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Also, don't forget that for every $100 in store pick-up orders you place you get a certificate for $10 off a future purchase too!

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Both Best Buy and Target sell the Ouya in stores. Target puts it a bit more out front, Best Buy typically has it in the same aisle as PC games.

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I agree, I'd impulse buy an Ouya at $50 too. Still a good deal if you were in the market for two controllers.

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I like this article but title should really be "Five Canceled Games that Deserve Another Chance on Next Gen".

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What stevehyphen said is correct. Install takes forever to "start" because it downloads and installs a patch first but doesn't make it clear that it is doing anything. Clocked about 35 minutes before I could actually play the campaign in Ryse, 10 minutes or so before I could launch the disc (edit settings and such, didn't play around much to see what else I could do).

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GTA V, South Park Stick of Truth and at least one other that is escaping at the moment still qualify for the $20.

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Best Buy actually cut off pre-orders for Xbox One for about a month and a half, maybe longer. They were reserving some for a Silver Members only event. A couple weeks after that they opened them back up to the general public but are still limiting stores.

Seriously though, if you think there will be a shortage of Grand Theft Auto V's anywhere... Might as well get a free game and $10-$20 worth of Reward Zone points for buying it.

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As the article states, the policy of matching online retailers was being tested. It is only just now official policy.

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Despite reasonably low expectations (movie-tie-in and a Kinect game should equal a bad combination), Puss In Boots is actually one of the better Kinect games out there.

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There really are Yi-Long, and i was unaware that Holland never had access to it. A real shame.

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You seriously didn't laugh a little that Sony was going and more or less making a Super Smash Brothers rip-off 13 years after the original release? For the record, I didn't write this particular article, but I honestly thought Playstation All-Stars was a joke when I first heard it. It really did sound like an idea that my friends and I joked about back in 1999. That was the whole point of her comment. For those of us who remember the initial Super Smash Brothers mania first-hand, th...

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Thanks GribbleGrunger, for the record, the paragraph that starts with that line is about how PlayStation All-Stars is the sort of thing we all joked about (but never actually thought would happen) back when Super Smash Brothers originally came out.

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Giovani's numbers keep weakening his argument but he keeps rolling with them...

Games for the iPhone and iPad are typically small. Songs are usually under 6mb. Streaming movies takes up a significant amount of bandwidth, you are right, but people still rent tons of physical DVDs from places like RedBox. Netflix Instant is far more popular with the under 30 crowd then with above 30, and everyone under 18 presumably doesn't have their own account. Full retail games ca...

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That's actually another great one sealion, wish someone in the group had thought of that before publishing the article. Dynasty Warriors isn't quite doing the thousands of years of rich cultural history justice.

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Most XBLIG's cost a $1, so if you simply wave them off as "what's a buck?" then you end up with meaningless review scores (and great games get lumped in with the "try not to farts"). There are better games you could buy with that $1, and there are many many worse games you could buy. Ultimately we (I) just try to offer fair assessments of the games. The loading times in brand are horrible, there's no way around that.

I think I was pretty da...

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It is certainly inspired by Super Mario Kart (for the Super Nintendo) but also contained enough unique elements (such as the emphasis on drifting) that makes it deserve some praise in and of itself. A refined sequel that touches up the controls and provides more tracks than the original will be more than welcomed by this reviewer.

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Yes, you can flip pages with the bumpers, but it is still kind of slow and clunky when you are navigating the actual menu with a controller. You really can't deny that the new UI was designed for the Kinect first and the controller second.

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As the author of the article I'd be happy to comment on that. I decided to write a review focusing on the single player because as a gamer I typically focus on the single player experience. With a title such as this, most reviews have a tendency to base their score largely off of a multiplayer experience; an experience as I stated before is typically not what I'm looking for and is horribly subjective as well. After publishing this article I did take some time to look at other revi...

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I left it out of the article information, but in addition to the developer interview and review of the game we are also holding a contest for three copies of Video Wars. Thanks everyone for checking it out!

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