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LOL, what bs, u can't call urself a jrpg fan if u own only a 360 and not a ps3.

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the 360 will drop back to the 3000 range next week, quite possibly.

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if they are going to make a rail shooter for the console, they should go for house of the dead 4.

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All the 360 fanboys who said MS is not involved should be asking: Why would Fox news conjure fake propaganda against Sony and ps3. Why? For ratings? Not likely. For revenge? Not that I know of.

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I think the question should be: why would Fox news do something like this against Sony? I would be surprised if MS is not involved in this. Of course it's hard to find evidence that MS has any part in it, but one has to wonder...

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You are right. Even the corrupted American government lied to its people in order to advance its agenda in the Iraq war, so what makes people think that reviewers won't lie about their reviews of games??

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Well, just keep in mind that Jennifer is the biggest 360 fangirl in the team. And 9/10 s a good score..

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I hope this game lives up to its repuatation since halo 2 single player completely blows, an opinion which is pretty much a fact.

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Don't blame bladestar since he has stocks in MS lol.

4047d ago 0 agree0 disagreeView comment about japan and Europe? If ps3 keeps outselling 360 in those two territories, then it will outsell 360 overall in less than 2 years. Just watch.

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Why not complain? In case ur 360 breaks, u have to pack it in a box and send it in and then wait for a few weeks to get it back. That's troublesome in my opinion.

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Ths is news unless Americans think only America matters.

@below: people don't call Americans arrogant for no good reasons..

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haha I would laugh so hard when the xbots are disappointed. Mgs4 on 360 at E3?? Get a brain.

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The only good news about HD dvd come from HD dvd lol.

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They wouldn't give Gaiden a low score, otherwise it would be TOO obvious that they are biased against the ps3, which they are.

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yeah enjoy ur shooting fest, fellow American.

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yeah I agree that this game looks pretty good. By the way, this site reeks of xbots, seriously, how the heck does Mart get like 5-6 bubbles? what a bunch of horse shat.

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yeah ps3 consumes a lot of energy, but better than the 360 that explodes. As evil as Sony us, MS is by far the most evil company in the world.

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American media supports American console and company, surpise?

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so 360 bots still hate on blu-ray and support the failed format? k..

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