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Must be a UK & Ireland thing. Or just a stupid "you live in a heavy populated city" thing. Or just a "varies from store to store based on consumer habits" thing, who knows. Point being, Rocketpandas not entirely wrong with his experiences, he's just noticing a trend. And its not a doom and gloom trend so hold on to your bum fluff.

Now, I don't frequent gaming stores all that often cos I've worked in them...

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See this is the problem with reading things and taking it as law without investigating the issue clearly for yourself, to give you a reverse example, for citizens in North Korea (not all but most) the Great Leader will go down as the greatest person in history, but outside of their little closed in propaganda bubble, we know the "great leaders" of North Korea are the most fraudulent, lied and hyped cunts on the planet, ever. (maybe not EVER, but I'm bein...

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It's called "Media Narrative". Whatever is popular in the lexicon, the mass media will go with it. If it's "lets all hate HG" then the media will look for stories or quotes to twist to that narrative. If it's "Everyone loves the new update" then they'll switch it around. One of the most recent toxic examples of tabloid journalism seeping in to gaming journalism i've witnessed lately is a little show called "The Know". It's like a...

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Was their procedural game set in space not set in space or something?? What fraud? I think your own imagination and expectations were the fraudulent party here. I dunno, humans are weird eh?

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Read the article, the above blurb was taken from like the third paragraph in, its not even the opening statement!! Overwatch getting GOTY is barely even discussed in the article, hiss issues with the VGA's lie elsewhere, primarily that the focus is more on reveals, spectacle and musical acts, rather than the awards and the craft itself.

However he does realise WHY the focus lies there, that it's needed for there to be any sort of show at...

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Well according to many reports over the last decade, the place is horrendous to work in. Konami's corporate culture is sadistic and orwellian apparently, so none of that should surprise you or make you question it. Here's a handy little link to the most recent expose. A lot of japanese companies are known to behave in this way, actually.

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Why the downvotes for swiftFox?? He states clearly in the interview that Tabata reached out to him personally to discuss the foundations of what makes a final fantasy game so he could carry on the feeling from those earlier games. Something nobody else has done since taking the helm of an FF game. Which speaks volumes for FFXV (and explains why XIII just didnt feel like a final fantasy game in spirit at all!).

However he made it pretty clear that this was just to show his f...

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He caught Nausicaa Valley Of The WInd in theatres :) I always assumed that influenced key parts of the FF series in some way (e.g Chocobos) but now its more or less confirmed. This was a great interview and a wonderful insight.

Hope him and Uematsu work together again soon. OR START A GOD DAMN BAND!!!! Black Mages reunion with guest musician Sakaguchi maaaaybe!? Wishful thinking -_-

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Mixelon, still as level headed and down to earth as always when it comes to games and understanding each ones focus and purpose :) Too many wierd people running the fun of our medium I think. I actually stopped visiting gaming community websites for a while early in the summer because, just couldnt hack the vitriol anymore XD Good to see you're still spreading some good vibes. Maybe I'll see you at the galactic hub, good sir.

Come join the galactic hub, when you're ready of course :) Getting there might prove difficult, but its quite the rewarding journey to undertake. I'm almost there myself :D

Of course, complete the goals you've set yourself first :) (one key to enjoying the game fully, set yourself tasks, the game was designed with this in mind *cue hate reply of "the deve...

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I've always felt like a nobody, PlatinumGX, but now you've confirmed it. Which actually takes a load off my mind. To quote Conor Oberst "I'm happy just because I've found out I am really no one."

No one plays this game.

I am no one.

As are the numerous people on actual supportive NMS communitys (tonnes of people still eagerly playing, just have to sift through the internets clickbait, the hate and of course t...

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@ rude-ro

It's the very reason I decided TV Operations & Productions or any form of mass media was not for me and I dropped out :D Too much slimey tactics not enough emphasis on craft :(

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Comparing VR to something like WII sports isn't the best approach. WII Sports encompassed bringing the family together and being so simple and accessible even your gran could join in and kick your ass.

VR to me seems like a solitary experience. At least it will be for a few decades while prices are high. If they ever come down to the price of a standard controller, then maybe multiplayer with physical people will become more common place, but for now it's just littl...

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Read the story, not the title. The reason its gathering dust is because of the prices that publishers are giving their games.

Of course thats down to it being the early days of VR and Pubs are trying to rake back those licensing and research costs while simultaneously trying to make a profit. Over time those prices will go down, and while devs work out the kinks of VR and figure out what actually makes a "killer" experience on VR, it will only get better. Assuming...

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Wow I didn't realise people on the internet loved to generalise an entire people by one persons comment... Oh wait, I did know that. Still disappointing as always though.

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As a native irishman, this is hilarious, and utterly hyperbolic somewhat. It's literally one old curmudgen harping on about the same ol crap hes been harping on about for years, and nobody gives a feck about those dinosaurs anyway. They're the same ones who keep bringing up the past and perpetuating the ongoing "troubles". All it is these days is ignorant adults breeding ignorant children resulting in petty violence and hate crimes.

Fortunately, this has g...

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I cant speak for other platforms (playing on ps4) but... I think the same people who worked on mission design worked on the world... Have you even seen the draw distance? The reflections in mirrors? Seriously... wow. Resi 1 remake on gamecube had realtime mirror reflections lightyears ahead of whats on show in mafia 3. You get a freeze frame of your position, and even then its like whacky carnival mirror horror house.

I have one particularly incredible one on my phone where...

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Shame the direction of the new anime is just pure awful and hard to watch. The framing, pacing and fight choreography are just excruciating to sit through. Was hoping for more on par with the Golden Age Arc films. I like how they omitted the mangas introduction so newcomers did NOT see what was coming at all :) Hopefully the game is closer to that in quality than the recent anime reboot

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Spoilers if you're real far behind on comics, ill try be vague.

Considering whats happened in the comics in the past year and a bit, it seems fitting with those events since, they're basically living out a new frontier. And considering the game has jumped ahead 4 years I feel like the name is more of a tease that perhaps certain elements will sync up with the comic in a bigger way this time around, same way they explored michonnes absence during the time jump arc of...

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