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As most N4G regulars will attest, I normally do put [UK/EU] or [NA] in these titles. But being that I'm just human, I don't always remember. So less name-calling, please, it's just rude and nasty for the sake of it.

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Ballsy and awesome :') best description yet! Glad you enjoyed the read!

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absolutely. grab your psvr and GTFI (the 'I' is in)

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Really? No. That's not how we work, and that's not how reviews work in general.

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Good luck! And remember that the tracking won't work if you turn around - you need to press circle on the PS Move wand to do a 180 turn.

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Because, and especially when it comes to the PSVR/Pro combo, there's just too much for it to be summarised into a small paragraph and it wouldn't do it justice. I did toy with the idea, believe me, but the direction we're going is *hopefully* more useful to consumers.

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Cheers dude, glad you enjoyed it! I'm going to be giving it a rest now until the multiplayer is working. Actually looking forward to the multiplayer - you can join the police and catch other players!

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I will endeavour to make the next list better haha and yeah some now/was prices are identical but they have discount for ps plus. Would have been clearer if I had any competency with excel... again, my apologies!

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The idea is that it'd be better to get impressions from more than one person. So while one guy thinks it's not worth it, it's worth hearing a different side of the coin from the guy who does think it's worth it. Then there's the guy with the Pro and the PSVR (only one of us match that criteria so far, me!) that'd be aimed purely at people wanting to know if it's worth getting for the PSVR.

Does it bring in more visitors? Yeah, naturally, but tha...

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I know, I know. Still working on a proper format but as I'm not all that good with spreadsheets and excel, it's all I have at the moment :( sorry.

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strangely, the screen tearing isn't obvious when the frame rate bombs, but in the video the screen tearing is more noticeable than the frame rate being... poo. Dunno if it's how the PS4 records video or something?

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Bully. £5.99. Do it. Don't think. Just do it.

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If it's fake and was staged between the guy taking the picture and the guy "working on a presentation", then yeah, it's an elaborately staged hoax.

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No, 2K didn't give out review copies, but I can usually get games a few days before release if publishers aren't giving out review codes. Hence, more than 1 day played.

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That was me! And it wasn't negative... it got an 8/10 from my site :).

Typing up the review for Mafia 3 right now.... and it ain't a 5, I'll tell you that much.

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McAfee was flagged for murder, didn't use his software. Sorry, couldn't resist the cheap gag. But I can personally assure you - this site is malware free, it's my site and I keep it cleaner than my shoes!

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to be fair, the old one is a bit poo. The blocky design is annoying as hell when I try to adjust it. This one's pretty good, or at least it seems to be on paper.

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Balances and tweaks and a few here-and-there changes don't affect a game's score. If they did, we'd all be going back into Overwatch reviews every month.

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Biased? Don't you think if the site were truly biased it'd go for a 9 or 10/10?

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Just a bit ;) Glad you liked it though, something a little different is always fun!

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