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"How's she cuttin'?"


I never said FPS fans. I said my friends who happen to purchase every iteration of fps AND sports title, tend not to play games that engage them on a mental level.

They also tend not to read much beyond nuts or zoo magazines, and avoid films that arent comedic or action based.

Thats just the kind of people they are, and im not dissing them either, different strokes.

I dunno how you got I was referring to FPS fans and only FPS fans? Will I... #1.1.2
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He had me till he threw Minecraft in with the likes of COD and WOW...

My friends who buy every cod and every bf and sports title every year without fail wouldn't be caught dead playing minecraft because it requires them to use their brain for more than hand eye coordination.

Damn shame :(

But yeah things have gone south as of late, over the last 7-8 years its been a slow downward spiral in to madness.

But some good has... #1.1
I think someone just wanted an excuse to post pictures of scantily clad women with gaming peripherals... #1
I remember pc Epansion packs fondly in the 90's/early 00's. They were always packed full of content and great value for your money.

When Microsoft introduced "Microtransactions" in 2005 with the dawn of xbox360, I was expecting something very similar.

I was not expecting EA to start a trend right out of the gate on launch day with 128kb encryption keys to unlock content already on the disc.

Was not expecting that at all!... #5
OffTopic but in response to your last sentence.

Andy Gavin followed me on twitter a few months back. And I don't even use twitter all that much except to follow Graham Linehan, I've never geeked out over something like that before but I've been a fan since the first CB game so I started to hyperventilate like a girl in the height of beatlemania. (Thats hyperbolic hyperventilation btw) #1.9.1
The what does clash of clans and candy crush saga prove? People are idiots? #7.2
^^^ Well said buddy. KornLOGIC #6.1.2
But guys, you can pick up a poo and throw it in a urinal. You all obviously missed the meta-symbolic references and deep messages Duke Nukem was trying to convey, you just didnt get it /s ;) #1.3.2
Came in to say exactly this :) Activision have long been proving this, if not with COD they did it with the later guitar heroes after Harmonix moved on from it. And of course the exact opposite is true, Psychonauts (or insert your game of choice) proves that critically acclaimed games can achieve low sales and major financial disappointment.

It all comes down to the power of advertising and the vast majority of consumers afraid to leave their comfort zones.

... #1.2.3
They brought it in-line with other markets. It wouldnt make sense to bring south africa in-line with the rest of the world and then bump up the price even further in other markets once again leaving south africans paying less for ps plus. A friend of mine buys his ps plus sub codes from a South African site so he'll definitely be heart broken by the news. #8.1
Gadzooks I've been had, you've all figured me out for the out of touch old man trying to use the cool kids phrases to fit in archetype that i truly am. I'll pack my stuff in to a box and leave quietly... *plays the sad hulk walking away music that is most likely outdated humor on internet forums*

P.S. Whats a hot pocket? #1.3.3
I'll go futher back than the ps2 era. Comparing the performance of the same game across multiple platforms and declaring who's looks the best has been going on since multiplat titles have been a thing. I witnessed schoolyard fights break out over who had the better version of Street Fighter II despite both games playing identically. #2.2
Personally for me Video comparisons are the worst way to compare two versions of the same game when you factor in server side compression that is common place in video hosting sites, even when theres a HD option its still not the lossless raw image you're seeing, not to mention the users capture set up and which codecs they used when exporting the project, the filetype, lossless or use of compression, etc etc.

If you're really looking for the nitty gritty pixel perfec... #3.2
This comment section should get pretty entertaining soon *grabs popcorn*

-the attach images thingy hasnt worked for me in an age, so I'll just leave this here --> http://persephonemagazine.c... #1.3
It's a pretty hard choice, if I can't maake my mind up between the two I usually panic and pick Bulbasaur. I hear he levels up quicker, and Misty won't know what hit her! #1.1.2
Charmander, of course. #1.1
I was all geared up to buy a Vita just for Tearaway, but now I can hold off on spending food/bills money on a vita since this is coming to PS4 now :D WOO!

10 years ago I bought a PSP just for Loco Roco :P #1.1
Those poor Kiwis :( Sorry Australia I have no sympathy for you. NEW ZEALAND WOO! #8.1
Exactly, it's just greedy publisher executives, MS/Sony/etc don't set the prices on their stores.

EA and Activision are probably the worst, they charge 70 euro for their digital games. Pretty sure the physical copies are cheaper but I haven't been to a game store in 2 years so I actually have no idea about that.

It all started in 2005 for me, when EA set the greedy bastard standard for Microtransactions by selling us unlockign codes for content a... #2.2

Who said I'm playing drops roulette? I do the bounties daily, still havent reached lvl 3 with FWC but I'm getting there, I don't play much Crucible with my Hunter, I play a lot of Crucible with my Warlock and have most the factions on lvl 2 with him, cryptarch I've gotten to lvl 15 with my hunter (11 I think with warlock?)

I have mostly legendary gear (still have blue boots though :'( ) and I picked up that alpha lupi exotic arm... #1.1.2
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