PS4/PC/WiiU = The Best of All Worlds
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The trailer for Star Wars Battlefront looked very good. I cant wait to see more about this game at Sonys E3 conference.

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Sony has been firing on all cylinders. There's a reason why the PS4 is leading in sales worldwide. Sony has a proven track record of quality gaming going back 20 years. Im excited to see what Sony has planned for this years E3, Gamescom and Tokyo Game Show events.

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Congrats to Sony on the PS4's worldwide success. Its great to see Sonys gaming division doing so well. Its definitely well deserved.

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Star Wars Battlefront is one of the most anticipated games coming out this year. Its a smart business move for Sony to market big AAA 3rd party games along with their exclusives.

But no, this is nothing new for Sony. Since the launch of the PS4, many big 3rd party studios have already partnered with Sony to market their games like Assassins Creed IV, Watchdogs, Destiny, Far Cry 4, Grand Theft Auto V, NBA2K, Battlefield Hardline, Batman Arkham Knight, Metal Gear Solid V and mo...

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Alan Wake was one of the few games I enjoyed on the 360 along with the Gears of War and Mass Effect games. An Xone remaster would be a pretty good sign that a sequel might be coming.

I'm glad Remedy can have more freedom with choosing which platform they can release Alan Wake 2 on. Much like with Respawn bringing TitanFall 2 to PS4, Remedy could also take advantage of the huge PS4 community and sell a ton more copies. I would definitely consider playing Alan Wake 2 on eit...

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Its always great to hear feel good stories like these. Good work to both Sony and the McDonalds charity.

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Ive always said both systems have their strengths and weaknesses. As a gamer that owns a PS4, PC and WiiU, Ive always believed in enjoying the best of all worlds and I have had the privilege of enjoying some of the best games Sony, Microsoft and Nintendo have to offer.

As far as the author of this article, I say kudos to him. As primarily a PlayStation gamer first and foremost, its always great to see Xbox fans coming over and enjoying all of the great gaming experiences the ...

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@DDOS - What does it matter if The Order 1886 was delayed a few months? Sony still had to market the game. And how is that any different then when MS delayed Ryse from being a 360 Kinect game and pushed it back to become an Xone launch game?

You say many people "dont care about baseball"? Speak for yourself on that one bud. Again, it doesnt change the fact Sony has to market the game. I love how anti-Sony fans pick and choose what games "counts".

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Sony had to market Bloodborne, The Order 1886 and MLB15 The Show all in the same time frame. And they still went out and secured marketing rights for Batman Arkham Knight, Metal Gear Solid V and now Star Wars Battlefront. So that excuse is not valid.

The difference with MS is that although they have Halo, Tomb Raider and Forza to market...the point is they havent really needed to market too many games through the first 10 months of the year. So their marketing budgets for Oct...

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I already have my copy pre-ordered. But im still very tempted to just pick up the limited edition Batman PS4 bundle instead. It looks awesome.

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@marlinfan -

Xbox is marketing:
- Halo 5
- Tomb Raider
- Forza
- Witcher 3

PS4 is marketing:
- Bloodborne
- The Order 1886
- MLB15 The Show
- Batman Arkham Knight
- Metal Gear Solid V
- Star Wars Battlefront

Advertisement budgeting is a part of the gaming industry so thats really no excuse.

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@ryan - Just like MS has a very thin lineup the entire first 10 months of the year. Sony already had to put their time and effort into promoting Bloodborne, The Order 1886 and MLB15 The Show and that didnt stop them from also marketing Batman Arkham Knight, Metal Gear Solid V and now Star Wars Battlefront. So thats really no excuse.

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@tinynuggins - MS may have a "full plate" this holiday season with Halo, Tomb Raider and Forza...but lets be honest. The only other AAA retail game I think they have to market this entire year is Witcher 3. Marketing budget is not a factor.

As of right now, Sony will be marketing Bloodborne, The Order 1886, MLB15 The Show, Batman Arkham Knight, Metal Gear Solid V and now even Star Wars Battlefront. Sonys plate has been just as full as MS, but that didnt stop them fr...

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The Star Wars Battlefront trailer looked awesome. I cant wait to see more about it at E3. And based on the new information that EA partnered with Sony on the marketing and endorsement deal for the game, I wouldnt be surprised if it was highlighted at the Sony E3 event this year the same way Destiny was last year.

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EA partnering with Sony on the Star Wars Battlefront marketing deal is a very surprising announcement. Either way, the trailer looked awesome. I cant wait to see more at E3.

It will probably be a similar deal to what Sony did with Destiny. Star Wars Battlefront will no doubt now show up on Sonys E3 stage and maybe even announce exclusive PS4 DLC or an early advanced PS4 beta.

Meanwhile, xbox fans will get to play the game a few days early thanks to EA access....

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@tinynuggins - The difference is that the PS4 also has very good sales numbers worldwide during the holidays even if the Xone slightly beats it for one or two months in the US.

When you add to that the fact that the PS4 already outsells the Xone the other 10 - 11 months of the year, its not going to make or break the PS4 based on what happens in November.

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350,000 combined PS4 and Xone sales sound very good. But like everyone else, im very curious to know what the actual split in sales numbers are. Either way, its great to see the PS4 doing so well in the US and UK which used to be Microsofts strongest markets.

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@badz149 - You know how it is, the goal posts are always moving with some people.

@gamedev1 - Some people only see what they want to see. They'll ignore the fact PS4 had 6 games leading in sales in the top 10 chart (including Call of Duty). Xbox only had 3.

@MichaelLito - you do know overall lifetime sales of GTAV on PS4 and PS3 are already *way* ahead of xbox right?

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Congrats to Sony on the PS4's continued worldwide success. Definitely well deserved.

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Congrats to Sony on the PS4's continued worldwide success. Definitely well deserved. Its also great to see both PS4 March exclusives Bloodborne and MLB15 The Show making the top 10 list.

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