I'll Burn Your World Down


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Tough call, but I'd have to give it to the SNES. Super Metroid, Mario World, and SFII to name a few of the games that made it my favorite.

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I hope it tanks like it did on X1. What a joke.

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Well you certainly won't need an Xbox to enjoy your Xbox exclusives.

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I bet you're one of those cloud believers too. Ya know about the cloud right? One of those things MS hyped and didn't deliver.

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Xbox "exclusives" are the only exclusive games you don't need an xbox to play. Lol

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Either way, I'd take a ripoff of PT over another RE5 or 6 any day of the week.

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Mind sharing when Sony announced the specs?

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The live orchestra was indeed awesome. I thought for sure at some point it'd be playing the FFVII theme with new game footage. Oh well.

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I stopped reading when I got to the all caps part.

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Loyalty and freedom.

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Oh, like flipping a switch? I don't think it really works that way, they're likely too far in to do anything like that. And second, I don't think they're too worried about Microsoft. The "Scorpio" isn't going to magically fix their problems.

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Wonder if they'll be showing off the cloud there?

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What a load of bs. And could you point me to any game that looks better than Uncharted 4? Didn't think so, pretty impressive for a soon to be "outdated as hell" console.

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Are you salty?

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Pope, I'm not sure if you know what obsolete means. It will still be relevant, get over it.

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They sure have been quiet haven't they? Did they think people would just forget these bogus pipedreams?

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The comparison you're trying to make in an analogy is a guy buying a slightly upgraded newer vehicle vs a car enthusiast building his own muscle car. In other words, it really doesn't work. You people really need to just let it go and let people decide for themselves if it's worth upgrading. And if not, they'll continue to enjoy their PS4 whether the PS4K exists or not if Sony plays this right.

To all you guys saying you'll go to PC: have fun with that. ...

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Cheaper in what sense? I'd like a breakdown.

I spent around $1400 on mine and built it myself. My 670 I bought around 3 years ago is dated and struggles with newer games. Yes, you upgrade in increments. Still though a decent card is in the neighborhood of $300 to $400.

I knew all this going in, I'm not complaining. I enjoy PC gaming. I also like console gaming. But saying you're ditching consoles and going PC because of a possibility of a mid life...

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You people crack me up. You hate the idea of upgrading hardware, you don't like the idea of other people getting better looking games than you. Yet you say you'd go to PC if this happens. You do realize how little sense that makes, right?

I mean, how often would your GPU be outperformed with a newer better card on the market and how much is that card going to cost you?

Not taking shots at PC gaming here, I have a gaming PC. It's just silly when I ...

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