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Happy Birthday Nintendo! I still remember drooling over SMB and the NES. My mom had it on layaway for about a year. It was glorious when I finally got it. #1
The Xbox One is ahead of its time, the industry wasn't ready. It's the Dreamcast of this generation. #1
the Wii U will be with us for another 3-4 years, let's talk about this then. #1
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what about Wii U? #2
ah you forgot Shin'en. #1
I really hope that they fix the single player matching. #1
Golden Eye on the n64, so many damn memories. #1
The Wonderful 101 at $23 is such a great deal. That game should be on everybody's Wii U library. #2
Ganondorf with the girly skins. #1.1
they have a 10 year plan with Destiny, so anything is possible, but once Halo comes bye Destiny for ever. #2
.....Might go pick up a 3DS tomorrow. I got the codes too, but don't even need them. #1
amazing! #1
The best DLC price and quantity I've ever seen. #1
goty! #1
I got stuck in the part where I have blood in the pan. I think I have to drink it. #2
2nd day buy. #1
yup that's it! And xbox one is getting it next update. ;) #2.1.1
Nice! thank! I like Heavy Rain, pretty interested in this new project. #1.1.1
Is Quantic Dream the makers of Heavy Rain? I don't use google. #1
that's pretty cool. Great info and it's organized very well. #1
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