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“pure trash, immature .... scumbag.”

Those words can be best used to describe your comment above and people who are quick to insult others can be referred to as Scumbags. You don't go around generalising and insulting an entire community cos of some experience you might have experienced or even read online. It's so immature and going by your comment history you obviously play on PS4, now would it make sense to generalise the entire PS com...

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Lol Wut? If you have nothing sensible to add then why not just stay out of the comments .


Pls tell me you didn't just ruin the end of UC4 for me? WTH Dude?

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"In addition to an updated standard controller, the company is exploring new interactions between the PC and the Xbox One to further extend the capabilities already present between the two (game streaming). Seeing as Microsoft wants to make Windows 10 on the desktop and Xbox one a ‘killer combination’, they are looking to leverage the ecosystem to create unique experiences for games that are on other platforms too.

The idea is simple, even for games that are not device...

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I couldn't agree more with your comment. Well said. This Ahmad guy has no idea what he is talking about. I imagine he would have said the exact opposite if the PS4 featured BC similar to Xbox One. He comes off as such a tool.

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What does he mean by it's not exactly replacing the 3ds and Wiiu? Brand new concept? Man It's so confusing. At this point I got to ask What exactly is the NX? Can't wait for the official reveal.

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Well I better start saving up for the NX and Zelda at launch. I hope Nintendo delivers big time with the NX.

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Agreed. These shots look really really good. I can't wait to see what The Coalition have planned for E3.


Lol. I know that's what you're hoping for and it's kind of pathetic but get ready to eat some sure you'll be having it with plenty of salt come E3. Lmao -_-

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That would be so cool.

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Nice. Forza Rally would be cool and Original Xbox BC would be something as i still have my copies of Panzer Dragoon Orta, Ninja Gaiden, KoTor, PGR, Amped, Crimson Skies, Mech Assault, Blinx and a few others also I didn't know Chad Seiter would be handling the music in Recore. i liked his work in Cloverfield, Ratatouille and the Incredibles..That's pretty cool. Can't wait to see the game at E3.

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I hope we get to ride that bike in the campaign.

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Will this be in the final game? I hope so.

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Nice. I'm not a PC gamer but I'm happy to see many people playing on Windows 10. I think Sea of thieves would benefit greatly from having a simultaneous release on both MS platforms. It will be good to have many players online on launch day.Hopefully it will be released same day as the Xbox one version.

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I can't wait to see Recore and Sea of Thieves.

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The Gears 4 trailer now has close to 10 million views. That's over 600,000 views since this article was written.. I think the trailer is doing a great job of getting people hyped/ready for the game. All the Coalition needs to do now is have an amazing E3 demo to keep the hype rolling till launch.


“But I'm betting my horse the game won't be even close to the trailer”

Are you talking about graphics or sales? Anyways the t...

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She looks like a really cool character. Love the particle effects and the bats too.

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I'm in love with this games art style. Glad to know they've included platforming sections and areas to explore. Can't wait.

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Nice. I'm sure I've watched that trailer over 20 times. I even watched it twice today. lol. If you liked the original mad world trailer then you'll probably like this one too. The Coalition made a good trailer and the choice of music is great. I hope the game lives up to the hype.

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