with cover mechanics. In a lot of places, the animation set is identical.

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Look at the animations for how the character moves and climbs. It's screams Assassins Creed. Even the mission type thing with Ratbag is essentially straight out of AC2 just a redone way of using recruits. The game looks good, but if the backwards engineered Assassins Creed it could great interfere with the game release window. There is no way Ubisoft doesn't sue them.

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The problem with that statement is that it ignores the fact that great games aren't made by a ton of people, but truly passionate people. It's more about small dedicated teams then massive amounts. But you know, his heart is in the right place when he made the statement.

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Lightning is really popular in Japan, and you are wrong about it being the worst JRPG. Also, if you think the FF13 series is the worst JRPG, then you really need to play more games. Did you really list Dirge of Cerberus as being good, that was a mediocre shooter. The cutscenes in Dirge of Cerberus was good, everything else not so much. Oh and while FF7 was a great game, it is highly overrated.

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The only hot female on that list was Lara Croft. Elizabeth is cute, but way to young to have that hot factor. Maybe the Noir Elizabeth from the dlc, even then that is a stretch.

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If frames and resolution doesn't matter, lets all go and get a WiiU. Or better yet, lets all go back and play PS2 games. These articles are such spin doctor bs. You damn well better believe Microsoft would be screaming from the rooftops if they had the most powerful console.

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It's all real alright. Remember it was the leakers that reveal Microsoft's DRM plans. It's all real and all of it screams shady Microsoft.

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This would confirm what a lot of people already suspect. That Microsoft has every intention of bring back their DRM policies. It would alienate a lot of people, the only question is if Microsoft believes they can get away with it. I think they do believe they can pull this bait and switch and still be successful.

Crap like this is why I refuse to buy the Xbox One, not because Microsoft isn't going to have great games for the Xbox One. If you think only games matter than...

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Wow February is an amazing month. All of these games are great or really interesting.

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Very true. I think the idea of incorporating the healthy living style is a brilliant one and will really show well on TV shows like Ellen and Oprah. Quite frankly, thats the area Nintendo needs to be in to gain the mass market again. On top of that, this is suppose to roll out around 2015, so a price drop will have happened by then for sure. That combo will be a powerful one for Nintendo.

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It would be a mistake for Nintendo to directly try and compete with Sony or Microsoft, at least this generation anyways. I really like the unique stuff Nintendo is attempting. I own a PS4 and feel zero reason to own a Xbox One. I imagine that the average owner of the Xbox One feel the same about the PS4. Essentially both consoles are too similar to be bothered with owning both of them unless you are flush with cash.

Even so I look at what Nintendo is doing and will be doing a...

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Turn based system was fun but they are moving past it to make their games much more active. At best you can only hope that they have an option to slow down the battle system to be similar to turn based.

FF13 combat system was really well done, once you understand it's not about controlling individual characters but the flow of battle itself. Despite how much action was happening in FF13 it really was a turn based system being masked by frantic action.


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