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"How's she cuttin'?"


I think their first troll attempt was FFXIII, then its many sequels, then the psx announcement, and now this :P #1.2.4

Calm down, it's only speculation, by definitely in the pipeline i mean it's definitely on their minds and something they've most likely considered, and I've been paying attention to industry practices and behaviours for 2 decades now so it wouldn't surprise me if it happened. I for one would be delighted that more people get to experience No Mans Sky, I'd feel selfish if I kept it for myself and my ps4/the pc muster race. #1.3.2
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I was responding to Alsybub's query about whether the exlusivity would cover other iterations of SFV, assuming the @above was aimed at me :P #6.1.4
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I think if it still came out last year as initially planned, it may very well have been THE game of the year, but theres so much competition this year. MGSV, UC4, The Order, Witcher 3, no mans sky to name a few.

Looking incredibly forward to all of these, no mans sky may be my personal GOTY, ticks a lot of boxes for me and my 10 year old sci fi loving inner child, assuming it doesn't slip in to 2016.

Cant physically take the wait for MGSV anymore either,... #2.2
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One of my personal GOTY's, wonderful narration unrivaled by most big AAA games this year, and that soundtrack. Delicious #1.12
I think you missed the joke, the "then they wouldnt let us" spiehl was part of the set up so when it switched you'd be surprised. #5.2
It wouldnt cover all iterations, only the initial one unless it is stated in the contract that it does. Resi 4 for example, was a gamecube exclusive, but if they added features that made it a new game from the contract and so allowed them to release it on ps2 eventually. Of course it looked and played a tonne better on the GCN (definitely the most powerful console graphically for that gen). Resi 1 remake still looks amazing on GCN. #6.1.2
It's been fairly obvious from day one the game would be timed exclusive, when it was first announced it didn't even have a platform, Sonys indie clause was the easiest route to take first, and its coming to pc, an xb1 release is definitely in the pipeline, xb1's indie clause seems to become non existent if the game has hype of AAA proportions, they don't care anymore if you released on another platform first.

Give it a year, it'll be on there, unless of co... #1.3
While that is very true, it is silly to make generalisations and assume the xb1 owners saying "numbers dont matter" are the same people saying they did last gen. #16.1
I think as gamers its also in our best interest to know the sustainability of the market and the ins and outs of the industry, you don't have to keep up on it all, but for some folk their hobby extends beyond pressing buttons on a controller.

Of course I understand where you're coming from, its annoying when fanboys come in here and turn it in to a god damn flame war. #15.2
I love that single shot in Children of Men (although achieved through digital trickery).

Same with Birdman, that whole film was cut together fantastically to make it seem like one long take, really captured the dream logic it was aiming for which helped the ending achieve the ambiguity it represented. So many possibilities in that ending, what a freaking amazing movie.

Can't wait to see what Kojima does with single shot takes in MGSV :) #1.2
I'd have to say no to most if not all of these.

Dead Space 1 definitely had way more authentic and more entertaining scares than Dead Space 2, most of these "scary moments" aren't even scary in any way shape of form, they're just gruesome or violent exploitation (Lara impaled, Ethan removin appendages, nuclear bombs,resi beheadings etc)

Silent Hill and Amnesia seem to be the only two highlighted with mention of actual scary moments/thin... #1
It's gotta be the dogs through the window in the original resident evil, #1
I came n here to point that very thing out :) All those chrono trigger fan projects, may they RIP :( #2.1
If t was a square enix game, they'd wait until the fan project was nearly completed and then send out a cease and desist :P Good to see that's not the issue with ND and they appreciate fan projects :D #1.2
For a franchise that use to have it's length as a selling point (remember the ads for FF7 boastng how much Cutscenes there was summed up?) this statement shows how far square enix have gotten from the franchises mainstays, hopefully ffversusxiii/XV is everything ffxiii wasn't.

Afraid to get my hopes up though. #1.1.4
I'm surprised theres any left. All the Sony stores in Dublin shut down YEARS ago, they were terrible anyway and the staff were useless. Shortly before both Dublin stores closed, i'd gone in to both asking about the Playstation 3d tv (the one with the cool splitscreen feature) and nobody in the store even knew what I was talking about, one guy even accused me of making it up saying i was "winding them up".

This comes as no surprise, sony have been cutting ba... #3
Did they call their weather system "Skynet"? Cos... *dons tinfoil hat* that'd be CRAZY! #7.1
@johndoe11211 & @bc_master_haze

Yup, was my initial reaction too haha. So many great games that had a sequel in mind that were amazing and never got that sequel due to low sales figures... if a game like watch dogs does get a sequel, I will curl up and cry for those that have fallen.. for like, a week. #1.2.3
What was worse for me was, even after the downgrade was confirmed by the community, they still denied it and the biggest post-downgrade offence imaginable, released incredibly photoshopped bullshots to advertise the game. Meanwhile at the same time, Kojima Productions put up comparison videos/screens showing the differences and key exclusive features between the ps3/x360/ps4/xb1 versions of ground zeroes on konamis website. Ubisoft take note, this is how you do transparency!!!! #1.3
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