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Is it a skirt or a beard. Nope it's the i don't give a balloon spit

As long as the game is amazing too play

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So, why is this even news. Just show's how sad it really is

That one gamer breaks his lifestyle and it becomes more important that murder

How sad

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same old same old, nothing eye catching at all

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rubbish, you can't always get a true comparison, because P.C always wins and PS4 graphics suck right now

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Never will play a elders scrolls online game, because the series is much much better as a single player experience

The hell with online, online sucks

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Game sucks big time, what a failure

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Now that is how you work Zelda gently and evenly around a cube

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Tingle out right, because he just speaks and that is annoying

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I really hope so, because Zelda U is a near remake of it. If you look at some of the video from the trailer and the game play

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i just want the game, end of... I rather find out all the stuff myself

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just excellent news here... Can not wait

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why is this even being asked, this should not be topic at all... These are video games and they can do anything..

Everyone is equal, for god sake this is so sad

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He is stupid and no one cares what he makes..

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Well i hope it fails and burns... It looks crap any way

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I wonder if snake reacts to it during and after the action has been taken...

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what game, sorry i lost interest since this ? was actually important at some point

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it always was and always will be, it sticks to what it knows best and never gets involved in a foolish competition

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Has anyone been giving a damn about this first or second part of this game

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Imagine wind waker conversation all them years ago and hate upon it as well

I guess we will wait and see what happens not this E3 for sure

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