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Great to hear! I'm sure your son will enjoy it too

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Nintendo have been working to unite their console and handheld dev departments together so that will help them in the long term. I'm happy that Nintendo has a online service that is free and doesn't crash like in many games we have heard about.

It's pretty amazing that Nintendo themselves is keeping a console afloat. Each game has been a knockout and Sony and Microsoft could never do that. They depend on third parties to sell their consoles. They don't make al...

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It might be a shock to some but people buy games to be entertained and have fun. Doesn't matter what console it is but if you having fun than that's great.

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It was a good year for JRPG games too. We might get more next year.

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RPGs were great this year and I'm hoping to get into more of that this year - when I have the time that is.

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Nintendo would NEVER discontinue a console. They are smart enough to learn from Sega's mistakes

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Yes servers on other consoles have broken down but is it wise to release Miiverse for the 3DS just before the Christmas period which is a pretty big step up in terms of users on their servers.

Nintendo had a year to know what that would have done to their servers and could have done this earlier in the year or in Jan/Feb next

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Thank you for reading the article and highlighting the key points that I have been trying to address. N4G has a habit of reading the title and the first few words of a article and than give a opinion.

Th Indies have been a strong point for Nintendo's eShop and have enjoyed many games there. Unified accounts has to be something coming soon. They have known this for a while now and I really hope this happens.

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This article was about their decision making - mostly on their internet front and the Wii U. The 3DS has had a perfect year in terms of what they have done to it.

The Wii U in 2014 needs something like what the 3DS was treated to this year. Nintendo is never doomed - it just has a few areas where people would like them to apply some common sense and hopefully steer the ship right with the Wii U.

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That is true, their culture is also holding them back in certain areas. Unlikely to change under Iwata unless something big happens.

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Thanks for your comments. I do try not to watch videos but as people are on Facebook and Twitter you get shown videos and specially images of new content so it's quite as easy to escape it all.

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In my article if you want to use used games for free, you simply can't. The main point is you shouldn't buy a product that goes against what you believe is fair and right as a gamer - even if Halo 5 will be on it.

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If it's a always online console with a watching camera in your home.Don't you think maybe it's something that Microsoft could take advantage of?

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My personal issue is the Pre-owned games and how that will affect people. The OS looks fine and I'm sure the games will be good too. I do worry at times on how they model the Xbox One as a entertainment system and not a gaming system. Will this be the start of moving away from games as a primary feature in the next decade or so.

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Thanks for your feedback. I do believe as my article states you need more than just the entitlement to make wild statement. you nee to back them up.I will add more to the title.

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You shouldn't comment if you haven't read the whole article. Part of running a business is looking at what could hurt your sales and attack it. Make your product more appealing to the buyer.

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How can Nintendo bump the specs up and still make a profit?

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Any reasons why. I enjoy writing different articles that gets people thinking,

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LevelHead and his comment was spot on about what I was getting at in this article. Every company is out to make a profit but I made the article to explain why they made these decisions.

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I would think there are backup factories elsewhere for these companies but of course it's hard to tell how much production work is done for them.

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