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Ok good for u

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yea google u may know alot of stuff but i will decide which console will win for me

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yea and i can count to potato. these articles are stupid when they do come out theyn we can see which is better or not

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this website is the worst!!!!!!!! so many damn ads!!! save urself some time dont click the link its stupid!

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U need to get back in the kitchen and make a sandwich

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I use Netflix on my ps3 and wii u kinda cool for both

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I have a ps3 sold my 360 2 weeks ago and got lucky about a week ago i picked up a 32gb wii u haven't opened it yet i want to keep kind off but i know i can make some $ off it right now but if nintendo can make some cool core games i might just keep it

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So i have a unopened wii u 32gb should i keep it or sell it on craigslist?

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Went to my walmart 2day at 9pm grabbed the last 32 gb one they had! Now do i keep it or sell it on craigslist;)?

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YouTube shall see a big jump of little kids swearing and yelling then crying cause they get banned!

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Well at first i wasn't gonna get black ops 2 but after watching a few video's of multiplayer i said ok bot bad so I'll be getting it day1 plus i was so disappointed with mw3 so i like treyarch they make way better games.

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Repost this old news

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Hey look another cash cow gets a high score cause they payed off IGN

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both are the same pretty much and anyways the game is amazing !!!!!!!!!! so everyone enjoy this kick ass game!

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dont care never buying anything made by infinity ward mw3 was a huge let down and they are not getting any of my money!

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Great score for a great game picked it up at lunch can't wait to pop in this bad boy and messing up some red coats!

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god damn IGN activison must be milking ur ass hard!!!! its sad to see a good game get bad reviews when big companies like activison pay off scum bags like IGN to rate other games low. and watch black ops 2 will get 9 out of 10 screw up IGN and activison!

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What about the rank reseting i wanna go higher then lvl 6!!!!!!!

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It's not a clone u troll? The first Medal of Honor came out in 1999 the first call of duty came out in 2002! So who's clone really is it ! Think before u speak

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