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And some friends of mine are now more interested in the game cos of this. It adds so much value.hopefully more devs jump in.

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How about you stop your concern trolling in every Xbox article?

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But Gears 4 and FH3 made it into the top 10 (all formats) charts and also top 10 (individual formats) list during their months of release ..I guess both games are doing okay.. I am actually more surprised about FFXV in the top 3 for Xbox in December. No one was expecting this and I think DR4 sold well. According to info made available on GAF DR4 sold 315K copies at retail in December meanwhile DR3 which was a launch title sold 220K. Dead Rising sales have been pretty consistent.

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Last I heard it was over 65million copies sold worldwide.

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“hopefully this will give other japanese devs the incentive to release more rpgs on that system."

I hope so too.

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Have you played it? You call it garbage when you have not even seen a copy of the game talk more of playing it.

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I'm surprised to see FFXV at number 3 in the Xbox top 10 list, I'm so happy for SE and I'm glad I purchased the game. Good to see it doing very well. Also FH3 is an amazing game and I can't wait to see Playground Games new project.

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I can't wait to see more of that Blur magic. They make the campaign worthwhile for me.

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I guess it has to do with Insecurity or maybe just some levels of Immaturity. I too will never understand this...I guess we will never know why they act that way.

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Lmao. Like they could ever kill my excitement for the game. Let them hit that button all they like. Lol

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"The guy who is making all the decisions wether to get new games or get old game because his studios aren't capable enough to make quality games. "

You really are ignorant and obviously have no idea how BC works on Xbox one. MS doesn't pay a dime to get approval from publishers for BC. All the publishers have to do is give the go ahead and MS BC team get to work re-engineering the game (where necessary) to take advantage of Xbox one...

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Same here. I can't wait to play through the campaign.

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Lol. The usual concern/stealth trolling never ceases to amaze me.

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Why are you bothered about what Xbox Fans want and what Phil has to say? His comment isn't even directed at you. He is obviously talking to xbox fans who have been asking for Blops2 to be brought to BC. Or are you and your friends below doing your usual shit posting or stealth/concern trolling?

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I hope so too. :)

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Couldn't agree more.

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This is amazing and adds so much value. I hope more third party devs jump in.

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Nice. I really can't wait to play through this one. Very interested in the story.

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I just posted the same thing in the other article. I would love a brand new Mech Assault game ..but MS has other ips I'd love to see them bring back to life i.e Crimson Skies, Perfect Dark, Midtown Madness, Age of Mythology and Kameo.

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