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That's pretty funny.

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I am really glad Sony is taking the time to make Drive Club into something special. I hope it all works out well for them. I wasn't initially interested in Drive Club, but after seeing how much time they are dedicating to this game I am interested and looking forward to playing the PS+ version of the game and I don't even like racing games all that much.

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I went out of my way to buy a PS4 at launch because I believe in the message and actions that Sony was delivering. I think a lot of other people felt the same way.

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Will they sell off the Xbox division? Probably not, but they are going to implement every insidious thing that gamers originally hated. Why? Because they want the Xbox division to be profitable and inline with all of their current practices. So the idea of the Xbox division going back the the 360 day is long gone.

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Jade Raymond was just a producer on AC. Patrice Desilets is the person who made the AC series. Jade Raymond got a ton of attention because she is a pretty woman, not because she did anything special whatsoever.

I am sure she is talented, but a lot of people in the video game industry is talented. Jade Raymond got thrust in the spotlight because of her looks. Can she help that? No and she shouldn't have to, but lets not start making her into things that she isn't.

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After how they milked the Borderlands 2 game and then released a ton of the best content made by them outside of the Season Pass, Pitchford would do well to be careful what he says. Quite frankly, Gearbox isn't anywhere near Valve's level so him commenting on Valve in any way is just absurd.

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I think it's cool, even if it is a sausage fest as you pointed out. I wonder if we will get any people talking about how offensive this is to put men on display like this and to treat them like they are so much meat. Somehow I doubt it, but who knows.

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Sold, but then again I already was sold. Can't wait to play the Witcher 3.

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Ultimately, Respawn needs to do whatever is necessary to make the game run as flawlessly as possible. If that means 720p for a rock solid 60fps than so be it. It's not Respawn's fault that the Xbox One hardware isn't powerful enough to handle a better resolution. The important thing is to make the game play well and if that means 720p60fps than so be it.

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Same here, no way I can pass on this game now.

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In order for Titanfall to be the next Modern Warfare it would need to be on all of the consoles. Remember Modern Warfare became what it was because it was on everything, while Halo was only on the 360. Limiting Titanfall to just Microsoft platform means this will be closer to the next Gears of War than anything else.

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If you don't want this stuff to happen than don't buy this game or Titanfall. Both are always online. It's easy to justify Titanfall by saying there is no single player so it's not the same, but it is the exact same. If you buy those games then we will see more and more Always Online games. Vote with your dollars, when we did that for the Xbox One things changed, we can do it again for this stuff too.

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What you are saying is absolutely correct, the problem is that right now most people just want to act like the WiiU and Nintendo is the worse thing ever. The negative view on Nintendo, is just sad because Nintendo is the only company currently backing a lot of user friendly ideas, like backwards compatibility. Yet, even when Nintendo does great things people just ignore them and focus on the negative stuff.

I am not saying there isn't a lot of problems with Nintendo, but...

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Not really surprised to see them doing a PayPal rewards thing, judging from their stretch goals they clearly wanted a lot more than $600k. Good luck to them is all I can say.

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All I can think to say is, Ohhh my godddddd!!!!!!

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Seriously? Now that is just a sad joke on EA's part. Nothing about this game looks impressive, and while I am all for calling out Microsoft for their hardware being weaker than the PS4 this is just too much. I am sorry, but I just have a hard time believing that this game, of all games, can't run at 1080p60fps on the Xbox One.

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So hilarious. That commercial alone justifies the existence of this game. Just brilliant.

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It's well deserved too. Hopefully this sends a strong message to everyone else in the industry. Put the consumers first and you will be number one.

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It would be criminal if this game didn't come to the West. Beyond that, the PS4 is going to be even bigger than it already is when it launches in Japan. I am really excited.

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That Old Snake ass is too OP. I could watch him crawl around all day.

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