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The movie sucks but this is great news for Blu-way. Blu-way is dominating on a world wide scale right now, and it seems the only battle is in America.

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MS said the failure rate is a moving target and it's only 5% when in reality it's somewhere arond 20 to 33%. That's a big fat lie.

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Too human is a rpg??? It looks like an action platform.. Rpg should be restricted to games like ff and Oblivion. Anything outside that scope is not a rpg. Bioshock is NOT a rpg, and I have played through the game.

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The previous titles were on ps2, so it would only be logical that the following will be on the ps3, if not the wii, which is impossible since the wii is not capable of handling fancy grahpic.
360 fans don't like jprg, as evidenced by the horrible sales of blue dragon in NA, so I doubt So4 will see the light on that console. Of course it is still possible but it is highly unlikely.

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Eariler 360 fanboys were celebrating the loss of a ps3 exclusive that most of them don't even care about. Owned.

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Don't approve this ppl, this is all fudge.

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With no mods and mouse support, it is a known fact that the 360 version is inferior. So the score will probably be 7/10.

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I would eat my ass if Bloodmask is not one of the followings

1) Ultra 360 bot who spends all his time finding negative sony News
2) homeless bloke paid by MS to spread negative news about sony and ps3

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Blue dragon sales are horrible in NA, so that means 360 fans are not big jrpg fans.

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"While the interactive opening sequence was a remarkable pairing of cinematics and gameplay, what followed might as well have been a first generation PlayStation 2 game in high definition."

Seems to me that the author did imply that it looks like a ps2 game.

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Bubble for u shadowflare, it's Wageslave who doesn't understand what attach rate means.

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The 360 fanboys just wouldn't realize that their console only have big sales in NA, which may change very soon next year.

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Of course MS has the highest attached rate in Japan. When you sell 2 consoles and 1 peice of software, u get a 50% of attached rate. lol

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Most 360 owners don't like jrpg so I doubt LO will sell well in NA, just like how Blue dragon does not do that well there.

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Another fps? yawn

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You can't blame the Mart since he is 35 and is in mid-life crisis. Since he can't afford a ps3, he can only bash it.

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This doesn't change the fact that DMC 4 looks and plays better on the ps3 lol..

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Agreed, not in grahpics but it is a fact that ff 12 has better animation than LO. Just compare the two games side by side and u will see.

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a lot of people as in a lot of bums like you?

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Didn't ff 10 sell for 2 million in Japan alone in the first day? Such gap between the sales. For an anticipated jrpg LO sure doesn't do that well, only so so. Most 360 fanboys here like William and Jokes are not even jrpg fans, so it's only natural that they are praising the game without any basis.
I agree that with bootsielon that they should compare the sales to White knight story, as that game is japanese orinted and may sell for a million in its first day.

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