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Looking forward to this game.

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Well deserved.

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Looks great

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"I was so bummed when Halo 5 wasn't mentioned for the 4k treatment"

Same here. Glad they are doing it though. The BC announcement is a nice addition too.

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Lol. So true. All they did was attack MS in that article.

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Lmao XD. That photoshop edit is hilarious. At least put some effort into it.

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Great. Can't wait to play it.

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Same here. It's going to be a day one purchase same goes for Ori 2, Last Night, Ashen, The Artful escape and Super Luckys Tale.

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Lol. Is this an actual question? Console exclusives aside did you suddenly forget that people have preferences and Xbox and PS share over 90% of Third party titles? I've got lots of games to play and a huge backlog currently so don't worry about me or others......or do you want one?. If there is a chance Crash will be released on Xbox then that's where I'll be playing it whenever it hits and by the way, I also got a PS4 but that's strictly for certain exclusives...My Xbo...

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Congrats Nintendo. Well done.

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If this is true then I'll eventually pick it up whenever it comes to Xbox.

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Good. Getting the 1X so I'll hopefully try it out when it eventually comes over.

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Glad she loved it. I'm getting it at launch and will hopefully be playing it on the 1X

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Lmao. What is this crap?

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Thanks for the quotes. Lol. This article is obviously clickbait. Can't wait to play the amazing indies coming out soon

Last Night
Luckys tale

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