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Oops. Its Forza 6 not Forza 5. My bad. #1.1.4
And over time it'll keep getting better... can't wait to see how games like Halo5 , Gears or even Forza 5 will look down the road. #1.1
I got it all mixed up then. Thanks. Atleast darksiders is safe. #14.1.1
That was far back in february.. and all that happened before their financial crysis started.. Crytek have officially stated they will be online game publishers from now on&it seems theyve also started selling off their ips. so who knows? MS and crytek have refused to comment on the matter.both sides haven't made any official statements&back in may Phil stated on twitter that the ryse ip had sold fairly well and despite the bad reviews gamers actually loved the ip. In other words a... #13.1.1
Crytek also says they will start making arena based online games. So what happens to timesplitters, Crysis &dark siders? #14
Wow.. Now they are selling off their ips? I guess we now know how they were able to raise capital. Hopefully MS aquires the Ryse ip. Its got a lot of potential to be much bigger than the first.

Phil&crytek make this happen... pls. #13
From all I've read so far, it definitly seems like the gamers will be benefiting the most. The early reactions to the acess programme from gamers and the press has been really positive. Some of my friends have signed up brother is waiting a bit before jumping in too.

I just hope EA can keep adding really great games to the vault over time cos this might turn out to be really big for all those involved. #1.1
It seems many users here on N4g do that a lot. They generalise based on their personal opinions. #2.1.1

You are such a bitter bitter fanboy&a childish one too. Gamers like you feel they are entitled too everything .you believe the games industry owes you so much. In your little world everything revolves around you and your console of choice. Those who own the other consoles don't deserve anything good cos its all about you.

Dude you don't even own an xbx one so you wont be trying out this new product but you felt the need to come... #7.6

Nice set up you've got there. Nice. #9.2.3
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I'm assuming by wrong you mean a console that you don't own. Right? Be prepared cos this gen a lot more partnerships like this will keep popping up.. yes it might hurt when you don't own the system but you have to know MS&sony are competitors&its all business. Sony has made some exclusive deals too you know i.e ac,watchdogs,far cry,destiny,batman etc If you want to stop feeling totally left out then dude you need to own all consoles cos this aint going to stop this gen. In... #9.2
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Dude your comment reeks of some serious butt hurt&yet you say youre doing fine? You aint deceiving no one. Lol #41.1
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I think this is good news. Its good to see MS partnering with more publishers but im wondering why all the usual suspects are here again attacking this article? Its just another xbx one why are they here?..smh

As i was saying there's also a full year subscription which is a better deal than the monthly one. Millions of people buy EA games yearly..this gives xbx owners a chance to try a number of them out before buying. Nice. Go... #1.2.5
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Preorder cancelled cos the cutscenes aint ingame?

Cgi cutscenes were very popular during the ps1, ps2 days and till this day some companies would rather go cgi instead of ingame. With cgi its actually alot easier for the artists to present an exact atmosphere unlike what can be done inengine. The animation and effects can also be taken to a whole new level with cgi..but since you'd rather cancel your preorder i'm guessing during the days of the ps2 and xbx you nev... #5.2
@ubiquitious,dcbronco&drea d

I thought deadrabbit's comment was a joke but those agreeing with the guy are actually more hilarious.its so ridiculous....lmao

Your comments are spot on. Lmao. X D. #1.1.4
@Deadlyoreo must be confused or something cos you've got it all mixed up. i've never gone into any ps article to troll, go offtopic or just downplay sony. I dont do that on ps or xbox articles.. This might come as a surprise to you but not everyone accepts trolling as a way of before accusing others be sure of what you saying so you don't end up looking could be dementia too. Look it up. #5.1.2
Wth? This is an article about xbx one preorders in china. What does ps4, graphics, psn and douches have to do with this? You guys always find a way to bring in your childish fanboyism into every article..damn trolls. You wanna brag about the ps4 do it in a ps article..

you know if you actually didn't care about the xbox one you wouldn't be in every xbx article...

Oh! my bad just saw your username. It makes a lot more sense now. #5.1

Are you even a gamer? What a miserable comment to make...smh. #4.2
Yeah its a huge market but a very restrictive one. Games like gta, gears and cod might never be released there and those that make the cut will be dumbed down so badly. MS will need to focus more on creating games which suit that market. #3.1
I was just thinking about that too. Halo5 is going to be in a class of its own. Can't wait to see that game in motion. The score,the new vehicles, the weapons, new enemy types(hopefully it won't just be the convenant and promitheans),the world, the story line& the multiplayer...Halo 5 will be awesome. #6.1
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