I'll Burn Your World Down


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What's fake HDR? Will my TV tell me it's fake once the update rolls out today?

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At the moment, Scorpio is about as real as the cloud Microsoft promised us. See how that turned out?

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Lol for free? This is Activision.

Edit: @ below is right, they're free. I'm shocked.

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Ok, how do I go about doing that? Or should I go buy an S to replace my OG X1 to make you happy? Does it play better games?

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Lol Dark, maybe people see Sony ahead of the competition because they clearly are. Sales wise and games wise.

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Then what would there be left to play?

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Pretty much everything we have heard about Neo is nothing but speculation. I just wish Sony would come forth and spill the beans because I'm sick of all these stupid articles and rumors.

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I think what they meant to say was "Ubisoft's Mission Is To Release Game trailers When They Are Perfect To Blow Away Everybody, Exec Says"

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Tough call, but I'd have to give it to the SNES. Super Metroid, Mario World, and SFII to name a few of the games that made it my favorite.

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I hope it tanks like it did on X1. What a joke.

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Well you certainly won't need an Xbox to enjoy your Xbox exclusives.

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I bet you're one of those cloud believers too. Ya know about the cloud right? One of those things MS hyped and didn't deliver.

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Xbox "exclusives" are the only exclusive games you don't need an xbox to play. Lol

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Either way, I'd take a ripoff of PT over another RE5 or 6 any day of the week.

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Mind sharing when Sony announced the specs?

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The live orchestra was indeed awesome. I thought for sure at some point it'd be playing the FFVII theme with new game footage. Oh well.

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I stopped reading when I got to the all caps part.

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Loyalty and freedom.

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Oh, like flipping a switch? I don't think it really works that way, they're likely too far in to do anything like that. And second, I don't think they're too worried about Microsoft. The "Scorpio" isn't going to magically fix their problems.

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Wonder if they'll be showing off the cloud there?

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