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Meh everyone will be new so you're ok!

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Yea, but I think not enough people play it to be a priority at lunch unfortunately.

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Definitely so, Microsoft bread and butter will be made sure to spend a lot of money on marketing with just about every outlet possible. I have always trusted what they have done with that franchise than what activision has done with Call of Duty.

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I'm just more into graphics as well as game play and feel like the Nintendo products dont offer good graphics. I'm not sure how their going to make Watch Dogs work on the system.

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I haven't been a fan of nintendo days since the game cube, they've released nothing but crap.

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Same reason i dont like angry birds star wars that i didn't like the last Mario Wii U game.

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Oh god another Angry Birds game. Hopefully this is not as much of a fail as Star Wars, which should have never released.

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Why does it have to come out on Valentines damn it. I'm looking foward to some mech play only took forever.

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Thank god it's not just the U.S. I've been wanting my British buddy to play this with me.

Damn it thought, Friday is bad considering it's valentines day I won't be able to focus on taking my girlfriend out. :(

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One of my favorite soundtracks ever I think is Metal Gear Solid franchise. Each game had a unique song for the moment. Some of the most epic sound tracks I've heard next to the Final Fantasy games.

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It's about the damn time. I like Forza but it's been turning into a call of duty yearly release garbage. I can't complaint forza 5 turned out well but the 2 forza games before were garbage.

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Sure that's a possibility, but when was the last time you saw a price cut within the first year of a console release?

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I don't think the first console being released has any adventage, especially because it's the most expensive and one with the least game options.

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I spend more time on the HBO GO app than i do playing 360 games.

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Not all of us have a rich daddy.

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Yea kinda sucks I can't watch it my self. Have to wait until less people watch it or something.

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@ Ziriux,

That's why Steam is the best there is. Look at the developers offering deals on games to get their name across than raise the price back than the people that bought if for cheap pass the word that the game is was great than the money is made back.

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That's their track record dating from the gamecube.

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Yea the Wii U will never surpass the graphics of Mass Effect 3, Assassins Creed 3, Halo 4 and any call of duty game when it comes to graphics on the Xbox 360.

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Yea i think that it will go through 2015. Not because of Halo new trilogy but because it's what microsoft feels is comfortable and it has established a large base of fans. Also it'll cut the price of the xbox 360 which will sell even more units.

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