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Very nice. I wish Destiny was a 3rd person shooter.

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The console war didn't end years ago, it's still going on right now. The Xbox has never won one console war. The smart thing for them is to include PC now. Consoles are still relevant. The console version of games sale more than there PC counter part.

Phil is cool but he's not being honest. If the xbox1 was outselling the PS4 he and the Xbox fans would care.

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This won't help M$ catch Sony

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No I think it's xbox 1 fans. It's one game that many xbox fans bragged about being a exclusive. Now it's not.

Why would PS fans care. I think it's a wise decision it you want to sell more games, but in doing that you run the risk of pissing of certain people. Honestly it makes the Xbox 1 look bad.

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Horrible article.

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No their different.

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Wow those PS4 numbers

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Yes those are great exclusives. I meant uncharted and GT. I enjoyed infamous, killzone was cool, the order was a let down, and bloodborne was excellent.

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Well done Sony. They have yet to even drop their major exclusives. 2016 is going to be crazy.

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Where's the proof?

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Well M$ dropped its best franchise game Halo 5 and had a price reduction but still could not out perform the PS4. The PS4 has yet to release any of it top titles, and is still kicking butt. There is nothing M$ can do this gen, to beat the PS4.

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$599 was not bad for new tech. It cost over $800 dollars to build a PS3 yet Sony sold it for $599. With that being said, the PS3 sold faster than the 360.

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PS4 is a beast.

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The Xbox console has never been in 1st.

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The 360 had a year head start, plus RRod to help with their lead last gen.

1st Wii
2nd PS3
3rd 360

The first Xbox came in last, so this gen will be the first time that the a Xbox console will come in 2nd instead of 3rd.

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It's not all bad. For the first time in M$ console history the Xbox will come in 2nd place.

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I see Greenberg has had a nice piece of humble pie. The only words I trust over at M$ gaming division is Phil Spencer.

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Wow you sound really upset. We all know that Sony has a great gaming lineup. M$ claimed to have put out the best lineup in M$ history, yet they could not beat Sony.

Halo nor TR moved consoles like they wanted.

As far as remastered games go, didn't M$ release a halo remastered game?
M$ put out their best game Halo and Forza and it didn't even make a dent.

Sony will continue to dominate, and they have not even put out their to...

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