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How is that an issue? At least Xbox fans get to enjoy BC and downloading the game isn't a big deal,I'm sure millions of Xbox fans don't mind at all after all It's still better than nothing.

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How is it garbage? Do you even own an Xbox One or plan to get these free games?

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Sorry dude but that word isn't allowed on N4G and I don't think Xbox fans care so much about a rendered image. it's quite obvious where the false concern is coming from.

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"IGN went more in depth on why they liked Sea of Thieves. While they made it sound like it was fun, they didn’t play it by themselves. They played with people they were comfortable with and knew their gaming styles."

The game is about creating your own stories and going on adventures with your friends is a shared world so playing with people you are comfortable with is part of the idea. Eurogamer, videogamer, Gamesrardar and many more were highly impressed w...

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What does this have to do with Black Flag? The article is clearly talking about SoT not Black flag and I doubt you've even played Sea of Thieves and you already downplaying it? Smh.

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Not Playground Games and Turn 10 continue to impress with each iteration. These guys are awesome and they got only 24 months between each game. Great job guys. Can't wait to jump on FH3.

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Good to know they are in this for the long run. Can't wait to play Forza H3, Gears 4, Recore, DR4 and Inside. Also Sea of Thieves and Halo wars 2 look amazing and fun to play with pals..hopefully I'll get Scorpio at launch.

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Agreed.. I find articles like these to be quite ignorant.

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What the author is referring to is a graphical representation and not the actual size difference. MS showed the actual console at E3...and Major Nelson even did a size comparison of both consoles. Check out the vid below at 6.45 mins in Major Nelson shows the size difference so there really isn't any avenue to mislead anyone when they've gone out to show what it actually looks like already.


It was hilarious reading some of the comments in that article. Lmao XD

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"chances are that MS will phase out the vanilla Xbox one"

Exactly. I don't know why it's so difficult for these guys to understand this. There will be the cheaper basic model (Xbox One S) for those on a tight budget, families, little kids, and minecraft addicts and for the hardcore there will be a more expensive high-end model (Xbox Scorpio) boasting a lot more power ,better graphics, 4k and other features etc

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Good to know. The previews have been positive...looking forward to it.

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Yeah I want to know more about Scorpio but I'm also thinking about getting a 4k TV. I might wait until the holidays before picking one up. I checked online for prices and funny enough there are some really good ones on sale..but as I said it will be best to jump in during the holidays.

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I can't wait to play this. I hope Rare delivers.

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This is a great idea. I've seen some really cool designs on reddit and Gaf. Nice one MS.

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What exactly are you getting at? Recore isn't some crowd funded minigame. It's a new IP developed by Armature studios and comcept and fully funded by MS. Majority of the previews have been very positive unlike Mighty no 9 which had a lot more negative than positive previews long before it's release. Anyways I'm definitely more interested in it now and i hope it does great. A delay of 3 months isn't that dissapointing and fans still get to play it...

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"I honestly haven't checked nor care enough to look"

So why bother posting that? Did you even read the article?

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Awesome interview. Great Job GTR.

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" I played on Xbox One S, which allows Forza Horizon 3 to benefit from high-dynamic-range colour on compatible screens. The reason it’s so spectacular is Playground Games actually recorded Australian skies, all across the country, using a custom-built 12K camera rig for three months. The cloud formations and transitions between day and night actually happened last summer."

"It’s this attention to detail throughout the landscape, not to mention the passion cra...

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Can't wait to try this out.

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