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Games are an oasis, that's exactly how I feel. Life is more than games, but games help you deal with life when it all become too much to handle. It's not about escaping from reality, but coping with it. That's why I will continue to play games for the rest of my life.

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The game is really good and it deserves to be brought full price. Besides, it's going to be a good while before it hits PS+ and the demo for this game was over 8 hours long, and that was just the demo.

I am definitely going to get this game, just have to wait a bit. Right now there are so many games out, but I need to get this and Danganronpa for the Vita, both excellent games that deserve to be brought.

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Yeah get the OLED was another motivating factor in me buying the Vita now as oppose to later. The OLED is so beautiful.

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I brought my PSVita because of my PS4. Figured why not? And I am really pleased to own the PSVita, so many good high quality games for the Vita and most of them I didn't even have to buy thanks to PS+.

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Yeah the 360 was fantastic when it first came out and proceeded to get worse as Microsoft stopped listening to the passionate people that had the original idea for the 360 and turned the 360 into yet another device to push the Microsoft corporate message.

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I already have a ton vita games to catch up on too, gotta love PS+, but I am happy to hear so many more games are coming to the Vita.

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Yeah it is really bad and I think the CGI in the original game is better than what they are showing now. I was looking forward to this as a fan of the original game, not so much anymore.

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There is like a 8 to 10 hour demo for this game, simply amazing.

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Wow what a joke. Sony and Microsoft are both having such annoying issues. Be glad when both companies get their act together with their online services. I love my PS+ but last week was a nightmare and now Microsoft's has this annoying problem. Oh well, thats the price of being an early adopter.

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I am doing a playthrough of ME2 and ME3 right now. Doing a Tali romance run. I would actually love to see a PS4 Mass Effect Definitive edition that had all the games and all of the dlc bundle together. I would be willing to pay $60 for that.

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Wow that sells me on buying this game yet again. Such a beautiful trailer.

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More like they want to wait until the heavy hitters for the WiiU comes out and moves more consoles and they are probably hoping for a price drop on the console. With the new changes coming to the WiiU it makes sense to delay. I am just glad they haven't outright canceled the game.

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I agree with the author 100%. I like the stories they tell, but deal with the glitches and bugs is just so annoying. If they are going to doing all of these games they need to get their act together and make sure these technical issues are fixed.

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If ESO has a monthly fee than it is dead. The game isn't bad, but it is so incredibly generic, outside of voice acting, that it leaves you wondering why you would ever pay a monthly fee for it. Now if they where to go with a $60 fee like Guild Wars 2 did and than sell stuff with microtransactions the game become much more viable. As it stands now, most people are better off waiting until it's a F2P game.

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He already has movies out and he just sold the rights to another movie. David Hayter is extremely successful. He did Snake because the fans where so passionate about the series and his role as Snake, not because he needed money. Which makes the way Kojima behaved towards David Hayter all the more disrespectful.

It would have been nothing for Kojima to call up David or take him out to lunch and let him know what was going on. Instead he was practically the last to know what wa...

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Stuff like this is why I don't bother with Skype. I don't think this is anything sinister on Microsoft's part, but Skype has never been an incredibly well put together program. People like it because of what it allows them to do, but I constantly hear reports of Skype bugging or disconnecting.

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Nintendo wasn't kidding around about pushing their marketing to new levels. Glad to see this happen.

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Wow that is so shady. Doesn't EA realize this just make people hate their games even more.

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Yeah I really like how quick people are to throw Nintendo under the bus. Like it's a sign of being cool or something.

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How the heck is this "questionable marketing practices"? This is a great idea, and it gets advertising for their products. This practice is no more "questionable" than Microsoft's Doritos and Mountain Dew partnership or Sony's Taco Bell partnership. People need to seriously keep their perspective in check.

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