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I don't like the no matchmaking thing. I wanted to play the story missions with other people but I just couldn't because I don't have friends playing this game. Destiny isn't there thing, but I still want to play with other people. The 6 player raid thing is less of an issue for me, but I do wish the matchmaking was there.

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No Man's Sky does look great but I thought it was known that this was a timed exclusive.

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FF14 does something similar to this, where the level cap is 50 but the item level can go up to a 110.

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Hate when that happens. In all seriousness, I am looking forward to some gameplay footage. Maybe they will some something at Gamescon.

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Interesting trailer, I immediately thought of Cyberpunk 2077 because of the neon and the vibe the video gave off. looking forward to seeing more news and some actual gameplay.

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Smash Bros is incredibly popular and Zelda is an extremely strong IP, plus the whole dynasty warriors thing does very well in Japan. Make no mistake, both of these games will do amazingly in the short term and long term.

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They said that they did have traditional mp matching making in mind, but it would not happen initially. Initially, they want you to be lost exploring these worlds and then down the line they will bring in the traditional mp stuff.

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Timelapse is just a normal video speed up by 2 or more times. So think fast forward a movie, that is timelapse. The trick is to record something that moves very slowly so when you speed the time up it appears to be moving at normal or 2 times normal speed.

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I play the game hardcore for about 9 years. I am actually one of the first people to play the game.

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I love my PS4, PS3, PSVita, PSP, and PS2. PSN sucks. I am sorry, but while I love what Sony is doing right now as a company, PSN is terrible. I hate how long people in the US have to wait for releases of titles, I hate how we can't even view videos like we did and do on the PS3. Yet, if I go to the JPSN they can watch videos just fine. I hate how the online infrastructure for release day games suck. PSN has so many issues, I do love the free games. I love Sony, but they need to fix PSN be...

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A $299 PS4 would murder all competition. Already at $399 the PS4 is a great value, but at $300 I just don't see how you don't buy one.

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Scout rifle and shotgun, Warlock Class all day long. Scout rifle for range and shotgun for up close battles. 2 hits and they are done.

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Yeah I thought it was awesome and it's Rob Zombie so what the heck are people expecting. Guess what people, real life was a hell of a lot more brutal than this short film. What isn't mentioned or shown in this short film is the brutal tortures and rapes that was happening that also birthed the French Revolution. History, like life, is brutal as hell.

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Yeah I thought this was going to be a huge game with 100s of hours of unique content on top of a ton of reliability. It seems now that Destiny is a bit slim. I hope I am wrong, but if this is all the content there is than I need to see how long it takes to actually finish the content. Otherwise I see a scenario where I am done with Destiny in 1 or 2 weeks taking a leisurely pace.

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I hope so, the 22 missions for the campaign has me a bit worried.

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Absolutely. Not everyone has 3 or however many other people to play with initially, but that doesn't mean we don't want to play with others. That was very frustrating and I hope they change that.

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Of course that is the reason they delayed it, but look at Rayman for WiiU. It was complete and delayed for months which benefited the game ultimately. The reason for this delay doesn't matter, what matter is that this additional time will be used to polish the game even more. Thats a good thing no matter how you look at it.

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Sucks about the delay, but I am glad they are getting out of the slaughter fest that is October. Still, if the delay gives them more time to polish the game than I am all for that.

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I understand in this day and era why it is so easy to be cynical and if it wasn't for the interview with the developer talking about the game I would be there with you. But the enthusiasm from the developer and the things they are talking about delivering isn't about being innovative but completely realize a dream that we all have as kids and adults. The dream of exploration. The dream of being the first person to find something and share that unique experience with our friends.

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I use to hold whole voice chat in the highest esteem back when it was just an idea. The reality of voice chat is something I don't care too much about. I am sure Bungie will implement some better form of voice chat, after all this is only the beta, but I am not overly hurt that their is a lack of voice chat options at the moment.

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