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Congrats Ubi. Well deserved. Origins breathed new life into the franchise. The setting is spot on, so is the main character . The game plays really well and looks stunning too.

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Well done. I saw this posted on resetera too. It seems xbox fans are enjoying the game. There's already over 750k players and it's just 48hrs old.

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Well done Nintendo. Congrats.

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Damn. Very impressive.

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Lol. The console is a well designed piece of tech and proof is out there. Devs love it, gamers love it, critics love it. No need for the sarcasm. MS did a great job here.

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Damn. The praise the 1X is getting must bother you guys so much.

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It's good to see devs praising the consoles design, specs an performance. Great job MS.

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You just watch, battlefront 2 will sell loads. Anyways Congrats to WB, Nintendo, Ubisoft and T10. Well deserved.

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MS is impressed with the sales so far so why should anyone be more worried about sales/numbers than the makers of the hardware? I don't need numbers cos I'm no shareholder. MS is happy with the reception so far and that's that.

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Great job Respawn.

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Nice. Good to see the 1X doing great.

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Nice. Quite impressive for a $499 mid-gen hardware.

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Doesn't change the fact that he his super impressed with the 1X and besides why focus on just that tiny bit when the majority of the article is the writer singing XB1X praises?

As I said already It's nice to read stuff like this. Great job MS.

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Good. Nice work Respawn

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Nice ad.

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Its nice to read stuff like this. Great job Ms.

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Amazing. Thanks to Panos Panay and his team.

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