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@fries and Edmix

Learn to stay on topic/ avoid stealth trolling. If you can't do that then skip xbox articles entirely. You keep coming into these articles talking the same BS. This is about xbox at gamescom. Why are you trying so hard to derail the entire thread? Stay on Topic! #1.1.5

It must be something huge cos going by the Hall plans for Gamescom, 343i will have an entire hall all to themselves. #2.1.3
We are all excited. Don't worry,it will be here soon enough. #1.1
I sure hope so. #2.1.1
Just show me Scalebound, Qantum Break , Crackdown and Halo 5. That's all i ask. Anything else = Gravy for my eyes. :) #2
Nice. #1.2
I plan to get another Xbox One this fall ,ill probably give the older one to my cousin. I just hope MS announces a Halo 5 and Tomb Raider bundle. #1.1.1
Yeah i believe Phil is doing great,so far MS has funded the development of

Sunset Overdrive
Project Spark
Killer Instinct

and we have new ips like

Quantum Break
Recore and
Sea of Thieves coming next year.

MS owns all these ips with the exception of Ryse and Sunset Overdrive and we still have some studios working on unanniounced ips. i.e Dec... #4.1
I'm yet to upgrade mine, how is the UI and general performance? Is it much better than W 8.1? #2.1
This guy doesn't give a sh**t who he pisses I just love the guy cos he is super talented, his attitude may be one of the reasons Shinji mikami left platinum games though. He also recently called Mighty no9 an insult to Mega Man and Capcom. #25.1
@rocketscience and @edmix

Lol.Did you guys even read the article? He doesn't want to be at the briefing and suddenly it's all about MS's bad practices? Lol. You have no idea who Kamiya-san is or the way he behaves. All you know is how to quickly bash MS for no reason, the guy has attacked Sony and Nintendo in the past even his own fans and colleagues. Why not go read stuff up before posting your comments? Tomorrow you'll see this same guy (kamiya) posting phot... #1.2.10
Lol. People shouldn't be surprised. This is typical Kamiya. He has mood swings. He basically called Keinji Inafune a businessman who has no idea how to make games, he bashed sony for having no Backward compatibility in the PS4 and for ripping off smash bros, he insults his fans and has even called out Nintendo for not marketing his games properly. Lol. I love the guy though, He is a great developer and im looking forward to Scalebound,I hope to see him on stage at the MS briefing. #2.3
He doesn't want to be on stage talking about Scalebound and Xbox but its almost unavoidable. Scalebound is his pet project and having him on stage at the gameplay reveal would be awesome for the game and Platinum too and once he is done,he can meet with fans and sign autographs all day. The game is also far off and I'm sure MS will market the hell out of it. #4.2
Yup. MS owns the ip.same with Quantum Break. Gamespot had an article about this some months ago. I think MS decided to start owning the ips they publish after the Ryse debacle..also Phil confirmed this a while back. #1.1.1
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Cool. As a console gamer, there are a couple of PC games i'd love to stream to my Xbox One,so with this feature i can actually have my laptop in my bedroom while I'm in the living room streaming games to my xbox one and using my flat screen as the display. I hope the Xbox team are able to pull this off. #1.1
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Cant wait to upgrade my Laptop to Windows 10. #1.2
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I like the new character models. #1
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There'll be many awesome bundles this fall and i think the best bundle is yet to be announced. Maybe we'll see Halo 5 and TR bundles or Fallout 4 and Forza 6 or even Rare Reply, Ori and Gears of War Ultimate Bundle but for now, i think the Madden NFL bundle sounds great especially if you're a fan of EA games. #2
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Age of Mythology... :) #1.1
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Well said. Bubs up. #1.2.1
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