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EA already said they weren't going to do any remasters or HD remakes this gen so I'd be surprised if they did this. they said “It feels like pushing stuff out because you’ve run out of ideas.” I'd agree with that and would rather see them move forward instead of re releasing old games. We already have enough of that already this ge...

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Dante, umm then you just wasted money on the game..? I never said that everyone should like cod lol. I don't understand why people feel the need to bring up games like cod and battlefront in these discussions just to try and prove there point. For Me, no man's sky is not worth the price they're asking for because I don't feel like I'd get much out of it. If other people want to buy it then go ahead but why the hell is everyone bashing other games when they have absolutely ...

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Just because you don't enjoy them doesn't mean other people can't, that's all I'm saying. Sure the size of the map gives you lots to do, but does that mean the Witcher is worth more than the last of us just because it has "more to do". Sorry I just don't really see the correlation between quality and density of a game. If you enjoy playing star wars with your friends then there's tonnes to do in battlefront. No need to bash other games just because you do...

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Since when was a games value determined by the size of its map? I don't care how many billions of planets there are, what if I get bored after visiting 10 of them?

Cod and bf provide an infinite amount of experiences through multiplayer, so I don't really see your point. Or are you just bashing the popular games to fit in with everyone else?

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So just because someone won't potentially waste £50 on a game it means they should find a new hobby? It's not about if you can afford it or not it's whether or not the game will give you value for money.

I like how everyone comes into this story just to bash AAA developers as if they all make bad games lol. Truth is there are AAA developers who do put just as much passion into their work and there are also indie developers who rip off and recycle ideas. You ...

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I didn't mention Xbox at all so i don't see how it's relevant. I don't own an Xbox One so whether or not it happens on Live doesn't effect me. What does frustrate me is the fact that Sony's reasoning for charging for Plus was to improve the stability of PSN, however for me personally the network goes down for maintenance just as much as last generation. So not only has the quality of Plus gone down since last generation (IMO), there doesn't seem to be any improveme...

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Glad everyone's Plus membership money is being put to good use. So good to have a stable network unlike last generation when it was free.

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Ps plus was NOT originally a paid service for multiplayer. Why people are agreeing with you is beyond me. Plus used to be a premium service for gamers to get a little bit extra and it was a great service until ps4 launched.

People are self entitled for wanting value for money? Ok then.

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Server maintenance? are you kidding me? it's no better than it ever was on PS3 back when online was free. The money from Plus now goes straight into Sony's pockets and stays there. I'll renew my sub when they make it worth the money. Until then i'll continue buying multiplayer games on PC where online multiplayer is free, as it should be.

Why should money from PS Plus go towards new AAA games? that's the most stupid thing I've ever heard. People buy ...

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At first I had terrible performance issues but after turning off global illumination and screen space reflections I'm getting consistent framerate which rarely dips below 60 even when there's lots of things going on. Also using SMAA instead of T2X. Everything else is on highest setting.

I have gtx 970, i5 4690k, 8gb RAM. Loving the game so far :)

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I'm glad Sony are making it easy for me to decide whether or not to renew my Plus sub. Hopefully they bring Plus back to the high standards that it used to be on the PS3. It's a shame people just take whatever Sony give them and continue to pay for it just because it's mandatory for multilayer. It would be interesting to see how many people would pay for plus now if the multilayer was still free.

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I didn't say it was lacking, I said it didn't have the same depth as the last two...
Just because a game doesn't have a really deep story doesn't mean it can't get high scores, look at Uncharted.

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Just finished the game now, for me it's an easy 9/10. Story isn't as deep as the other two but it makes up for it in gameplay imo. Also the attention to detail SP has put in is really clear, if you guys get a chance, go check out the video player / satellite broadcaster things on top of buildings and watch the commercials they are awesome! lol.

Kinda sad that I finished it so quick. Oh well, evil play through now :)

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Also it would make the PS4 backwards compatible which I thought was the whole point of Gaikai. PS fans were defending non compatibility on the PS4 by saying Gaikai will solve the issue but I guess not. The only benefit of this is that people who never owned a PS3 will be able to play some amazing games.

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I thought the whole point of this streaming service was to make the PS4 backwards compatible? If you still have the PS3 set up then you'd probably be better off buying the PS3 versions of the game instead of paying the subscription fee for PS Now considering how the price for PS3 games will decrease massively within the next few years. Not to mention the fact that you'd be able to enjoy them without needing an internet connection (obviously).

I like the Vita streaming...

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i agree whats the point in having 60fps if there's loads of motion blur. it's worse than the single player and it's supposed to be running at twice the frame rate..

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Same problem here, it is annoying having waited so long. Got my replacement coming on tuesday too though :)

It sucks having to look at the PS4 in my set up but not being able to play it! Haha.

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Ha don't get me wrong I was annoyed at first as, like you, I've had my PS4 pre ordered since February but now that I've got over the initial shock I'm not that fussed lol. I've waited since it was announced, another 3 days shouldn't be TOO bad haha.

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Here in UK Sony actually held back a lot of consoles so that any faulty units could be replaced quickly. Not sure if they did this for the rest of Europe though.

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