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Damn that's pretty.

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***IBM designed the Cell... you dont think they cant create an appropriate Cell emulator that runs on other hardware? ***

Not at this time. Possibly not worth ever doing it.

***Besides, for as quickly as Sony was able to convert games like Uncharted series, TLoU and GoW3 from PS3 to PS4 makes me think they can do the same with even older games that werent even utilizing the benefits of the Cell to the fullest.***

None of that was quick...

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"each and every company following in the same or similar footsteps as they are now."

Three companies is each and every? All companies that make the massive majority of their money from individual sales and not subscription services?

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No, those are handled by the storefront on the front end and credentialing tied to the account from the back end.

Storing that data or validating it via firmware is a security flaw as it would mean breaking the firmware would give people access to those details so they could illegally obtain software without purchasing it.

Firmware security is tied to legitimizing software installed, it is not about designation access. That's done on the backed via th...

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Interesting how people are turning an ant hill into a trend now. There's also a reason why they just announced yet another record breaking selling exclusive, the second this year.

It's called options, nothing else. Not the future, not a trend yet, and definitely not what most are arguing against which is forced online check ins and restricting ownership of material.

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Yeah, no... Even Sony can't emulate PS3 games on current gen x86 PCs. The issue isn't who is emulating them, the issue is the amount of low level programming involved in the Cell architecture and how intensive it is to emulate it, let alone run a game in parallel.

Unfortunately Examiner deleted their article with Tim about how much direction memory management went into God of War 3 on the cell architecture and how detailed and specific it was at the assembly languag...

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No. FW has nothing to do with this, it's all built into the PSNow app.

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They don't have an emulator. It's the same as what Microsoft does where each game is encapsulated in its own VM environment and each one is tailored to run the specific game. This is why releasing new games take time and have a team that works to make them play on Xbox. I also think Microsoft, at least, likely makes them somewhat future proof in their VM methods.

I do absolutely wish there was a way for Sony to detect PS2 discs and allow people to download and play ...

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Those emulations run at horrible rates and are mostly incomplete games with tons of bugs. It's possible, but not this generation and likely not the next.

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Most people make up fake statistics outside of America.

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***Still no matter how you look at it, Shadow of the Tomb Raider is a great game and you should enjoy it.***

Look, I'm a big fan of the series since its reboot, but people shouldn't say this stuff based on reviews let alone before they have even finished the game.

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I like Spider-Man for what it is, but I prefer inFamous because it's not a known factor and you learn multiple abilities/styles.

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This. Alpha Protocol is another bad game I enjoyed.

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EA never owned the IP.

38 Studios owned it outright and the game was a precursor to the MMO of the same IP they were developing. They mismanaged money borrowed from Rhode Island, now Rhode Island is trying to make that money back and has been trying for years now.

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Shitty journalism for something that started on YouTube and blossomed on YouTube?

I think you're confusing streamers with journalists.

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You pretty much saying the same thing, just different angles. Indie games are typically designed for shorter stints, not so for AAA. So, again, competing software.

I rarely play Indies on my PS4 and typically do so on a mobile device. It's when I'm not playing AAA games and they're made for the often occurring interruptions.

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There is likely to be at least one suit in the game that is shiny. For obvious reasons.

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Actually, no, those YouTubers will move on to the next controversy and will see increased viewership as their goals aren't accuracy as it is just controversy that their viewers want to be a part of. It's like a soap opera, and we just got done shooting the scene where the evil twin comes back from getting shot in the head and now we move onto the next irrelevant plot.

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Absolutely no one said there weren't differences... You say that as if it's some major realization, it's not. The conversation had nothing to do with differences but claims of downgrade. Don't try and ignore that by inferring differences is what people were talking about.

It's clear people were misinformed and using bad logic that multiple game artists from various studios explained but were ignored because obviously everyone wa...

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Bioware was making fun of the critics, not Insomniac...

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