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Great article and I find it fascinating that despite the game being a success there are people who "couldn't be paid to play the game." I think that is just people being difficult, but it does create a situation where a lesser developer can get really annoyed and defensive. I am glad to see that these developers are able to handle that sort of thing well and I wish them continued success.

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I wasn't originally into to Rogue likes before Binding of Issac, but that game made me a fan. Since then I have played Spelunky and Don't Starve, they are some of my favorite games. That's why I am really interested to see how those games affected the development of Galak-Z.

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I love how Jake talks about loving to make games being one of his guiding forces as an indie developers. It is the passion from developers that really transform the industry because they aren't just make a game but a labor of love. You really have to wonder how much love their is in a large team of 300 plus people working on a game, but smaller indie teams are driven primarily by their passion for making games.

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The art style really is fantastic. Games like this is what make indie development stand out.

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The game really does look good. I remember wanting to try it when it was on current gen consoles.

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I know some people have a problem with remakes, but they can stop the next-gen remakes right after they give me the Mass Effect next-gen remake with all the dlc and games included.

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This is the difference between white collar crimes and every other crime. Instead of going to jail for years for stealing millions of people personal information and robbing them of their sense security he gets a big fancy, high paying job. Meanwhile, if you go break into someone's home while they aren't there you are looking at 3 to 5 years. Gotta love the how the world works.

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This is a great sale if true. Hopefully we something similar on the PS4. Very impressive.

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Sony can have my wallet when they do some actual sales, like the .99 cent flash deal. This sale is terrible, all of these games have been much cheaper on PSN before this sale.

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I have Bioshock Infinite, Spec Ops: The Line, and Xcom free courtesy of PS+. So yeah i'll just keep going with my console and PC.

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It's a 1080p 60fps game that looks amazing. TLoU on ps3 looked next gen already. Naughty Dog isn't getting a pass, they are actually making one of the top next-gen games for 2014. Heck there are next-gen games right now that doesn't look as good or have 1080p 60fps. TLOU is one of the better next-gen games, it's not getting a pass.

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Honestly, people need to think for themselves and be sheep. Trusting some corporate tool to tell you the truth is a serious mistake. The moment money is exchanged, all credibility is compromised.

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This is why Nintendo will never be in financial danger. They own a lot of crazy profitable IPs.

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The video says "representative of Xbox One gameplay." Is that a confirmation that this is Xbox One gameplay or does that mean this is just PC footage but with Xbox One specs?

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No one should be surprised by this fact. When I installed Origin I knew something like this was probably going to happen. It's not okay in the slightest and I hope people complain enough to change it. Call me cynical, but I just don't see it happening.

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Of course Bungie loves their fans equally, it's just that money comes first. The reality is that Sony shelled out money for exclusive content in a new game. Microsoft on the other hand shelled out money for CoD content and Titanfall. Both games that are basically different version of CoD. One is CoD with mechs the other is CoD that emulates Titanfall in many regards.

If you want a company that backs the dude bro shooters than Microsoft is your primary choice, but if you w...

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The entire time you only play as the protagonist. You can switch to other characters to control them in battle, but ultimately you are only playing the protagonist.

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This sort of statement really pisses me off because when the game doesn't sell well they will just say it's because people didn't want a race sim on the WiiU. Nevermind the fact that the game has been out for like a year.

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The problem isn't third party relations but all of these developers waiting to release their games until there is significantly more WiiUs on the market. But it takes games to sell a console and if the only games moving the console are Nintendo 1st and 2nd party game then guess what people are more likely to buy. Thankfully, Nintendo has been make a great push for indie games so WiiU owners are open to buying those games and they sell well on the platform.

The worse thin...

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If it was up to youtube Microsoft would be doing a lot better right now. After Microsoft went around moneyhatting youtubers all of a sudden Microsoft was just misunderstood. The reality is that the Xbox One is a good console with a lot of growing pains and that is showing in sales.

I have no problem with people vehemently defending the console of their choice or changing their mind about a console. But when that change is promoted by a third party company, be it Microsoft, So...

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