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It's the fact that PC users are usually better off when it game editing tools, but this time around it's an all-in-one solution which many PC players arent happy about.

Pretty simple really... #6.1
Ty 4 is - it was originally only for windows 8 app store but they're going to be making it available to more PC users. As for the rest - haven't the foggiest. Personally hoping for a PS Vita collection, but that's about as likely as my landlady reducing the rent. #2.1
And that is made abundantly clear in the article, it's just to let people know that they're not the only one's having problems with the beta. #3.1
Personally, I'd be pretty happy with it just for basic PC usage like Internet browsing etc, especially handy with kb+m #2.1
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It wasn't that bad. OK, it was basically the same Ubi formula weve been playing for years, but it had its moments... #1.1
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Direct the nose of your car towards tge ground and then boot. Thank me later :) #4.1.1
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-- Reported by the community --
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You didn't read the article by the sounds of it. The title is in no way meant to mislead, it is what Spencer said. Edge: is the parity clause dead. Spencer: I think so.

Yes, he does go on to talk more about it, but it's certainly a far cry from a couple of years ago. #2.1.1
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Are you daft? No offense mate, but when he was asked, he even said himself: I think so. How is that misleading? Granted, he does go on and explain in more detail what he thinks of the so-called clause, but to call it all bullcrap is a bit out of line. #1.1.2
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Bubble bobble! Christ, I can remember spending hours watching my dad play that on the old,old,old Pc. #8.1
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I wouldn't be surprised. I actually miss the days where games would have mini-documentary videos, like behind the scenes stuff. I've still got the LoTR games for the Gamecube and they're filled with some cracking extra videos #1.1
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Haha it's sorted now. Put that one down to a long bloody day! #3.1
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Yeah it was a big problem during the beta, my console would get hella hot if I left the menu on while making a brew. Shocking it's still a problem to be honest. #2.1
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Download remotely using the store browser, then they should be ready to roll when you get home. #1.3.1
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I can't comment personally as I'm in Europe, but maybe try a search? The excerpt up top has been changed to reflect it's currently only the EU. #1.1
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Personally, I thought this was a good read. Completely agree with the "gamer" sentiment - it shouldn't be a persons defining trait, it's a small part of life that, in the grand scheme of things, means absolutely nothing.

This may sound a bit weird coming from me (I own a gaming news site,) but there are more important things in life to get worked up about other than video games.

Then again, I don't think the blame can be put completely on c... #3.1.1
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I won something? That means I didn't get a restriction for the entire month of June? That's got to be my longest run without being a bad boy. Chuffed :D (for non Brits - chuffed means happy) #2
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No smoking, just opinion. I thought it looked "bloody brilliant" because it's so unexpected and actually looks like a slught deviation from Telltales usual formula, pkus its aimed at getting younger audiences interested in story-driven games so the trailer (in my opinion at least) does a good job at creating a hook for the kids. #1.5.1
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They aren't terrible games, but yeah, they're not the sort that scream "re-release me!!!"

I'll probably still get them just out of curiosity, but I did find them alright back in the day.
Still, going forward, re-releases need to be games that actually had an impact, like you said - Red Dead, Skyrim etc. Dunno how many more remasters the public will take before they just end up being a bit of a joke. #1.1
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Cheers for the spoiler. Very considerate, good job. Well bloody done. #1
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