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For all who are wondering, the original title described the video as "lovely"

It has since been changed. #1.2
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-Takes a bow- #4.1
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Aye, it does. I'm not really a FF man (soz) but if the drivings any good, I'll give it a go. #1.1
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Even BETA on PS4... geddit? #1.1
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Don't think it's for Smash, the back cover doesn't follow the trend #1.1
Vert, very retro. Hoping this finds its way to consoles, maybe even Vita #1.1
"this is just what poured out of my heart"

Barf. #2
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It got me hooked, Yakuza 4 was my first ever one (shame on me, I know) so I'm looking forward to this one coming out over here #2.1.1
I dunno, eating maggots...

On one hand, I get what you're saying, on the other, I'm happy it's not too complicated - I'll be able to get them all! The amount of games where I've barely even gotten 20% of trophies/achievements is insane, it'd be nice to finish one completely #1.1
Ah, thanks for that, I'll update it :) #1.1
True that. I'd consider Star Wars Battlefront for PC at this price, then again, most of my mates are console players... #1.2
Wasn't just polygon either... It's one thing to speculate the name, but it's just plain thick to assume off a URL #1.1
Good thing that's not the game's title, then. #2.1
Taken from the article:

[Update] Some users in specific regions may not be able to pre-load just yet, but it is available for some. If your region has not yet allowed pre-loading of Until Dawn, go to your library and select ‘auto download’ and it will auto-magically download when it becomes available, which for most will be sometime today.

Hope this helps :) #2.2
Where are you US or EU?

Edit - North America even, can't leave out the Canadians! #2.1
May even be possible if you had AC: Unity, too #4.1
Lol that was my error. It has been updated with a correction. What I meant is that it is going to be put through its paces before crackdown 3 comes out, once it becomes compatibile of course. #6.1
I just noticed my comment "what is wrong with you" comes across very harsh - not the intention, but instead, what do you mean. #2.3
Could be, or they could be showing this plus a new game. #1.1
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