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In app purchases can suck my hairy crunchy balls

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Just like your mom

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@Yi-Long ching chong, I want overpowered epic vechiles that are capable of destroying all the shit in my way

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All I want next gen is 1080p standard and 45-60 FPS even if current games with a minor graphical leap had that they would look so good. Whenever I play Uncharted 3 I always wish I could play the game 1080p with a better frame rate, there's only so much fidelity to put into a 720p resolution (That includes all the main textures to be rendered at 1080p).

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I like how in the title long and hard has apostrophes it makes the that's what she said moment even better.

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Back to defend the WIIU again PopRocks359?

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You dont even know if they will ever come they are not confirmed and none of them are new Zelda, mario, super smash, etc etc

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Wtf does Gakai have to do with anything other than the fact its on PS4? If you dont want to use it you dont have to

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What about me? Wait I would have already destroyed them all

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Ouya?No actually Oh no-yah

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Yes, since the release of the WII U Nintendo shares have plummeted 23%.One of the lowest points in Nintendo's history in the stock market

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haha your a stupid little one pause when the man is holding the PS mag it obviously says official SA (south africa) and when he holds up little big planet it has a PEGI rating derrrrrrr. The insanity of some people are crazy these guys sound nothing like kiwi their just trying to make their accent understandable because if you have ever been to South Africa (you obviously haven't) you wouldn't be able to understand half an English conversation.F***.
Then you fight someone who...

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Wow... Hello poprocks. I know this may be oftopic but why do you go to EVERY WII U article and praise it like its the best thing since the wheel?
Do you actually believe it I mean
Under 50K sales a month (much less than the 7 year PS3)
Limited library of new games to the WIIU
And also it probably (may not) be much less powerful than PS4/nextbox so it probably wont recieve too much third party suppport for more than 3 years or so.
I think you seem to be...

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Smash bros Zelda Mario
Have we not seen this before?
What about brand new IP's that have absolutely nothing to do with a sequel.... Buying the next nintendo product is like saying here here is a better mario/zeld/smash bros etc etc

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Unfortunately the WIIU has been much forgetten about in this huge HUGE HUGE explosion of PS4 news... I am hyped and so is my ak47

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