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"How's she cuttin'?"


Back to space with you and your illogical reasoning. BEGONE! BACK I SAY! #1.3.7
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I'm aware of this, and it was the exact same case with Natal/Kinect, press got to try it and see it in action, but we still had those heavily conceptualised marketing trailers. Don't get me wrong, I'm not dismissing the product as vaporware, all I'm saying is I'm looking forward to seeing it in action. Of course people will spin what I have to say in whatever negative connotations they desire. #1.1.4
Was very dissapointed to see it wasn't cross buy, I'd already purchased it on both x360 and ps3 in the past, such a shame really since it's more or less the exact same game. #1.2
Squeenix, where great franchises go to become shadows of their former selves with all the passion drained from them, or in some cases, just left to die altogether.

The odd time a gem might slip through their PR/Demographic "quality" control, but damn thats rare. Or an Auteur like Tetsuyo Nomura works endlessly to have his vision seen to fruition (FFversusXIII/FFXV) #19.1
I just wish it was going to look as good as that promotional video made it look. Augmented reality has come a long way, but it's not quite at that standard yet. Maybe in another decade? Who knows.

Looking forward to seeing how it actually looks in action.

Hopefully we get to see it sooner rather than later and the differences between the PR "vision" and the actual implimentation isn't as disappointing as Project Natal Promo Vids vs Kinect.... #1.1.2
I've always loved these halo panoramas, does anyone remember that guy who rigged his xbox original controller with a little button and a motor so it would pan and take screenshots in Halo 2 at the optimal points to make the perfect pano?

Bungies screenshot/theatre/onlinestatt racking/postgameKillMaps for the halo franchise are still unrivaled and they did that over 10 years ago. What gives, everybody else?! You could go on, view any game you played, view the maps from va... #4
You speak to me as if I'm an idiot who can't recognise quality artists from absolute hacks. #4.2.2
Hiphopgamer?! I shouldve known... I thought he was banned form the internet much like Jack Thompson was barred from practicing law? #3.1.2
Exactly, and the reason is pure and simple. Editorial pressure. It's been the same the last 2-3 gens, whichever console is the biggest selling will get the same treatment.

If you bash an exclusive from said console you'll not only get hits from the competitions userbase looking to feel better about/affirm their purchase but you'll also get hits from enranged fanboys spouting PR buzzwords in defence of the title, and then you also get the rational few from both si... #1.2.2

I have been doing lsd derived hallucinogens a lot more often lately I must admit but... I'm 100% positive that's not the reason why I bought my ps4. I have a talking giraffe on a walrus mount with jetpack feet to back me up on that, he knows what he's talking about man. #1.1.25
Why such low bubbles for someone who's actually making sense?

We had these exact same arguments early last gen and the exact same type of people defending their console purchases believing it was some sort of magical endless box of power. And they didn't stop til about 4 years in when fanboys could draw on the argument "well of course pc games are better, these consoles are 4 years old now".

Those who fail to learn from history are doomed t... #24.1
"what was the point in bringing out new consoles? "

Are you serious? I don't think you understand how these things work. The CPU/GPU aren't just doing graphical things, theres a lot more going on elsewhere and it opens up the console gamer to new posibbilities on the processing side (No mans Sky for example) that just were not possible at ALL on the old consoles.

Graphics are more than resolution and framerate too.

There ar... #25.1
Which is why 60fps or more should really only matter when theres a competitive element. Those milliseconds of reaction time are crucial.

Single player gaming? 30fps is fine, the ai is not going to get the edge on you (there are some exceptions, fighting games primarily, AI can be a miserable bitch sometimes).

If they can hit 60fps, thats always a nice thing to have, but not having it isn't going to detract from the game experience all that much unless you... #5.3.1
It's a sad day that developers need to come out and clarify these things. The uneducated fanboys from all sides of the "war" have ruined this gen :(

It's like going to McDonalds and complaining when the food is not gourmet cuisine. You want that, pay more and get a gaming PC.

We've known the console specs since day one, not sure why it is such a shocking surprise or an outrage to people.

Sure some games on console wi... #1.4.4
Did someone actually do that? :-/ Am I on Bizarro Earth again? I'd love a link to that, sounds like a laugh of a read :D #3.1
@lipton101 Back to your cave Troglodyte! And take your tinfoil hat with you! *continues celebritory dance that started the other day when STRAFE hit its goal* #4.2
You mean other gens had remakes/remasters? But-but-but I thought this gen was the remake gen!? /s

God I hate the people who actually believe a bounty of remakes/remasters are a new phenomenon to this gen, and I hate the bloggers and journos who perpetuate that myth even more.

I can see MGS:Twin Snakes getting the "HD Remaster" treatment similar to Resi 1 Remake got a "HD" release, they were both GameCube exclusives after all :)
... #2.1.2
The potato salad thing was a joke and a spoof of bad kickstarter ideas itself, to show that idiots will pledge towards anything. He used the money attained to put on a festival themed around potato salad, all proceeds went to charity, they raised more than was gained from the kickstarter I believe, so as funny as that potato salad one seems, it actually worked out extremely well, unlike the kickstarters it was spoofing :) What a hero.

The potato salad was makign light of kick... #1.1.8
I predicted how the story would go months ago, when its people fighting monsters its ALWAYS going to be cliche. ALWAYS. If someone was expecting some magnus opus full of subtext and commentary on our own society, they were deluding themselves. I'm more interested in the visual medium of the storytelling for this game than the words people spew from their mouths and moustaches.

As for the 5.5 hour game length, what difficulty were they even playing on? My friends played ab... #8.1.3
You sir, are a sir! Plus bubbs for being sensible and observant, you've put in to words so well what I've been trying to get across to people for so long (when I usually try, i trip on my words, and forget to mention certain vital things). Keep on being a bastion of hope for those on n4g that have grown weary of fanboys, trolls, and children.

Actually, speaking of fanboys and trolls and children (OH MY!), I had a discussion with my flatmate yesterday about how I shoul... #3.2.1
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