I play all systems but like some more than others.


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The Scorpio is going to be like having a really hot girlfriend that's dumb as a brick.

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Yeah, only Xbox games are allowed to be called exclusives when they're also on PC :)

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Definitely went from off my radar to on my radar after playing the demo.

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For not knowing what to say, you sure said a lot without actually saying anything. Resorting to calling my thoughts illogical is a stretch bud.

"It's running current gen games." Yeah, it's a console launching in 2017 that's playing games we've been playing since 2013! Hardly exciting.

Sorry, but the whole play at home and on the go thing is gimmicky in my opinion. And they focused heavily on that aspect in the reveal trailer. If...

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I just wish Nintendo would put out a normal yet powerful console with solid games. Enough with this gimmicky crap. I don't want Nintendo to go away, but I don't want anything to do with the Switch. As a side note, I've owned every one of their consoles since NES, haven't really enjoyed one since the Gamecube.

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Dude, your comments aren't even worth posting once, much less multiple times.

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Do you know what else upscales lower resolution content to 4K? The 4K TV you're watching/playing on. So exactly what is the point of this ad? It's making it out to be something it's not. The UHD player is great, and they should be touting the shit out of that. But this? This is garbage.

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What you're saying makes sense but it doesn't apply to me, sorry. I simply avoid them from all the fake trailers they put out. I don't know whether they still do it or not, as I don't really pay attention to them anymore but it doesn't matter. I mean, for a while there the pre-launch trailers and final release was a night & day difference with a clear downgrade. Watch Dogs and The Division come to mind.

Some companies put out target render trailers a...

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Just a Ubisoft game. Would have skipped anyways.

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*Jumps out window*

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I wonder how the PS4 version would run if it ran sub 900p like the Xbox version.

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I picked up Gears 4 recently, thanks for reminding me I still need to get going on the campaign. Not sure if the multiplayer is for me though. Been too busy with Battlefield 1 and FFXV to play anything else.

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Ok VideoGameLab

No, of course it doesn't. Did I say anything about TLoU????????? If we want to compare announced exclusive games, we certainly could though.

Instead of asking me stupid questions, you could've shot me down by talking about something exciting Xbox related, but you didn't. Why?

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Scorpio doesn't even exist. Why can't you guys talk about any things that are currently exciting for the Xbox? I'll wait...

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The difference is Sony has no reason to abandon the PS4 right now. It has global domination in the console market. Xbox One on the other hand, I think Microsoft wants to get away from as quickly as possible and just start fresh again.

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Surely not for exclusives though! Lol, sorry I had to.

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I personally think Ubisoft is a joke of a company. All the bullshit trailers they've showed off as opposed to the final product they release put me off from them probably permanently.

The last straw was The Division Beta. What a blatantly bad, tasteless game that was.

Sorry if I offended anyone that likes their stuff, this is just my opinion.

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Oh noes, Septic is concerned about a PS4 exclusive. Better cancel my preorder.

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You get all the disagrees because you're always in Sony threads spreading fud around. At this point I don't think it really matters what you say, people know better ;)

Edit: As for this article, I'm happy with my VR purchase despite there not being many full fledged games. I've been having a blast with it and so has everyone that's come over to try it!

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