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Lol. So true.

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Agreed. I'm so happy for Nintendo. Can't wait to get the switch this holiday.

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Interesting. Can't wait to see what they have planned.

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Well done for reporting facts. If that upset certain people on here it's not yo fault. You doing the great job. I own FFXV, Doom, Witcher 3 on Xbox One (digital copies) and I can't wait to play them on the 1X...along with Cuphead, AC origins, SWBF2, PUBG etc

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congrats Nintendo.

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Damn. That's great. The latest DF article about the 1X was also very interesting. It must make a lot of those who pre ordered happy with their decision. Congrats MS.

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"The Pro's 'enriched' mode also makes an appearance on Xbox One X and seems to feature a very similar visual feature set, packing in more graphical upgrades ported over from the PC version. However, the big difference here is that it's presented as an alternative 4K mode, as opposed to PS4's 1080p presentation. It's not immediately clear how Nixxes has pulled this off,"

"On top of that, there are further enhancements we've not seen...

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This looks really good.

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I've never tried groove. I guess i'll give that whirl sometime.

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Forza Horizon 3 + Spotify = Gaming bliss. :)

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Lol. When MS says it, they accuse them of PR talk and now we've got numerous 3rd party devs saying the 1X is considerably more powerful than the Pro and it's still considered PR talk. Lmao XD.

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It's good to see them utilising the console properly.
Great job SM studios.


Everyone has preferences. It's ok. Not everyone will buy it for JRPGs. .most will buy it for other games. Those who currently own FFXV on Xbox and are looking forward to Code Vein and KH3 will also be pleased to know those games on console will look best on the 1X.

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This looks nice.

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Well said.

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