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lol i guess your a WoW "fan".

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@Gamer me too :) lol

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DAmn to ur avatar :)

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The Elite's are in the repair shop, or at Xbotz waiting on coffins to send them to their final destination.

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exactly, plus i had a xbox 360 premium and sold it for 300 with 3 games, and 1 controller, i was at a loose but i didnt want that pos system to continue to infect my bedroom, oh and before it rrod'd, plus if theres any decent game i want, ill buy it for pc, i got a 24 inch monitor 1900x1200 more than that thing can handle, and 8800 gts 512 overclocked 4 gbs ram, etc, no need for a crappy system.

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@jwatt DAMMNNNN NICE VID, makes me wanna buy another ps3 for the hell of it :)

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Sh*t Im late to the party, judging by my avatar you should know my answer.

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This is for all of you SSBB haters.


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hahaahahaha funny boy, hey here i have something for you


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Game looks pretty good, i like the blood :)

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UHHHHH what are those yellow things with the - and + signs? they seem to be dissappearing.

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since its gonna be a xbox 360 exclusive, theyll give it a 11.

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Please take me under your wing.

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DAmn i just bought my ps3 last week.............80 ps3 that is. #$%@!!!

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looks like the xbox 360 lineup keeps getting shorter and shorter....

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This is just sad man, damn, i cant think what i'd do if something happens to my son, it really bothers me that people can do this kind of things to children, i just wanna know WTF goes through their minds, and then after cut a hole on the head and scramble the brain with a butter knife, then cut them up in pieces, put some salt and pepper, and feed them to the pigs. f$%^#@$.

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I tell you Zhuk tell your dad to lay off the XboX, although it might do something good for society......

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3892d ago

coming from a Xb1tch? sure.............oh and i still got my launch PS2 working fine all the way so idk what youre talking about, and your talking about quality? look at your damn Xthing with 33% RROD, deep inside you know you hate yourself and would like to switch to a reliable console, something with that much failure is supposed to be recalled, not granted a 3 year warranty, please, and like i said before stop your nonsense.

EDIT: PS3 has lasers dying left, rig...

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