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I'm always happy to be unhappy. If there's nothing to moan about, what's even the point in being alive?

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I am interested in a masterpiece, just not this one.

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A bit of both? I dunno. All the reefer got me thinking sideways.

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On a roll? I'd love to know how...

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@nd87 - how is that in any way relevant? It's not, but you need to lash out with insults to make up for it. It's ok. I understand, not everyone is able to have a decent discussion.

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Why would I do that? I'd be better of banging my head against a wall rather than going toe-to-toe with the man who has played every single-player game, including God of War which has been out for, at the time of writing, 15 minutes.

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And this is the kind of thing the article talks about. Just because someone doesn't like God of War doesn't mean they're automatically against single-player games.

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Most likely not.

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Basically robbed the character flat out - it never felt like Sam was Sam in Blacklist.

And supposedly, Ironside wasn't in Blacklist because he was going through cancer treatment. Fair play to Ubisoft for not dragging that out - their "excuse" is kind of excusable know that we know why Ironside wasn't in the game.

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Different people reviewed the games.

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This should win comment of the year for N4G - and we're only in January!

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It's weird - we got South Park and Just Dance 2018 without any problem from Ubisoft, but no answer when we requested Assassin's Creed.

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Because the vast majority of PS4 owners are using a base PS4...

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stay strong, brother.

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I did know this, actually, but for the majority it is known as being the sign of the Third Reich. Its something called "context", though that may be unfamiliar to "clueless plebs"

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2 million people in North America use AOL dial up. The region I lived in Wales didn't have internet at all, you had to rely on mobile dongles. 10 minutes from where I live now - Wolfsburg - is dial-up only, while I'm sat here with relatively alright cable.

I think it's very unfair to say "lol just move" when that's not really an option for some people. Take the author, Hannah, as an example: she lives on a boat with her family.


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