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This doesn't surprise me one bit.

"Power is a primary concern for Microsoft with Scorpio. The PS4 has remained a constant leader over the Xbox One in this respect, with games on the platform usually running at higher resolution and a higher framerate on the PS4 than their Xbox One counterparts. Microsoft is determined to...

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Agreed. The forge community would be huge imagine the type of maps we'd get from windows would be amazing and crossplay would be a great idea.This would help the mp playerbase. Maybe there'll be an option for cross platform mp i.e before entering a match you'll have the option to choose playing with windows 10 gamers or strictly playing with fellow console gamers.

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"So if you can play Microsoft's Xbox franchises on PC, with an Xbox One controller, what exactly is the point of buying Xbox consoles when you can buy a PC and upgrade it yourself"

Not everyone is interested in building a rig. That's why we have console gamers. Some people find console gaming to be a lot more fun and convenient and besides this way MS gets a bigger user base and they benefit from getting more users to use their services . First of all ever...

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I knew there would be more to the relationship between Oculus Rift and Xbox. Reading kotakus article they claim to be partnering with Oculus for their 2017 Xbox hardware. I really can't wait to see what happens at E3. The team in charge of BC (which was announced at last E3) is also rumored to be working on something much much bigger than BC this time around.

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E3 is going to be interesting. Can't wait.
"Power is a primary concern for Microsoft with Scorpio. The PS4 has remained a constant leader over the Xbox One in this respect, w...

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Regarding Recore, the devs claim to have drawn a lot of inspiration from Zelda, metroid and a few others. They also talked about the weather system and how it would affect the environments in realtime. From the looks of it,I feel It's going to be a full 3d adventure game with a unique gameplay style.

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“Gamer Christmas” couldn't agree more. Best time of the year for gamers worlwide. Lol. I took a day off work last year. I don't know if I'll be able to do same this time around. Would be fun watching with my friends though.

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I guess so. I can't believe a whole year has gone by. I still remember all the major announcements made at the last E3 just seems like yesterday. wow.

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Nice. I can't believe E3 is here already. It's just 3 weeks away now. Dayuum. Can't wait to see Recore, Halo wars 2 and Sot.

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Nice. OW has been getting really good reviews,I think I'll get it.

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Man, i cant wait to see what playground games have in store for fans. I think Phil said something about the team working on something a bit different this time.maybe a third entry in the series? Forza Rally? MS owns Midtown Madness , Rallisport Challenge, and PGR ips and I'd love to see those games make a comeback.

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Nice. I finally get to try out the Crew and Xcom.

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I finally get to try out the Crew and Xcom.

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Well we all knew this was coming. I want to see Recore and Sea of Thieves

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Yeah. Blur is in charge once again. They've always done a great job with the cinematics and I cant wait to see what they do with the sequel. I want to see the Brutes.

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Nice. I'm sure 343i is working closely with Creative Assembly on Halo Wars 2. Enjoyed the first game a lot...Can't wait to see the sequel at E3. I hope there will be crossplay btw Xbox and Windows.

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Lol. Stop being so bittter and If you have nothing reasonable to say then why not move along. You've been marked many times for posting same BS in other Xbox BC articles and it seems you're yet to learn your lesson. Smh

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"Shows me that MS fans are still more likely to support old MP FPS' games than they are to support new more interesting games like RotTR, SSOD or QB.Did any of those games hit #2 on the Amazon charts?"

Wow... You guys will do and say anything just to downplay this. won't you? smh.

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You are definitely not in the minority. I too enjoyed Kameo very much and many of my friends did.

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Wow. This is crazy and now we got other publishers wanting to add their games to EA Access.Imagine what happens when RDR, Skate 3, Blops2 or even Skyrim come to BC

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