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"A year later indie games get announced weekly if not on the daily basis's now."

Exactly. Remember Joe Blow and Phil Fish? All that is past now.It's all gone.i was amazed by the number of indies announced at GDC and many more have been announced since then and just recently in an interview with the innercircle Chris Charla said many more will be announced at E3.

I'm just glad Phil and his team are actively pursuing talent and communicating... #1.1
The guys behind shadow of modor will be the handling this? Awesome. The battle of the five armies is one of the best in the series and Shadow of Modor was surprisingly very good,the devs did a great job.definitely looking forward this. #2
Lol. I can't wait to see the gameplay unveiling at E3. This game is gonna rock big time. #7.3
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That's good to know. I hope it does very well on xbox one. #1
I've been thinking about it too. MS has so many wonderful ips just laying dormant.The mechassault and crimson skies franchises are great. I would die of excitment if a new mech assault was announced at E3. #8.1.1
Child of Light...nice #4

Aussie is right. There's a lot more. the article isn't counting 2nd party or even likely third party exclusive projects and we know lionhead, rare, decisive games, soma, pressplay and lxp are developing new games. rare and lionhead have multiple projects same with 343i. #2.3.3
I cant wait to see the game at E3. i'm so hyped. #2.1
A new midtown madness, crimson skies, mech assault and lost odysee would be great. #8

Yeah i think you have to code specifically for it to take advantage of all its unique features. #2.2.2
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Not exactly what he said.

This was the question asked by @winmonsehr

"thx! What would you recommend. Playing on pc with Minimum requirements, maybe a bit better, or on xbox One ?"

This was the dev's reply

" tricky I'd need to compare both, even though xbox >minimum, but I'd say PC for the resolution alone." #2
1d 7h ago by christocolus | View comment's not going to be that long.if it is,it would be a waste of time and resources cos by then there will be far better games out and xbox one owners would have moved on.

Anyways im glad to hear we will be getting many more announcements at e3.they already announced so many indie games at gdc wasnt expecting any announcements at e3. #1.3.2
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I don't think the res is a big deal and cdprojekt are DX gurus,they've worked with the api for years and according to this dev they will try using DX12.hopefully from here on out dx12 will become the standard on xbox one. #2.2
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I can't wait to play this game.Halo5 might just have the best Halo campaign ever and an awesome mp too. Bonnie talking about the scale, scope and drama makes me even more excited. Halo5 is gonna rock. remember these halo5 rumors?

343i make us proud. #1.2
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Lol. Halo fans are all hyped for this game and a thousand disagrees on this thread can't change that fact.clicking the disagree button won't suddenly make the game bad or take the hype away .Lol. 343i are super talented and the game is going to be awesome.At E3 we will all see it. #2.1.3
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The ad was awesome,i've never seen MC so beat down/vulnerable&i got a much darker vibe from this than previous halo the direction 343i is heading with the franchise.Can't wait to see gameplay at E3. #2
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I need this game now. I need it NOW.I cant take it anymore...... #1.4
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That was awesome. Hype levels through the roof. HALO 5. #1.7
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lmao. wth? #7.3
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