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We still have the open zone over in the new forums

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@Christopher I would never pick on you unintentionally.

And now I feel as if I have to mark all of our comments as off topic...... shame.

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"This Sony deal is bad for everyone, as I’ve said many times, but I might as well join the dark side because it’s clear that this bad exclusivity deal may very well continue on forever."

This is the reason why bad content exclusivity still happens. I know this has been going on for multiple decades, but it was bad enough with timed dlc for a month.

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No we can't. :)

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Chinkyinc I completely understand where your coming from. This does have an effect on the games they are making if Insomniac has employee's who come from those regions whom aren't US citizens. Now I'm not going to claim that they do or don't, however that is why the story is allowed.

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I imagine that it's is a way to drive hype, but I can also see where they don't want to have 10,000 pre-orders from cons and non from retail as that would upset retailers to be cut out of the market.

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Will sign up in a bit

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Hypocrite may fit in better.

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Interesting no category for pc gamers.

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I wonder how long this author has been involved in game journalism to have never of heard of Michael Pratcher before this interview.

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Once again we are getting notices for malware. These notices are tied to other sites we link to, which is why our 'clickout' links are being flagged by Google.

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I have to go with my young childhood memories of playing the NES.

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Yes the best to all the other users on N4G, but for you beans I'll have to try to sabotage you.

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Hey don't talk down about my lucky Rabbit feet, they've worked it the past.

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While it's not the main page we do have a "new" open zone in the forums

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I can go for some new crackdown.

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We decided months ago when us other mods discussed it in private that we would sabotage you.

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@Coolbeans I believe I started this.

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Wild breaking things already

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All I Want From Black Friday is...

A XBox One Elite Controller

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