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I've been waiting for something like that from Sony.

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That would be 2 amazing for words.

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Don't tell me she is actually a tranny, a hentai robot, an alien, or something. Actually, I'll just wait and let it be a surprise. Or perhaps you are referring to me calling a video game lady "kinda hot". haha

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I think Elizabeth is kinda hot and one of the reasons I'm looking forward to playing Bioshock Infinite.

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They are already working on a 3D VR headset for PS4 supposedly.

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I think they mentioned it was still in development so I don't know why they disagreed when I said it "may" happen.
Nice lookin Kaz you got there btw.

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This may be a precursor to some kind of The Last Guardian announcement or news.

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I kind of agree and will probably play it before I buy it just to make sure the story makes for/works with the unconventional mechanics.

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Most of the Nintendo games I like were made by Japanese developers.

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I do both comfortably.

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They could also mention the record breaking sales of the 3DS or the potentially record breaking sales of the PS4, but then they would have to pull their heads out of the sand and be objective.

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Good point, but hopefully they were just excited to get started and that was the minimum they needed with their lower overhead.
Knowing perfectly well that it might reach $1,000,000 or more if word got out, they will possibly offer more and more awesomeness as the pledge thresholds keep rising.

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Finally something everyone can agree with.

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@Dark ^:
Yeah a limited physical release would be amazing.

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Thanks now have some money.

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Definite buy especially if I can get a copy for PS4.

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You really don't know when to quit.

Do you put a negative spin on everything or only when it fits in with some sort of bias/agenda?

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I mostly agree, but unfortunately I have to make exceptions for some games too.

I feel that any good quality game deserves a place in my collection, physically.

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clearly a trollbot 2000.

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I'll probably be buying the hard copy anyway because I think this game belongs in my collection.

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