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McAfee was flagged for murder, didn't use his software. Sorry, couldn't resist the cheap gag. But I can personally assure you - this site is malware free, it's my site and I keep it cleaner than my shoes!

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to be fair, the old one is a bit poo. The blocky design is annoying as hell when I try to adjust it. This one's pretty good, or at least it seems to be on paper.

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Balances and tweaks and a few here-and-there changes don't affect a game's score. If they did, we'd all be going back into Overwatch reviews every month.

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Biased? Don't you think if the site were truly biased it'd go for a 9 or 10/10?

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Just a bit ;) Glad you liked it though, something a little different is always fun!

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Yeah, normally I try not to bring pricing into reviews and use look at it as the end product, but in this case the cost of the has to be a part of the critique. Maybe £15 a pop/£30 bundle would have been more palatable.

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I got it with EA Access on Xbox One - after playing a ton of Forza Horizon 2, there's just no way you can go back to Need for Speed.

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Nintendo Gamecube. First console I bought with my own money - and those little bloody discs were just so damn cool!!!

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With a small team of just five people, it's not always possible to review every release on time. On this occasion Bethesda didn't supply a code so we had to wait until someone on the team bought the game and had time to review it.

Simples. Still better late than never.

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If you only have $10 and no food in the cupboard - starve for this game. It's so damn good.

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Like the goof old days of Unreal Tournament. My God I miss that game so bad.

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That could be any part of the video XD

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Lol thanks. Glad you like the site :)

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And this is the exact reaction the "writer" hoped to invoke with that pro-Sony, anti-Microsoft headline.

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co op is coming Autumn, as Naughty Dog said before release...

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I think that's grossly unfair to ask a person to change their name because the word has been ruined by the actions of horrible humans.

If anything, he should be proud of his name and use it as anyone else would use theirs. What the point in succumbing to hate?

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Starts a bit f a bore but once you've upgraded max and the car, it's pretty decent. Don't bu if you're sick of Ubi-style open world's though...

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port of the mobile version. Not bad, but not perfect. Worth the price though if you're a big XCOM nut as there's nothing along the same lines as it on Vita.

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Nope, it was with the day one patch, as noted in a separate story detailIng the patch.

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You also need to learn some manners... Rude.

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