Core is as core does. If you enjoy something, play it.Who cares what others think?


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Market is saturated, but we have to keep in mind that R&D and the Windows Phone count towards Xbox operations. The Xbox 360 actually makes profits on units sold.

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I forgot all about this thing, I really think it did well because people are starving for something new, but its definitely not the answer.

I am getting one, but mainly to run roms of other games on my HD TV.

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Well the majority of people here at N4G are ticked off because the Xbox 360 managed to find success with Kinect, never mind that Sony tried to do the same thing with Move but failed.

I do get a kick out of the trolls that were saying Microsoft isn't "core" anymore, Forza Horizon, Witcher 2 and Halo 4 are looking a lot more core than Little Big Planet Karting, PlayStation All Stars and Wonderbook for damn sure.

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Did you enjoy your vacation?

Fable The Journey is a good game with a good story.

Its others that keep putting the "For a Kinect game" in the tag line.

Motion controls aren't for everyone, if you don't like them, don't buy them. Let those that do enjoy different things from time to time enjoy what they want, hell, it's their own hard earned money.

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I forgot how bad COD3 looked, you can really tell the difference in the Modern Warfare games, the biggest leap was obviously between MW1 and MW2.

Treyarch was using the WAW Engine for the original Black Ops, so even though it came out after MW2, it didn't look as good.
Glad to see them use the IW Engine 5 for Black Ops 2, which looks stunning.

The most important thing is that the game runs smooth and is fun to play, which they have all been...with...

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Why would they waste resources on a new IP this late in the generation? Obviously most of Microsoft's first party studios have been working on next gen games for a while now.

I'd rather get the next great franchise on the Xbox 720 to be honest. I want to see something new on new hardware that impresses me the way Halo CE did with the original Xbox or the way Gears Of War did with the Xbox 360.

I'm happy that we are still getting these huge AAA b...

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I think the majority of people who watched on XBL were kids who wanted that Halo Avatar Award.

They also said Obama won the first debate, which he lost very, very badly. Obama lost this one as well, but not by such a large margin. The main reason was because he was being lobbed softballs all night by a clearly biased and Liberal Moderator, who broke protocol and took Obama's side in an argument, even though what she said in Obama's defense was clearly wrong and very b...

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Microsoft is probably the best of the big three at keeping secrets. We knew about the Wii U way before the E3 where it was revealed. Sony couldn't keep a secret if their life depended on it.

I think Microsoft is the enigma, I sort of like guessing and speculating, but at the end of the day, that is all you can do.

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Poor EA, they think an engine is all that matters when it comes to a FPS game. I'm just glad they didn't go and embarrass themselves hyping Medal Of Honor like they did with Battlefield 3.

Activision released the worst COD game in recent memory and EA couldn't capitalize. The thing is, your game needs to be fun and people need to keep coming back to it. After playing the Medal Of Honor beta, its just not a fun game or experience.

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Console price cuts won't have the same effect that they would have had in generations past. This generation has gone on too long, the market is saturated and cutting prices would really only hurt the console makers, it would be like putting a bandaid on a bulletwound.

That is why we haven't seen lower prices.

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They should really package some sort of headset with the Wii U, sort of like what Microsoft did with the Xbox 360. If you want a good online service, you need an online community that can communicate.

Also, you don't want a ton of low quality headsets that could affect the overall voice chat quality.

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This is old news, they were hiring people with MMO experience last year. We know they are working on at least two projects right now.

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The Forza series always keeps fresh DLC coming, Forza 4 still gets car packs every month.

Nothing saying you have to buy them, but I'd get used to day one DLC, its something that is probably going to be on every game.

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That is too bad, always sad to see people laid off, and its even worse when a decent console game developer switches to IOS development.

Starhawk was fun, had zero advertising and deserved better. Hope those guys find work soon.

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Those games aren't selling much no matter when they launched. The only one I've heard of from that group is Wonderbook, and the only reason I know that was because I clearly remembered the huge fail and 20+ minute "demo" at E3.

There has been zero advertisements for any of those games, COD coming out on the same day is irrelevant.

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PSP Go and OnLive would probably prove that gamers want physical media.

I will stop gaming when/if games go digital.

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They are also offering $30 for copies of Skyrim, so all you unhappy PS3 Skyrim gamers can get some credit for a game you apparently hate!

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Actually Season Passes save you money, plus its not like you HAVE to buy them. I own plenty of games that I've gotten enjoyment from without spending an extra dime for DLC.

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Another free Kinect game? that makes 3 in the last couple of months. Haunt, Mars Rover and now Intel, if you throw in Happy Wars its been a pretty good batch of free games, great time to be an XBL Gold Member.

I'll have to give this a try.

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That is a hugely important aspect that a lot of people often forget. If you don't have a console that is easy to develop for, you are not going to get the best games or a lot of 3rd party support, and when you do get third party support, it'll be lackluster at best.

Nintendo seems to be doing a lot of things right with the Wii U and I cannot wait until November 18th to pick mine up.

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