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christian hour

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Wow I didn't realise people on the internet loved to generalise an entire people by one persons comment... Oh wait, I did know that. Still disappointing as always though.

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As a native irishman, this is hilarious, and utterly hyperbolic somewhat. It's literally one old curmudgen harping on about the same ol crap hes been harping on about for years, and nobody gives a feck about those dinosaurs anyway. They're the same ones who keep bringing up the past and perpetuating the ongoing "troubles". All it is these days is ignorant adults breeding ignorant children resulting in petty violence and hate crimes.

Fortunately, this has g...

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I cant speak for other platforms (playing on ps4) but... I think the same people who worked on mission design worked on the world... Have you even seen the draw distance? The reflections in mirrors? Seriously... wow. Resi 1 remake on gamecube had realtime mirror reflections lightyears ahead of whats on show in mafia 3. You get a freeze frame of your position, and even then its like whacky carnival mirror horror house.

I have one particularly incredible one on my phone where...

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Shame the direction of the new anime is just pure awful and hard to watch. The framing, pacing and fight choreography are just excruciating to sit through. Was hoping for more on par with the Golden Age Arc films. I like how they omitted the mangas introduction so newcomers did NOT see what was coming at all :) Hopefully the game is closer to that in quality than the recent anime reboot

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Spoilers if you're real far behind on comics, ill try be vague.

Considering whats happened in the comics in the past year and a bit, it seems fitting with those events since, they're basically living out a new frontier. And considering the game has jumped ahead 4 years I feel like the name is more of a tease that perhaps certain elements will sync up with the comic in a bigger way this time around, same way they explored michonnes absence during the time jump arc of...

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@cannonb8 It's like Jade Raymond all over again. This always seems to happen when a personality is tied closely to the promotion of a game. The internet just loves to hate things and watch people crash and burn from the immense pressure of a few thousand man children stomping their feet.

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To loosely quote sean murray from 2-ish years ago "With a new gen, most games are shinier versions of older games, with no mans sky we wanted to demonstrate what next gen should really mean, which isn't necesarily using the new processing power to make pretier versions of older games, but to use that power to deliver new ideas an experiences, Now our ideas are hardly new, I just don't think anyones ever put them together in the way we have, and I think you could consider it a &qu...

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I bought both :)

Digital and physical limited edition on ps4
digital on pc

I also happen to be a big 65dos fan, so getting a new album from them is a bonus, have the limited vinyl/cd pre-ordered from lacedrecords. I'm also Irish so Sean Murray is my national hero.

And despite all that, I'm not overhyped. I just know this is the kind of game I've always wanted since I was but a boy, ...

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Amazing, wheres this gif from? I havent seen it. I also have yet to dissect the last two trailers XD Or is this from the recent nucl-ai talk by the former ND guy? I missed out on that last night :(

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There's still a lot of misinformation in these answers or it's lacking in some decent explanations.

For example, in regards to meeting other players, it's worth mentioning that your chances of meeting other people will increase as you approach the centre.

The game has not been in development for 6 years, towards the end of JD2's development, sean started working on it in secret, that puts it at around 2012. However, the game as a concept, ...

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WHY NO IRISH DATES 65DOS?! :( I've seen you on our tiny island a few times in the last 10 years, did we do something wrong? Did Sean warn you we're all feckless drunks?!

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I got a nomanssky Atlas tattoo yesterday... Do they own my arm now? Am I gonna get sued by Hello Games!?

I better just lop that limb off, just in case.

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I'm with you on that one. Nice to meet someone who understands the art of story telling outside of the executive boardroom formula that saturates the market :)

I think if they do make a sequel, it would have to exist within the same universe, as it's ripe for story potential, but ellie or joel should not be the focus, in a perfect world I'd rather they didn't appear at all. But the story would have to be on par with the original to...

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No Math Sky? I'll see myself to the door... *sad charlie brown music*

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I've already paid for my digital copy and my physical collectors edition (i havent bought one of those since halo 2), getting my atlas tattoo on wednesday. Waited my entire life for a game that lets me explore planets with a gorgeous aesthetic like this (not a fan of realism). This game was almost custom made by me, and by one of my fellow irishmen too, WITH a band I've liked for a long time now... Stars have aligned. I am calvin daydreaming he is spaceman spiff, its all i've ever...

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Troll Power Level is over 9000 on this one.

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Only about 100 more of these articles to go until we can escape the confines of our physical universe and get away from all this nonsense and havea good ol laugh at all this clickbait nonsense.

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There are no assets. There are no models. No textures. No nothing. Just algorithms. Models, textures etc are all generated from Super Shapes (google it). The engines code only takes up 16mb. The majority of that 6gb is audio sounds.

If you still dont understand it and you think its worrying, then maybe do a little more reasearch, watch some vids where sean explains why the code is only 16mb and how it generates models and textures from super shapes. I see too many people m...

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@cia_boss you obviously don't understand anything about coding, maths or how this game works, at all, do you? The actual universe is only 16mb in size. The bulk of that 6gb is audio files.

If you think 6gb means the game is cheap, then I say you need to educate yourself, sir.

Looking at a number and deducing that makes the game cheap, is just as moronic and idiotic as flat earthers demanding astro-physicists to "show them the curvature". It...

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YAAAY, you get it :) Sean stated bout 2 years ago the game would only be 16mb if they didn't have to include audio files XD

And you agree with my sentiment that god is a sexy bearded man from waterford. Never followed sports or anything, so i've never had anyone to be proud of from my little island. Then Sean Murray came along and thought me all about pride :) (ok obviously graham linehan and garth ennis and dylan moran make me proud but, they aren't god, are t...

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