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I'm not the only one who is reminded of Dishonored when looking at their logo, right?

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Yeah, it comes out on the 9th. not the 5th. Sorry about that.

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The game actually has a massive expansion pack coming out called the Following; it's map size is supposed to be as big as the main game. And I personally think it's underrated as far as the gameplay goes; the story is shit in the base game but seems to be a lot more interesting in the upcoming DLC which I'm pretty sure comes out tomorrow.

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Safe to say, I'm boycotting the hell out of this game. It's a shame too because it actually looked pretty fun but oh well; vote with your wallet.

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Why is this news exactly?

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Who cares what he said? It's really dumb and worth a laugh, but not something to make giant news. People say stupid shit like this all the time.

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Same c:

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They actually had a lawsuit against them saying they had to change the name. Not sticking up for the game cause its horrible but just pointing that out.

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I don't really like Day Z especially cause it is taking them forever to do anything with Day Z but good for you man.

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Hopefully most the bugs and shit will be fixed by the time the PC version of this is released.

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One quick note, the first Dead Island was announced in 2007 and not 2011; re-announced yes but not the first announcement. Great review other wise.

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You sir/miss, are dumb; Incredibly dumb.

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Who the fuck is disagreeing with that statement? Oh yeah, the same people who think Xbox Live Gold is a value.

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Short Answer: Yes.

Long Answer: Yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeees.

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I saw Geoff Keighley's name and turned it off haha.

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Probably cause Geoff Keighley is a complete fake.

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Gearbox, it's way too late to be trying to fix this broken mess of a game.

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Skyrim was disappointing but still a good game in my opinion.

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The quote for the online section is priceless.

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This list is more of the best kills moves of this generation than a most revolutionary list.

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