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I'm glad Sony are making it easy for me to decide whether or not to renew my Plus sub. Hopefully they bring Plus back to the high standards that it used to be on the PS3. It's a shame people just take whatever Sony give them and continue to pay for it just because it's mandatory for multilayer. It would be interesting to see how many people would pay for plus now if the multilayer was still free. #33
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Journey #13
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I didn't say it was lacking, I said it didn't have the same depth as the last two...
Just because a game doesn't have a really deep story doesn't mean it can't get high scores, look at Uncharted. #14.1.1
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Just finished the game now, for me it's an easy 9/10. Story isn't as deep as the other two but it makes up for it in gameplay imo. Also the attention to detail SP has put in is really clear, if you guys get a chance, go check out the video player / satellite broadcaster things on top of buildings and watch the commercials they are awesome! lol.

Kinda sad that I finished it so quick. Oh well, evil play through now :) #14
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Also it would make the PS4 backwards compatible which I thought was the whole point of Gaikai. PS fans were defending non compatibility on the PS4 by saying Gaikai will solve the issue but I guess not. The only benefit of this is that people who never owned a PS3 will be able to play some amazing games. #2.3
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I thought the whole point of this streaming service was to make the PS4 backwards compatible? If you still have the PS3 set up then you'd probably be better off buying the PS3 versions of the game instead of paying the subscription fee for PS Now considering how the price for PS3 games will decrease massively within the next few years. Not to mention the fact that you'd be able to enjoy them without needing an internet connection (obviously).

I like the Vita streaming... #5.3.3
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i agree whats the point in having 60fps if there's loads of motion blur. it's worse than the single player and it's supposed to be running at twice the frame rate.. #1.1
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Same problem here, it is annoying having waited so long. Got my replacement coming on tuesday too though :)

It sucks having to look at the PS4 in my set up but not being able to play it! Haha. #9.2
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Ha don't get me wrong I was annoyed at first as, like you, I've had my PS4 pre ordered since February but now that I've got over the initial shock I'm not that fussed lol. I've waited since it was announced, another 3 days shouldn't be TOO bad haha. #6.1.1
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Here in UK Sony actually held back a lot of consoles so that any faulty units could be replaced quickly. Not sure if they did this for the rest of Europe though. #5.1
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I don't even understand why people who recieve DOA consoles actually leave 1 star reviews. If you're buying a console at launch you shouldn't be stupid enough to beleive that they're all going to work. All you have to do is ring Sony and they send out a replacement. Then once you've actually PLAYED on the console you can write the review!

For the record I recieved a DOA console and I'm really not that fussed, electronics Can go wrong everyone knows tha... #6
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Well I've tried booting to safe mode, re-seating HDD, holding down PS button on DS4 untill light on sytem turns orange (doesn't work as the controllers won't even sync), tried 3 different TV's, 4 different HDMI cables and I've checked the pins inside the HDMI port.

So yeah that's all the fixes I've found online and none of them work. I think I've just got a bricked console, a lot of people online posting "fixes" are for TV compatibili... #4.1.1
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My first 2 hours with the PS4 invoved trying to fix the blue light of death lol. Can't wait 'till tuesday for the replacement though as everyone seems to be loving their PS4!

Just have to sit here with a PS4 on the desk but no chance of playing. It's like torture! Think of us BLoD sufferers while you guys are enjoying next gen gaming! lol. #4
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Glad I upgraded to fibre optic recently with all the streaming options and game sizes increasing for next gen. I'm actually thinking of buying all my games digitally so that I can play them all from the vita when I'm away from home. Seems like an odd decision from Sony to not provide a digital download code with every retail copy. As it stands you'll have to have the game that you want to play from the vita actually in the PS4 so you wont be able to switch games until you get home... #15
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I have a feeling Knack will be on PS Plus soon after the PS4 launch (maybe just after Christmas) so I'm not getting it yet. Maybe if they showed more of the games story and characters other than Knack I may have been interested. The trailers have almost no dialogue and neither do the gameplay videos they've shown. It still looks like a good game, just not £50 good 0.0 #19
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BF3 is just as easy as CoD IMO. If you want more of a challenge from CoD you should give League Play a go.

Despite what people on the internet say, CoD isn't going anywhere anytime soon and BF isn't changing that. Lots of CoD players just find BF boring and prefer the arcade, fast paced style of gameplay. Also you guys fail to realize that not everyone buying Ghosts has been playing CoD since 2007 like a lot of us on here. Remember the feeling of being addicted to CoD... #5.1.1
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I think it's interesting to watch lets plays because you get to see how other people react, and sometimes it's completely different to how you reacted at that point in the game. I've just been watching lets plays of the first and last parts of The Last of Us, and it's cool how some people really care about the characters and others just race through the game without even thinking about anything.

That said I don't think lets plays can ever replace actually... #1.1.2
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Actually, Quantic Dream used lower polygon counts for "the casting" tech demo for heavy rain. Also there was a difference of 10,000 polygons between the "Kara" tech demo and the characters in Beyond. There's quite a significant difference visually between their tech demos and the final game.

Obviously most tech demos don't represent actual gameplay, but QD have managed to improve upon them in their past two games. I guess that coul... #9.1.3
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Wow minis comment gets removed for trolling are you actually joking??

Every single cod article is full of whining "hardcore gamers" who hate the fact that people enjoy playing a game. Seriously if you don't like it just ignore the article.

So what it looks like the previous game, its from the same f*cking franchise! What are you haters expecting? An open world rpg? Instead of focusing on cod, why not talk about some of the other games that never... #29.4
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Agree 100%
People complain about CoD not doing anything different, and then praise games like Assassins Creed, Batman, Battlefield etc when they look almost identical to one another as well. Not saying they are bad games btw I love and play all of them.

I complain about it but I actually play the game so I think my opinion is more valid than those who just assume it's a bad game because they played it for a an hour or 2. I've put about 600 hours into the CoD g... #9.1
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