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I disagree with you on the environments. The lighting and the rockface texture of Afghanistan look amazing. I think remaster is not the word (espcially if you've seen last gen in action). The engine scales really well, not remastering. Also an open world game running at a flawless 60, makes it look better in motion than most PS4 games.

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Don't be a dick. Anyway, I think they had it right with Uncharted 2. Uncharted 3's elena was kinda off, you had to really get used to her visually.

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Yes, I was but it's like $80 in tornto where I live, and honestly for $20 I played through all three mainline games and remained impressed by their technical prowess even to this day.

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It seems to be going in more of an Ico route with some SOTC touches. Honestly,it doesn't matter which part of the formula it leans on because both are masterpieces.

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As a 360 gamer, I've been going through ps3 game on ps now.I'm finally getting to experience the entire uncharted trilogy in more than a few slices here and there. Holy hell UC2 really was as good as it was cracked up to be. I was really excited for Uncharted 4 before, but man I'm not sure any game will compare if the can take the set pieces to another level on ps4.

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Ign's video player is absolute trash (at least its a step above polygon's active grease fire). But man, I don't I have ever been more excited for a game. I think you'll know by now if this game is for you. If you constantly need goals and carrot sticks this game may not be for you; and that's fine. But if you love game worlds, oh man, I'm sweating.

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I don't know about RL's longevity cause i havent played it, but it looks damn fun.

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It's over, E3 is reborn and Sony is at the helm of the industry.

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I'm still in a state of disbelief at Sony's Press Conference. It will go down in history as another of the true watershed moments, next to E3 2013, And the E3 of the original Playstation, Smash Bros Brawl in E3 2006. It was mythical. Microsoft was great, Sony was unbeatable.

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Now, I will conceed one thing, Sony's big holiday game for 2015 is still missing, and that is an issue.

That said, ok at best...Are you drunk or out of your mind? This is a con that made MS' strongest show in 10 years look pedestrian. No one comes close.

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I've played all of those games. None of them are that great barring Infamous.

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lol, infamous 3 is nothing compared to the witcher 3.
Driveclub? Shadowfall? Notice how those games aren't great games?

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Smash is the only reason you need, everything else is a beautiful bonus

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People who say that obviously are being intellectual dishonest and only looking for enough ammo to make the claim PS4 has no games.

In regards to Smash Bros, I will say that without doubt that is 2014s best game. MY GOTY without hesitation.

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my heart swells for EA Big.

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Gamecube controller in Smash, always.

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Bought a wii u in october.
Drained nearly every star in mario 3d world.
Regularly playing MK8.
90 hours in Smash 4.
No regrets.

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No. Ubisoft deserve no quarter.

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delay the game with it

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More like Dead Island+ Mirror's Edge + Castlevania 2

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