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"How's she cuttin'?"


^^^ this guy gets it ^^^ #7.2.1
It's easy to do that if you just look at what the vast majority have been saying for YEARS at this point, and repeat it; which is actually all Kanye ever does.

Only this time he happened to repeat the opinions of sensible, well meaning people.

So I guess, that kinda does make this groundbreaking news in a sense, but not for the reasons this article would have you think. #15.1
He has the same expression of disdain you'd get from a spoilt toddler who just realised some other kid in his class got more of something.

Because of this, anytime I see kanye I just see a child like version of him, my brain does wierd visual gymnastics like that sometimes.

For example, I convinced myself ron perlman was in the role of cypher in the original matrix having not seen it for quite some time, and I could picture him and hear him in the scen... #8.2
No it's because this has been something many have spoken out against before, time and time again, but as soon as kanye comes in and Parrots what a dozens of people have said before him and in more intelligable ways, it makes massive headlines.

You break headlines now for stating the obvious? #1.5.1
what is this spoilt, entitled man child doing on my game news site?! Is he making it his goal to haunt every facet of my being?! Why do the media keep giving his uneducated misguided outlooks and opinions a platform? And why does it seem like 80% of the population are behind him and championing him? The answers to these questions and more will follow, right after I jump off this bridge. #1.1.4
Sorry I wasn't being serious in anyway shape or form, i'm bad at jokes :D #4.1.2
"... I doubt it has to sell much to break even. "

Not at all, sure the engine was designed completely by one person :) This was just a nice little side project on the vita to keep them afloat while they worked on dreams. #3.1.2
Grave of fireflies... sorry, I'll be right back... just have something in my eye... *opens the floodgates*

Yeah one of the kids in particular just watches crap with dazzling bright assaulting colors with no heart, morals or subtext. Anything that requires an actual attention span he's just like "I dont like this...". Granted he's still a sweet kid, I'll convert him yet! like putty in my hands, mwahahahaha!

Also I must say I really a... #1.2.4
haha I was actually thinking that as I was typing, I guess these modders like to play as rich elven sorcerer types XD #11.1.1

Nope, sadly my PC could never run those games when they came out but always wanted to get em. Even now this POS netbook i've been resigned to using probably can't play it. I've got 256mb of ram, my phone is better XD Being poor can be a drag sometimes! #2.1.2
Who said anything about an all-digital future? I prefer the idea of a multiple-choice future.

I have games I bought digitally 10 years ago that I can still download. I purchase a game digitally if I know it's one the friend I library share with is going to also play (we take it in turns) and I buy physical copies for games I know he won't have any interest in. Win win! #12.1
EU are super awesome when it comes to protecting peoples digital rights, and even MORE awesome when protecting digital rights and privacy etc is Ireland, which really surprised me. Ireland has some incredible digital rights activists doing some incredible things, they made Facebook bow down on several occasions :D #7.1
"it's every company"

As of today I can still download all my Steam games and all of my PSN games.

What 360 games did you lose? The only one I lost was an xboxClassic title (fable 1) and that was when MS quietly put that idea out to rest like old yeller. #4.2.1
So much wrong with u4one's post not to mention such a warped view on how these things work and operate...

I'm not even going to bother with a response, too many time's I've put time in to one and it's fallen on deaf ears. #3.1.2
Exact same thing happened to me a few years ago on 360, my purchase of Fable 1 via xboxOriginals was no longer accesible :(

Havent had this problem yet with PSN, but who the hell knows what the future holds. #1.1.6
Those foundations already existed, they were called Battlefront 1-2 and an unfinished third. Dice chose to ignore those foundations and build a little dirt hill that maybe they'll expand a little bit with DLC that might make the game close to the foundations they shouldve been building off of in the first place. #7.1
Totally agree Allsystemgamer, they couldve easily made it feel and play like it's predecessors and included all the new goodness that would've been in battlefront III had their pre-production meetings not consisted of "We need to get this game out to coincide with and build off the hype of the release of the new movie, so lets just make a battlefield mod".

Of course that would require a 5 year development at least and we all know EA would never allow Dice su... #6.1.2
"looks so authentically Star Wars."

Thats the problem, it looks star wars, but it doesnt play like Battlefront. It doesn't have any of the great things Batllefront 3 was bringing to the table. It's just battlefield, it's a 70 euro expansion pack of something that people on PC have been modding for free for years.

But I will give it that, it's a very beautiful looking star wars mod with an incredible attention to detail, I played the... #3.1.1
"Seems like since people found out it's 720p on X1 all of a sudden the game is "going to suck"."

Maybe for newcomers and immature folk who primarily spew hatred for nonsensical reasons, that's why... but they don't count.

But for people who've been with the IP since the beginning, or for people who've been playing Star Wars games in general for 20+ years, they just consider the whole thing a half assed insult.
... #2.2.2
It's not "cool" to bitch about EA, It's only fair to call out a company on it's bullshit. What an immature view to have on things.

It's not the lack of space battles that is upsetting people, it's the lack of anything that seperated the original Battlefront from other shooters. This is just another Battlefield game with a star wars skin and the last person this was made for, was "the gamer".

That's why people are d... #1.2.2
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