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All I wanted from this year's deals was a PSN 1yr subscription, but every time I would add some of the deals to cart, they would cancel my order. On the bright side, I was able to pick up some Tupperware. It's been that type of BF week.

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wow --- D+?? ouch

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been looking for a review. thanks!

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That's less than the estimated amount of $100 million for MGS4.

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Agreed. Sony is killing it with the PS4, but Microsoft may be down, but it's getting back up and fighting. Makes this generation that much better to appreciate.

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So bascially same specs as the 270x with 20w lower power being the only difference? No Thank you.

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it's never too late to get into anything. It's all in the eye of the beholder.

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Great show!

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I don't think they are worried, if anything they want to see Nintendo succeed. Competition always brings the best out of Sony and Microsoft. That's what this business is all about. Makes all gamers winners.

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that horrible video frame rate, doe.

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yeah pretty good deal on that. This marvel games are pretty darn cheap this week.

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this is one sexy thing! And yes about damn time. Im still confused as why the pS3 remote didn't work. can someone explain?

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so the new iPhone wont work on this.

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Talented Artists hard at work. I praise all these game companies, it takes a team effort to make something as beautiful as the GOW series happen and it all starts with art work ideas.

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Bet all your money on it! It will be much like Twilight Princess.

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hahah you beat me to it!

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