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if the past 2 games were any indication...yes it will be. It destroyed 2009.

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wait till the ngp drops.

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none of those things matter. Not then and not now. Because once a bad product is made popular, the ignorant gobble it up and it's deemed a success.

"Dude my xbox broke 5 times. I need to buy another one."
"You have a 360? I need to grab me one too!"

^7 consoles right there.

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yeah dual core tegra devices will make everthing b4 them outdated. I feel bad for the ppl that just bought evos, evo shifts and verizon iphones trying to jump on the hype train cuz they're jumping on the wrong one.

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i've been waiting about 6 months for someone to officially say its coming to tmobile, do you know for sure?...that's a real phone there. Only thing i think is better than that is the atrix...1gb or ddr2 on my phone?...tits.

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talk about being a sucker.

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I think everyone hated the fact that there was nothing extra to do after the game was over. The phone calls got annoying but I think somehow, someway, ppl decided to hate gta4...because it ended.

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i get just wanted attention. but ps2 gra...sigh...nevermind. Guess you had elite pre ordered.

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had it pre-ordered since last month. Still hating the fact that there is no collector's edition. 2k missed out, I would've bought that for sure.

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lmao at the person who posted: "no I already have a wii".

and to the guy who responded:" Should you buy a car?
No I already have Roller blades" are my hero.

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slut? lmfao...that's pretty funny.

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i'm so immature.

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blur is ok dunno about dj hero though.

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If you can deal with the rubber band AI.

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ur joking right? get outta here u bum.

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people bought the arcade that came with what...a 512mb stick? MS knows their'll complain, but you'll probably still buy it.

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comment system just failed me.

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he just said 2 months ago he was going to bring a championship to cleveland and not stop till he got one then burned the city on national tv. I got no respect for something like that. If he was going to leave I would've picked the bulls also. Either way staying in cleveland would've been the smartest thing he could do (coming from a bulls fan)

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