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Same here. Just throw in Dc spotlight and Ori and my list will be complete.

So many reasons to own an xbox one right now. Halo mcc and SO are just two out many great titles coming to the system this fall. #2.1
He also said his deal with square enix was for this particular iteration of tombraider. He compared it to the deal with deadrising saying capcom still owned the ip and their deal only covered dead rising 3 and so he wouldn't know capcoms plans for the sequels. #8.1
If anyone is an *hole here its definitly aint Phil or bungie.Did you even read the article or did you just rush in to comment like most biased fbs do?

Bungie told MCV “Phil Spencer is a
great friend of ours, and has been
putting great effort into making sure
that the Xbox One edition of
Destiny hits 1080p and is a great

That is the actual comment bungie made, how is that forcing bungie to hit 1080p? If anyt... #12.2
Stop hating dude, Phil never forced any dev and the comments from bungie actually shows his good relationship with bungoe and his dedication to the xbx fan base.

Bungie told MCV “Phil Spencer is a
great friend of ours, and has been
putting great effort into making sure
that the Xbox One edition of
Destiny hits 1080p and is a great

How is that lying? He isn't even forcing bungie to do anything. #21.2
Just saw the cod themed controller. I think it looks really good.would like to see this gotham themed controller sounds good and regarding the show i've been waiting for it and the new season of arrow to begin. So many tv shows based on comic heros now. Flash, constantine, firestorm, gotham, agents of shield. :) I like it. #2
Yeah i read that,but i believe it was done for the sole purpose of previewing the game. Insomniac is good at balancing their games so don't worry about it being too easy. I'm glad people are enjoying the game. Can't wait. #1.1.1
“Sunset Overdrive funny enough felt
more like a PlayStation game than
an Xbox game considering the
familiar ground, but it looks like
Microsoft has scored an awesome
exclusive with Sunset Overdrive,
that in my opinion will be well worth
the purchase upon release.”

Oct 30th it is then...nice

So far it seems the gamescom previews of Fh2 ,Ori and SO have been quite positive
. Also the a... #1
Its so ridiculous now. Gamesom finished days ago and people keep moaning about this? other games were shown at the event,right?so why are some biased sites focusing on this game alone&trying so hard to downplay the deal between MS&SE? These sites are actually helping MS and SE market the game. Well i guess the game is getting some attention too. TR preorders spiked just after gamescom and all that was shown was the old e3 cgi trailer to go along with the exclusive announcement by MS.... #6.1
Lmao... #5.1
Lmao. You beat me to it. Its getting so ridiculous. Playing the same tune over and over again aint going to change anything and the deal isn't going to hurt xbox one in anyway. What a title to give to an article. Lol #1.2
You are right. There was this article i read a few days ago. Phil said deals like tomb raider were good but he also said xbox fans would see less of them in the future. Creating new studios is a big step and im glad Ms is investing in their studios at same time making deals with 3rd party devs. The 6 studios listed in that article are a welcome addition to the MGS portfolio. #1.2.1

Love that lxp logo too. Hope these studios have some great stuff planned for us.

Happy to see MS opening new studios. This is what gamers have been asking for and its great to see Phil focusing more on their inhouse teams. E3 next year will be good to watch. #1.3
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Why wasn't it a good gamescom? They showed games, fh2, So,fb, quantum break, screamride,ori etc also announced a bunch of new indies&a couple of moba titles too then top that with the tombraider exclusive deal&cod and ac unity demos. I don't know about you but most xbox fans and gamers i know loved the show it was very game centric. You don't have to announce 10 exclusives to entertain your fans, you can easily entertain them with what you've already got,I'm a hug... #8.1.1
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According to this article by Ign they became 1st party to MS in 2011 .they operate as a virtual studio though with team members across the globe. dios #1.1.3
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Its definitly good news and quite encouraging too. I'm sure CD, MS and SE will be quite pleased,anyways the game is still over a year away and im sure preorders will increase further once MS and Cd start marketing and showing off the game at future gaming events.

The reboot was a really great game and i'm hoping CD builds upon that and creates an even more amazing game. Hope it sells really well too. Also I'm really glad to see QB in there. The game looks reall... #1.1
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Lmao.. Your comment is spot on&pretty hilarious. These guys keep looking for ways to downplay everything MS does. The truth is that actual fans appreciate MS recent efforts. Its just sad cos the haters will always keep on hating..Lmao. But you nailed it though. #6.2.4
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Exactly. Blizzards comment might have been taken out of context. MS wouldn't force blizzard to hit 1080p&Blizzard definitly knows what's best for their game. I'm sure MS&BLIZ realised they could hit that mark with the sdk update and with the help of MS engineers they decided to give it a go.

I like the fact Phil isn't pressuring devs into it especially 1st party devs. Just allow them make great games and choose the res&fps that's best for t... #3.1
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This game may end up getting far better reviews than Forza5.

I was watching the gamesom demo it was amazing to see the game switch from sp to mp. It was so seamless . The transition was smooth didn't even know the guy had moved into multiplayer not until i started seeing other players. The only change i noticed was the weather (from dark and rainy to sunny and bright). The dev explained the change saying the weather conditions had to be synced with that of the other players... #1.1
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@evilsnuggle&the gang

You just had to go offtopic didn't you? This is an article about the xbox version of the division, what does ACEs,Gddr5, SpUs and GPu have to do with it? You just had to drag in the ps4 into this. If you wanna brag about 400000% raw power advantage why not go do it in a ps4 article,where you will be applauded for your efforts. This is an xbox article doubt any one cares about all that. You guys are amazing. #1.4.3
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Same here, didn't think it was that big of a deal but the fact they assisted blizzard was good on their part. They are also working with some others to optimize their code on xbox one.. evolve devs, bungie,cdprojekt, the division devs etc.. But as devs get used to the hardware they will eventually stop relying on MS, with that said,i believe games like QB,Gears4 and Halo5 will set the standard and over time 3rd party multiplat games will catch up. #1.1
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