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I believe Halo 5 will be one of the best looking games this gen. The tech&effort the guys at 343i are putting into that game is mind blowing and they have multiple graphics teams all working on their engines. MS said the first games built with dX12 will be releasing fall 2015 and its no coincidence Halo5 will be out just within that time frame. Coincidence? I guess not.

And about corrine yu I don't think she had any real input into halo4 or halo 5 graphics engine. S... #9.2.1
It actually has over 200 cars according to the info on the official twitter page. #1.1
Are you kidding me? He did gladiator? That's one of my best. Ever. This guy is a movie god. #7.1.1
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OMG ...I'm so hyped. I need Halo mcc, Halo nightfall and Halo5 in my life like right now.

343i have outdone themselves with halo mcc. We get to play 4games, watch nightfall and enjoy halo 5 mp beta for a month(starting just 2days after christmas day). Awesome. by the time halo5 is out I should be fully prepared for it. Besides Nightfall,ive also read that the mcc will include some new cutscenes which will help link the previous games to Halo5. I honestly can't wai... #1.1
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I hope this game has some really interesting boss battles..the type insomniac is known for. #1
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What did you expect from a site called psextreme, the consoles are barely a year old and the guy is already especting it to come out third. A lot can happen in a few years..look at the wii u its doing a lot better now compared to last year.

All MS needs to do is to keep supporting the console with great content& services. As long as they keep pumping out great AA content xbx &its fans will be fine. Nadella and Phil already seem to be doing their best to correct the... #2.1
In that game conker would definitly be the main star. Lol. #2.4.1
that's quite foolish on their part. They are going under and they rather go down than sell off the ip? I want to believe that there's more to that story cos that's plain stuborness.

All MS needs to do is wait it out. Then they'll get the ip far cheaper along with some key talent. #2.2.1
I agree.I love their games too. They fall just below platinum games on my list of best devs and platinum games is really high up on that list.

Ninja theory has always made games for other companies. I don't think they own any ips. Kungfu chaos - microsoft, Heavenly sword - sony, enslaved - namco and dmc - capcom.

Would be great if they came up with something fresh though. They are a talented bunch. #3.1.1
DMC reboot was made with unreal engine. I hope its a sequel. The reboot was a fun game. #3
Actually it takes creativity to come up with a concept that mixes them all into one great game. Its possible and it can be done. A great story should blend them all together really well. Gamer777 is right though conker(the foul mouthed squirell) is quite unique and different from the other two but yet i believe rare could pull it off if they put their mind to it. #2.3.2
I actually think Halo5 will look a lot better than ryse. 343i has been quiet on that front.I've been looking around and all I keep seeing are hints from job publications indicating 343i plans (grahics wise) for the game. I also read on Ign something about corrine the article 343 actually stated that she had no involvement with the development of halo4 and halo5s graphics engine.the article claimed she only worked with one of their graphics teams.was surprised cos all this while i t... #2.1.1
Sasuke Wth? That's not just offtopic. You are lightyears away. Obito is dead??.I swear it can be really annoying the way your comments pop up but damn you are also hilarious. Lmao.

You should be in a forum dedicated to naruto..something tells me your efforts will be appreciated a lot more over there. #1.1
It would be amazing if they can accomplish that. Ryse graphics in an fps would be so awesome.

OT: i hope MS is able to reach some sort of agreement with these guys regarding the ryse ip. That game has a lot of potential. They need to make a sequel. #2

Lol. #2.2

Its actually coming out in December,same with ki sn2 and its also the same month the Halo5 multiplayer Beta starts and just before then we will be getting the Fable legends beta too.

Nov& Dec will be really great months. #1.1.2
Lol. hypocrite much. their line up is laughable? Wth?

You bash xbox for having a bad line up?whoose line up are you comparing it to actually? Sonys or nintendos?

Everyone gets don't like the xbox one. Its obvious from the way you keep attacking MS and xbox fans in every article. and its funny cos you don't even seem to own the console so what's it to you? You shouldn't be bothered about what MS has lined up for its fans. You should focu... #2.1
Same here.The author should have added Ori to the list. That game was a pleasant surprise at E3. The line up is great.

The line up for 2k15 should be even much better. I'm guessing we'll have crackdown,scalebound, d4, halo5, fable legends, quantum break and phantum dust. #1.1
Amen to that. #15.1.1

You argue at work? What is your job function exactly? What line of work are you into? I would be sacked if all i did was argue online at work. #1.1.2
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