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The Mart has 5 bubbles lol, man u xbots are pathetic.

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whoever believes ff 13 will come to 360 is a dumbass, seriously.
And it doesn't even mention the 360, it's most likely the wii that will get a spinoff.

@below: It said there are no plans to develop ff 13 for 360.

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I say around around 4 million consoles have been sold with only 2 good games, that's still pretty impressive.

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ps3 is the lead platform of RE5 and DMC4, no doubt that it's superior.

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so after blu-ray has won, all the xbots suddenly become neutral on the format war XD

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You said you will do the same to me, then u go on to say you don't do that. So what the heck are u talking about?

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Since bubbles seem to be so important to you, I will reduce it every time I have the chance blade lol.

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are bubbles really that important? I mean, the Mart has 4 bubbles, does that mean he is not a fanboy?? bullshit.

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ha u wish lol

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OK none of the ps3 fans here said they are crazy about this game but yet the xbots are constantly bashing them for no reason. I think it looks decent, but I won't go crazy for it. I am going to enjoy mgs4 while you are playing ur fps, fair enough?

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"I actually think they will be the same.

Except the 360 version will be better and will take a dump on the ps3 version"

Translation: I like Bill Gate's poo very much.

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How retard can ppl get? This is a pretty bad sign for the 360. A high anticipated rpg is out and 360 still couldn't manage to supass the 10000 mark. Only bots will think it's good news.

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His problem is that he is a xbot. Trusty bell will have good sales for a week or 2, then that's it. It will probably meet the same fate as blue dragon.

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coz the ps3 is the lead platform of the game? I bet it is.

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American sales, Americans really think they represent the world? No wonder their average citizen can't point out where Russia and France are on the map.

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Those two are published by Capcom, bot.

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whoever has half a brain knows that Katamari will not be a 360 exclusive, as there is literally no fanbase for it.

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don't mind the xbots. here's a bubble.

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Obviously the one who's doing the article haven't played any other jrpg other than final fantasy, otherwise he wouldn't put it as the only jrpg that's in the top 10.

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You guys are absoluely right. Bubble for you guys.

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