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"How's she cuttin'?"


Yeah seriously, what happened to the faces?!!? #5.2
The main reason I would buy this is the ability to switch to the original soundtrack. It was the main reason I avoided buying the ps3 remaster, the new arrangmenets for the music was horrible, almost as bad as the midi music for the original FFVII PC release (and its subsequent re-releases on pc over a decade later).

Also that RNG bug that seems to be present in the game, definitely not picking it up until thats fixed. Completely game breaking. I dunno where i'll find tim... #1.4
The Bloodborne "player" (as in players in a stage play :P ) I wish I kept an eye on was the Old Lady I sent to the Cathedral Ward. She disappeared and left a note, not long after, the guy in the red cloak told me she was killed somehow (not by the guy you can accidentally send there of course, i sent his sorry ass to the clinic ;) ) and I found her dead outside... no idea what happened but I'm guessing I missed something.

Arianna is hunched over now and groaning... #4
When you kill enemies,their bodies stay on the ground in ragdoll until you die or go back to the hunters dream... My plan is when I get near the end is...

Go back to central yarnham, and make my way through all the areas that dont require a teleport to get to, and kill EVERY enemy without dying, then run all the way back to the start through all the rag dolled dead enemies :D

(yarnham, cathedral, forbidden woods, yahar'gal[sp?], Kilmainham Gaol, [i know i... #7.1
Pretty sure I spent longer than that making my character adn getting him just as I imagined he'd look in my head (wasn't tryign to create myself btw, just the kind of character I envisioned being in this universe) #2.2
Didn't someone beat dark/demon souls in 12 minutes or something like that using similar tactics? I remember seeing a headline around here abotu that a few years ago.

I remember I used to do halo:ce level speed runs using glitches on attack on the control room trying to beat others and submit them to (greatest community site for a game ever btw, is it still going? havent been there in about 8-9 years). Fun days :D

I'm too old and slow... #1.6
I've never actually used a bow :( I was just recalling memories from childhood toys/games or when I'm making bow hand gestures for conversation (suprisingly this is a common occurence, like talkign abotu a film where a guy gets an arrow to the jugular)

Morganfell, you're already pretty damn awesome for your comments alone but now to find out you use a bow? Aint nobody gonna fuck with that. Bad ass. #1.2.3
For me I just completely ignored the spiders, i found they distracted me more than anything, even when playing with two friends and all of us taking out the spiders it would get us killed.

My tactic, which I solo'd after they went to bed worked like this.

Attack his sides, his front is highly defensive but side attacks do huge damage, and just be cautious, side step, attack, side step, attack, all while keeping your distance form the spiders.
Yeah I followed a message in my first 15 minutes of playing, told me an npc was an enemy, ended up killing Eileen the Crow :( Well, by that I mean she totally eneded up kicking my ass. Now she's waiting patiently for me in a new area... I'll take her on when I feel like I'm ready :D #10.2.4
All my notes have been very helpful, my most recent ones were leading people to a door that leads to *spoiler*, after you take the elevator thats in Cathedral ward up to the healing cathedral workshop tower, the place you work your way down by dropping on to wooden beams and platforms, I left a few notes guiding people how to land on that ledge with the door without dying, along with gestures to point the correct direction to drop :) I like to help :D #3.1
It is a very viable strategy, the more notes you leave and the more areas you leave them in, the more likely it is to happen, especially if you make certain your notes are super helpful and useful. I've put down a tonne of notes, nearly all of them have 40-50 appraisals :) #2.1.1
Because, making news out of nothign and calling it a secret equals getting lots of sweet hits from bloodborne players scouring for super secrets.

I can't tell you how many times this has saved my life :) I'm always leaving notes at every turn. #1.1.5
Link was only right handed on wii because originally the gamecube port of Twilight Princess was mirrored to match up what they figured the majority of wii users would be using, their right hand. And they just did the same with Skyward Sword.

Link has always been left handed because Shigeru Miyamoto is left handed. That is why :)

Oddly enough, when I use a bow (I'm right handed) I hold the bow with my left hand (arrow with right) but in the new trailer doe... #1.2
After much thought I think he means, for example, letting random people play your destiny characters and them sneakily deleting your progress through the games GUI, in which case, don't let people you don't know play games like destiny/dragonsage/etc where saved progress can be deleted from within the game. Common sense.

Not much of an exploit either, just stupid people letting assholes take control of their system.

Which leads me to think this isn... #6.3.1
Because it's an app that access's a subscription service that's outside of the psn/console games infrastructure, similar to how you can't use your psn wallet to pay for netflix (unless you can in regions outside of EU and I'm not familiar with this).

If you really need music for geometry wars but don't want to pay the sub theres always the usb option, sure youll be restricted to 8gb (last I checked) and it's a pain to transfer etc but theres always... #9.4.1
They had that pointlessly big announcement for it at e3 last year, dont remember if a release date was given. Was annoying because they made it seem like they were announcing a remake. My heart nearly exploded, then withered and died.

I already bought ff7/8/9 on ps3, (and ps1 originally of course). I was kinda hoping I'd get them on ps4 through cross platform without having to rebuy them. Doesnt look like any of those ps1 classics I bought last gen are coming back to me u... #1.2.2
Cake is nothing without the icing! Unless its cheesecake.... OHMAGAWD I NEED CHAYZECAYK! #10.1
The premium service just remove ads and allows you access to a bigger library, at least thats what I've picked up idley from conversation with friends who use the service, it will be free to use forever without a sub (unless spotify change their policies down the line, in the early days they said there would never be ads so... ya never know) #9.1
Exploit? Can someone please elaborate? #6.3
Sharing your entire digital collection with a friend without them needing to be connected to psn? Check.

Share play to digitally pass a controller to your friend? Check (some 3rd party games, mainly ea,ubi,acti ones, wont allow it for obvious reasons)

Suspend/resume? Check.

PSNow? Check (in certain regions, more to follow)

Remote Play from a vita anywhere you can find wifi? Check.

2 free games per platform a... #1.2
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