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Where did you even get that,MGS 4 was between 30-50 mil to make,even that sum is too big,as for almost 100 mil$ for a videogame its stupid and reckles from Konami,its to damn much and they need to sell a lot of copies to make so
e profit,Witcher 3 cost I think 30 mil $ to make,and look how awsome that game is #1.6
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Oh great,another way to destroy our bodies,cause normal cola doesn't do that already #12
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Good at ports!!,they ported Batman Origins,and that was a trainreck,had a lot of game breaking bugs, even till this day most of them aren't fixed #1.1.2
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Its a big game,you can't know anything that could happen or what the trigger for a glitch will be,so calm down,a few glitches doesn't make this game bad,this game is amazing.But this game is worth playing on PC,what can you expect to achieve on an old console hardware #1.4
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While some of his reviews are good,he really shows that he's not to bright.Now he is in the mood to rant about Nintendo when he already knew about this and he even talked about this long time ago when it happened,now he's just trying to get attention.Lets not forget before Nintendo putting a ban on their games on youtube,he didn't even reviewed a game from them,he only reviewed xbox360 games,so he started to play Nintendo games when some fan gave him a WII U.But he's a hypocri... #25
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Angry Joe should be the last person complaining about this,I get it ,it sucks what Nintendo is doing,but Angry Joe is making money out of this,hell...his WII U was "donated" by fan,everything he has now there ,his new PC,new TV and among many other things were taken with the money people gave him O_o,so instead of complaining he should pay the fee to post Nintendo videos.I feel for someone who just want to put some videos with him playing a Nintendo just for fun,without making money... #1.1.6
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Polished game!!!??you kidding me?asking for a CPU like Core i5-4460 (3.20GHz) or better *Quad-Core or better and 2gb for GPU its not a polished game ,when consoles don't even have this requirements,I get it,it will look better on PC,but still I found this as a high requirement for this demo #7
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yes,100 mil owners on PS3 and 360 need to throw away their consoles, cause almost 20 mil and or less owners of these new consoles don't want the game to come on PS3 and 360,really!!!This is a business industry,grow up #2.1
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meh,I think 2 years have passed since went to gamtrailes,beside Pach Attack there wasn't anything great to see there,if not for this article I even forgot this site existed #40
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I can't understand the high requirements that you need of your PC to play this game,the modded GTA 4 on PC that looked amazing compared to this didn't need these requirements,Sleeping Dogs a game that was out in 2012 overall looked better #47
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GTA 5 looks 10 times better on PS3 and 360 and on PC still doesn't look impressive,the game on PC has some requirements that doesn't justify them,I have to say Sleeping Dogs a game that was out in 2012 has better visuals of the world that you play in #1.1.4
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Don't believe this crap,DX12 is just another advertising shit made by M$ and enforced by Nvidia and others,OpenGL is where everything should be,if they all worked on OpenGL we wouldn't have to change the damn graphic card every one or two years #70
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So like I thought,most of the games that are on the new consoles don;t bring anything new,just better graphics,this doesn't make me want a new console,I'm tired doing the same things over and over again #124
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The game works like shit on every hardware,even on stronger PCs #113
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What is funnier is that he has a treadmill on the hallway :)) #1.1.16
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what is a "Gamer"? #2
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I've finished it,its my first GTA game that I finish and the first i really like #12
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For fuck sake,it seems the dude who wrote this BS does't get it,there are 100 mil consoles in houses or even more(PS3 and 360)when the next gen will launch they won't even sell half of that number for a GTA release for those console,of course after so many years working on it and invest so much in it you will release it on the platforms that most people own,that doesn't mean in the future they won;t release it on the next consoles,but now this is the most talked game in this momen... #8
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Red Dead Redemption didn't come to PC till now,and that game also had files with the code for PC #2.2
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The torture scene,hmm,The Last of US did it,what is the big deal,its a game,but i expect controversy with this game,if it doesn't have it its not a GTA game #2
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