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co op is coming Autumn, as Naughty Dog said before release...

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I think that's grossly unfair to ask a person to change their name because the word has been ruined by the actions of horrible humans.

If anything, he should be proud of his name and use it as anyone else would use theirs. What the point in succumbing to hate?

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Starts a bit f a bore but once you've upgraded max and the car, it's pretty decent. Don't bu if you're sick of Ubi-style open world's though...

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port of the mobile version. Not bad, but not perfect. Worth the price though if you're a big XCOM nut as there's nothing along the same lines as it on Vita.

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Nope, it was with the day one patch, as noted in a separate story detailIng the patch.

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You also need to learn some manners... Rude.

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You need to take a good look around and learn the definition of clickbait.

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yeah this article was submitted a couple of days ago, but it only got approved today, so some of the wording may be out of date by that time.

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it works with NA PSN, too

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Still says "gratuito" on the link. My Portuguese is... pathetic, but I think it means free.

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And yes, this got approved as the colourful N4G community saw fit to approve it.

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well done on picking out a site that's known for cherry-picking pro-PS4 comments.

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Gta trilogy is where it's at! Vice city! Though leave San Andreas till its patched like III and Vice City

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I'll save everyone the time and post the "patch notes" here:

General fixes and improvements.

There. Four words...

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It's hard writing with 0 hours sleep due to a newborn baby. I apologise profusely, but my baby doesn't care. Sorry!

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It was approved six hours (or seven, depending on when this is read) but it was put into pending over 2 days ago, so it's not entirely up to date. Since then there have been new discounts on EU store (not including the Spring sale.) I think this is something to feedback to the site developers - if something is approved at around the 48 hour mark, it's not always going to be relevant :/

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this is actually a couple days old, submitted 2 days ago :/

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Nah, I don't think they mean full on taking The Division back to crossbow times, but more around the period of the initial virus outbreak. So from different points in time in different locations is the more likely.

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Then you remember wrong. It wasnt announced until after 2014.

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We've been spoiled by decent frame rates, so the choppiness is pretty bad

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