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I will be jumping on the WiiU train when X comes out or Bayonetta 2 is out and there is a firm release date for X.

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The apology is nice and all, but these issues with the PSN online infrastructure is just unacceptable. I am loving the direction Sony is going in right now, but this is just completely unacceptable. PS4 is the most popular next-gen console, so Sony needs to step it up and stop these problems from happening on a regular basis.I don't expect the network to be issue free, that is unrealistic, but this does need to stop happening regularly. This is like the third time in 2 months that the PSN...

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Sony absolutely need to get their online infrastructure together. I love what Sony is doing right now, but lets not start turning a blind eye to the issues facing Sony as well. The online infrastructure issues wasn't a big deal before paying for online was mandatory for online mp on PS4 games. Now that it is mandatory Sony needs to get on the ball with these problems and improve their online infrastructure.

Again I love Sony right now and PS+ is simply amazing, but I am ...

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Yep, they treated gamers like they treat people who buy their Windows OS. Basically, they said here is how things are and if you don't like it too bad for you. Unlike the PC market, there is a real alternative to Microsoft in the console market. Because of this and Sony taking the opposite stance Microsoft shot themselves in the foot and now are being heavily outsold.

If people overlook this fact because of a few empty words and Phil Spencer telling folks what they want ...

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They are getting outsold like 2 to 1 I believe. So yeah, they are all apologetic now, but had they got away with what they planned they would not be apologizing for anything. This is just more damage control.

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Titanfall is a game that makes everyone feel like they are special. Everyone gets a Titan, everyone gets to kill someone a lot, even if it is mindless AI, and everyone gets a solid k/d because of the mindless AI. Meanwhile, Dark Souls 2 revels in the fact that not everyone is special and if you want to be special you have to actually work for it, not point a gun in a general direction that locks onto opponents for you.

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The art style and animations is really impressive. You can tell that these guys know what they are doing.

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It is interesting that the additional consoles listed for the game to come to is PS3, PS4, and PSVita. Yet there is no 360 or Xbox One option. I wonder if there is something more to it than them simply not wanting to be on the 360/Xbox One platform or if this is just legacy issues because of how everything went with indie developers on the 360. Either way, it is interesting because you have to think that an indie developer would want their game to be on as many platforms as possible.

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The game looks really amazing, I hope they make it.

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Exactly if Microsoft was on top they would be all about the fanboys. The same way there where all about the fanboys when the 360 rained supreme.

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This is satire and all that, but I want to say I expect more from Gamespot. But the reality is that I really don't, which is an even worse feeling. Regardless, Titanfall is a good game that people like and people shouldn't try and lessen that fact because they don't have access to a platform with the game on it. I am referring to people on the internet, not this video that is just satire. Anyways, Titanfall is fun to watch people play and I am looking forward to other cool games t...

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Aveline's story line for AC deals directly with slaves and slavery. Even in AC4 Adewale DLC and his character directly deals with slavery. This is hardly anything new for the AC series and they have done this subject matter quite well unlike the whole stuff related to Connor and the Native
Americans. That was just poorly done.

So long as the new hero or heroine is cool and not just overly angry like Connor was than I am fine with whatever direction they go in. Aft...

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I think so too. I think these debacles have been enough to convince the necessary people at EA that it is more important for a game to be of the highest quality when it releases even if it takes longer. That way they can milk a great deal more cash out of it after release. All things consider, EA should have made a lot more money off of ME3 and especially DA2. But instead the games got rushed and stuff was overlooked leading to gamers having very harsh feelings for those two games despite the...

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I would love an X bundle for the WiiU. When this game comes out I will be buying a WiiU.

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I am sure Titanfall is a great game, but it hardly shows off what the Xbox One can do. On top of that I don't even think it has any Kinect integration. Titanfall will be a system seller, but it want showcase the performance of the system.

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Bayonetta is amazing. I am waiting on Bayonetta 2 to be released and a firm release date for X before I buy a WiiU.

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There is nothing quiet about how Gamespot has killed their reputation. Has killed, not plans to kill. I used to be a hardcore Gamespot person. What Gamespot said about games was law to me. Then they loudly killed their reputation after the Gerstmann debacle.

I remember when they where talking to the community about the whole thing via their site. They where so draconian about the whole thing and where banning people for the smallest infractions because they didn't like t...

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I don't agree that gamers are complaining for no reason. Back in 2013 the game was shown off on the PS4 and the footage clearly looked better. Just look at the Watch Dogs comparison video, there is no room to say that the visuals haven't been downgraded.

With that said, if this is the compromised they needed to make to deliver us a fun game than while that is a bittersweet pill I will deal with it. However, to act like people have no reason to be disappointed at these...

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It's no surprise Microsoft is doing this, if people pay attention the writing is on the wall about Microsoft's shady policies.

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The problem is that the stealth sections constituted a large enough part of the game for them to be more than just an annoyance and some of the puzzles was just really poorly done. But when the game was just about kill stuff, fighting bosses, and getting ridiculous story with great voice acting the game was really fun. But their is a lot to overlook to get to that fun.

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