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He freaking loved Portal as well :)

I dunno if he still has links up on his site but Yahtzee made some point and click adventure games in his teens and early twenties, check em out.

My favourite part of Zero Punctuation is reading the rabid defensive comments from people who don't get what zero punctuation is all about. It's pointing out a games short comings in an overtly hyperbolic fashion. Don't take it to heart :P

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Dark Forces 2; Jedi Knight and it's expansion packs were the first star wars games where I felt like an actual jedi, stealing storm troopers guns with the force right out of their hands, epic lightsaber battles and deflecting blaster shots, force pushing, lightning and choking, and a dark/light morality slider that would change live action ctscenes and the ending... Very few star wars games have done it as well as that, If you played it today for the first time it might not have that same...

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It would be an oversell if that wasn't the case but, we've been shown time and time again this game is gigantic(not EXACTLY infinite, finite on a galactic scale, but definitely infinite in a human lifespan kinda way)

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Delayed yet again? This is the first delay since we were given a solid release date. Before that all we had was Holiday 2015 and that release was given in 2013 and never touched on again.

I'm sick of seeing the same statements over and over again despite there being info out there to squash them all, you know the statements. "This game cant meet the hype" or "what do you even do in this game"? Anyone still saying those things just isn't looking i...

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I really hope these rumors aren't true. I booked time off work for this :(

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The story is about an unofficial game-guide, not a game information reveal. Why were you expecting new details here?

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Yay, someone who gets it!

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Uncharted 3's dyamic levels on water were and still are some of the most impressive things ive seen in gaming from a technical standpoint.Like, I just don't knowhow they pulled that off last gen!

Around the same time I was mesmerised by a PC games use of fully dynamic fluid based water physics, called Cryostasis. At the time I didn't have a pc so I don't know what became of that game but, sad to see it wasn't on this list. From what I recall it was incre...

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Theres a lot of misinformation as well as contradictions in this article.

For example, in the opening paragraphs

"delays after delays, not to mention The Last Guardian which is in development for almost a decade.

Does this have anything to do with Sony being in the driver’s seat this generation? Could this mean that are becoming a bit complacent?"

See what I mean? How does a game from last gen being delayed due to t...

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65days are only one of my favourite bands, ever :D Got introduced to em in 2007 when my mate had a spare ticket to see em in temple bar music centre. This game was almost tailor made for me :3

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"But, but, but what do you DO in the game!?"

Seriously if one more person asks that, I quit this site. We've had 100's of articles, interviews and videos over the past 2 and a 1/2 years explaining and revealing all the amazing things there are to do in this world.

If someone is still wondering after reading this (even though most of this info is about 2 months old now) then, well your intentions are known.

Sorry, it just fee...

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I thought we learned this in the 90s? Live action cutscenes are, well they're not always that great for games. Regardless, the game looks enjoyable from what I'd seen a few years back (havent been following it recently) and Remedy have never disappointed me.

In regards to the article, it's pretty hyperbolic, it won't stop developers taking risks. The right kind of developer will always take the right kind of risks, it's only the big behemoth publishers wi...

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Dailystar? Reeeally?

Come on guys... Don't feed the centuries old trolls of the print world. You know better than that.

To those unaware, the daily star, the star, the daily mail, the sun, etc etc, are horrible tabloid papers read by absolute morons in the UK & Ireland.

Please stop using them as sources for news. I keep seeing illinformed stateside or mainland european users on n4g link to their stories in an effort to fan the flame...

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"no story," - This is incorrect, the game has plenty of lore, and several alien factions with their own histories and philosophies

"no missions," - Not in the traditional sense, more in the minecraft sense, you set your own mission, be you trader, pirate, explorer, warrior, defender, whatever. Immerse yourself!!

"no objectives," - There are plenty of objectives, NPCs hand em out, but they're more like tasks, or problems.

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Whaytever happened to those biometric controllers they were workshopping in the early days of steambox development? The ones that guaged yr perspiration levels, heart beat etc so that games could use that information to react to yr moods etc, that sounded sweet. Maybe the tech just wasn't where it needed to be or not at an affordable level? Either way... I want me some biometric controllers!

Also this is a nice moment to link to any time MS or Sony have a data breach and...

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It seems a lot of people saying no are greatly misinformed or havent done their research. Hello Games have stated time and time again that they don't want to show us anything outside of the basic gameplay elements because they want it all to be a surprise in a climate where it feels like you already know everything about a game before you even play it.

Personally, I'd pay 60 euro for the "unlimited" 65days music being blasted at me but then again I've b...

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Did anyone actually read her thesis? She's not talking about children, as in prepubescent, she's talking about teens who are already sexual active and already sending dick pics to people in their school via snapchat etc.

Dirty old men aren't the only ones making "child" pornography. The teens are making the majority of it. And I knew plenty of guys and girls in my school who were chasing people much older than them. I'm 28 now and I lost my virginity...

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Woooo, Robert Atkin Downes!

So, 4 different roles across 4 main uncharted games?

Or are Navarro,Tenzin and Talbot returning for a semi-posthumous triple threat?!

Haha, 100% undoubtedly the latter, but that won't stop the fan fics coming! Or maybe A cameo from TLOU's Robert to tie the two universes together, uncharted 4 ending with nate getting infected with cordyceps, super dark ending XD Ah, if only in the feverest of fever dreams!

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I'm confused as to what this article is talking about... as long as you are playing physical/digital games on your primary console, you can play them (minus online features of course) regardless if psn is up or down or you're connected to the internet. At least that's the case in Ireland/Europe.

When PSN is down, I can play my friends games (my console is his primary) and he can play mine (his console is my primary) but we can't play our own (the price we pay...

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Personally, I'm going to at least wait until i've reached the "end game" at the centre of the galaxy, once I have access to the centre, finding a friend should be easier. It's the only true landmark in the game where you can go "hey meet me near the big bright spot at the centre". Of course it will probably still take a while to find eachother, but will be easier.

I imagine as you approach the centre thats when you'll probably run into anot...

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