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"How's she cuttin'?"


I used to have an ISP that would log me off of XBL or PSN every hour like clock work so, I'm more than prepared for the interruption! I knew those two years of ISP hell would pay off in the end! :P (/s) #2.3.6

This is nothing like the family sharing plan that was supposed to be a part of xbox one, nothing like it at all. The console sharing (that has been a part of PS4 since launch) is probably more akin to what family sharing would have been like.

PS3 had something similar to "family sharing" too albeit a bit more generous with the amount of consoles you could share your content with. I had 4 friends from what I recall using my FF7 purchase... #2.1.10
As great as this feature is, it makes me sad to see a grammatically incorrect headline at the top of n4g. The end times are upon us!!! :P #1.19
So is Morrisey, but I still like The Smiths. I try to separate personality from talent, most genius's tend to be pricks, just some were fortunate to have lived and died before Social Networking became a thing.

Not defending Phish's attitude, just that I'd consider it unfair to boycott his work because of it. Fez was a really great game, had he made a terrible game I'd understand avoiding anything he does in future, but going off the critical acclaim the game h... #1.1.8
I got something like "I held him. never moving" or something alongthose lines. cant remember its been a few days, it came up when i was standing still looking up online how to get the damn second laugh. still havent gotten it :P #5.2.1
It's like they enjoy winning those "Worst company in America" awards or something #2.2
ok so picture is completed, waited til midnight, walked in to bathroom, looked at baby, couldnt get ghost lady to appear in mirror, but wierd writing did come up and I heard a strange voice id never heard before (after the sound drains out).

i did get a ghost lady in the mirror before but that was just randomly when I was going through the loop the other night.

I know if you take ten steps exactly it makes the baby laugh after the chimes, so do i look at cloc... #1.2.3
theres a peep hole in that red looping hallway :) look in to it until the sequence ends, you should see a painting on the ground against the wall where it should be. I was stuck on that for a long long time too! #1.3.2
*SPOILERS in my comment for those who've yet to play, I guess*

I coujldnt finish it either but for different reasons.

I was stuck on that last loop (the continuous one where yr flashlight changes colour each time) but couldnt trigger the end, and it seemed like the internet was very conflicted on what exactly triggered the end.

I tried saying Hey to the ghost lady with my mic, walking ten steps after the bells to trigger the baby laugh, I... #1.2
I can see why they've done this, I definitely see a lot of my friends holding my PS4 for ransom when I "pass" the controller :3 #1
What I figured was, going from hints in the "teaser" there seems to be multiple dimensions so "silent hills" seems fitting.

The line that seems to cement this for me is the part where it says,

"there is only one me, But are you sure there is only one you?",

or something along those lines.

I felt like every time I went through a door I was entering that room in different reality's or dimension... #1.2
Game of a generation (as in ps3/360), if not game of the millenium (thus far). I've still yet to play a game this gen that effected me in the ways that TLOU did. Not to say I havent played some great games this gen (transistor really made an impact on me) but TLOU truly is perfection in all aspects of game design. #9.2
Oh sweet jeebus I forgot about Far Cry 4, definitely gonna be picking up a few GOTY awards alright.

Arkham Knight probably wouldve cleaned house, lucky for Halo MCC, TLOU:r, Destiny and FC4 (among other titles) rocksteady decided to delay it to next year :) #7.3
I dont get why PC gamers come in to console topics. Shouldn't they be fighting with each other for not buying the right graphics card or cpu (be it amd/nvidia/intel etc, it's the decades old pc equivilant of the console war. Personally I'd go with Nvidia all the way, come at me bro!) #6.1.2
Agreed, I've witnessed the dawn of 5 generations in my lifetime, and this has probably been the best first year a generation has had. There are no shortage of games that have my interest be they AAA or Indie, there's always something to play :)

I can see Destiny taking home a good portion of GOTY awards this year, but does it really matter? There is no "definitive" awards show for games that say "THIS is the OFFICIAL game of the year", any two-bit... #4.2.1
Last gen was incredibly long, I've had friends graduate from college twice, get married, have kids, attend those kids school plays etc etc during the last generation of consoles, and they came out when I was 18. 9 years for 360, 8 for ps3 (7 in europe.

Before that, every other gen I'd gone through was 5 years max. Being SO used to that 5 year cycle actually put me off console gaming for a long time, from e3 2010 and onwards I was constantly expecting announcements of... #3.1
Simple typos are allowed on community forums, not so much a published article. Hilarious still that he made an oversight like that though while discussing spelling errors XD Doesn't detract from anything he said though.

This article is just pure click bait. New gen came too late if you ask me, should've happened 2 years ago like previous gens. I guess the "global" recession effected everything! #1.1.1
Thanks Dannycr :) I'll have to go on the hunt for one because I'm moving in to a new apartment and I gave my parents my old tv because theirs broke so, sharing a tv with my new room mate is gonna ware on us eventually :P And I refuse to spend more than 200 on a small tv for my room XD #3.7.2
Well according to a crysis spokesperson back when cryengine 3 was being revelead for consoles, they said that they lost a lot of money developing crysis and this is why they decided to focus on multiplatform with their next engine. #2.2.3
Apparently a lot of people seem to think its some sorta remake with heavily altered gameplay areas like RESI 1 on gamecube or something, then are shocked when its the exact same.

Some people jsut dont realise its an opportunity to play an amazing game with better lighting, textures, frame rate etc. #7.1.1
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