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1) a blog
2) the "reviewer" is a xbox fan/fanboy had too many subjective opinions
3) The real game will not look much better than the beta. Seriously, of all the beta that I have played, I haven't seen one that has it grahpic impoved on the actual game. Time will tell

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People don't bash the president just because he sided with m$. The president is evil and freaking retarded, and whoever voted for him should be ashamed of himself.

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I think it has to do with how the 360 is likely to break every 6 months. It's out for a year a half, so people generally have 2-3 replaced console.

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multiplatform my ass, I can't wait till e3 though.

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naruto- good manga, crappy anime and crappy games...

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Can I call you ignorant? They said they are do anti-wii and anti-ps3 podcast in the following 2 weeks. They are obviously not ps3 fanboys.

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Come out of the closet Jason, many homophobe are gays themselves, yes, that means you are gay.

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It will certainly boost the 360 sales for a week or 2, then slow down to its orginal pace. Who wants to make a bet?

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And isn't bladestar arguing that ps3 would lose another exclusive in this annoucement? Well, haha..

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LOL. Sorry, it's just so funny when the spokeman said the announcement will change video game history haha...gotta wipe the tears in my eyes.

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I heard halo3 beta is not impressive, is that true?

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so it does not matter when konami and kojima denied the rumor for numerous times, xbox fanboys still think it will come to the 360 because of money. Not everything has to revolve around money, u idiots. Team ninja did not release ninja gaiden on the ps2 because it is not as grahpically powerful as the xbox, even when it has a fanbase 2x or 3x as much as the xbox. Same story here, kojima wants to release the game on the most versatile console, which is the ps3. Get over it.

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Haven't listended to the podcast yet but may be they are talking about the hardware, which is true. O wait, hardware is only 1 of the what are the other 9? lol

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It's not doing good either because of a lack of games but it's still doing 4-5 times better than the 360. Once the quality titles pump out, it will sell like hotcakes, mark my words. On the other hand, the 360 will still sell like crap regardless of how many games it has, since most of which are fps. (It's true!)

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lol what a retard. Half of the best games in the gaming hisotry came out from japan. (resident evil, final fantasy, devil may cry etc) You don't care about japan because 360 sells like crap over there? Yeah, that's probably why.

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haha I hope it doesn't come to the 360 not because I hate the 360, but because I want to piss the xbugs off. They are annoying. i hope kojima attends E3 and shut all the xbugs up.

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It will sell well in American but not in asia and Europe. Only Americans like to shoot things lol.

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Halo3 may sell, but from what I have seen on the beta is SO overated. Many people are already disappointed by its grahpic and gameplay. It is still a good game but well again, it's just overated.

Killzone3, on the other hand, may prevail if it lives up to the expectation and grahpic. The trailer is cgi, but the gameplay grahpic is said to be very close to cgi quality by the media.

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haha 360 will fail miserably in all of asia, I can assure you that.

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Who likes Americans? lol It's not just the japanese blade. Blame those who have voted for Bush twice.

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